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Home to everything you need or could want to know about kids’ interior design for your child’s bedroom

A boy’s bedroom, a girl’s bedroom, or a neutral approach, you’ll find all the interiors inspiration you need on these pages.  From the perfect nursery to the savviest teen bedroom ideas, Rooomy has it all.

Explore to be inspired, get in touch if you need some advice and above all have fun in the easiest room in the house to decorate.  Don’t forget to email us about your makeovers and tag us in pics online, we love seeing what you’re up to.


Rooomy magazine sustainabke siltions for kid's rooms


Rooomy magazine teen bedroom decor


Kid's rooms from rooomy magazin or girls rooms and boys bedrooms


Rooomy magazine for nursery design and accessories



Rooomy magazine top feature Rooomy Loves


Rooomy Magazine features wallpaper for kid's rooms, nurseries and teen rooms


Rooomy magazine top feature blow it vs budget for kid's bedrooms


Rooomy magazine sustainabke siltions for kid's rooms

 Rooomy is more than just a home to inspirational pictures  you’ll find great tips and advice from the experts who specialise in children’s interior design, they love and breathe it so you don’t have to, they simply pass on their wonderful wisdom.  Discover new brands, learn how rooms are brought together DIY tips, new trends, do’s and don’ts, competitions and much more.

To top this all off, Rooomy also offers a free digital magazine, jam packed with the latest ideas, trends and completed projects.  All you have to do is share your email address here and we’ll send you the latest issue.


Did you know maximalist art works great in kids’ rooms?

Did you know maximalist art works great in kids’ rooms?

An Interview with Carol Maxwell Did you know maximalist art works great in kids' rooms? We did and we've picked Carol's brain to prove it.  With colour being the theme of Issue 13, as soon as we saw Max Made Me's wallpaper launch we knew we had to interview Carol...

How to shop the look of this beautiful nursery

How to shop the look of this beautiful nursery

A Colourful Nursery Blow It vs Budget   Vicky Kieldsen  shows us how to create a stunning colourful nursery that you and your baby will love to spend time in.   Are you day dreaming about a new nursery?  If so and you want it to be full of colour for you and your...

The Best Rainbow Room of 2021

The Best Rainbow Room of 2021

An Interview with Elisha Utley Interiors lover Elisha Utley, Cover Girl for Homestyle Magazine, shares her daughters Number 1 Rainbow Room.  As research was taking place for Rooomy's colourful Issue 13, this rainbow room appeared and I needed to know more about...

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