Top Art Picks for Kid’s – April

by | Apr 29, 2020

Top Art Picks for Kid’s Bedrooms


Art is a truly wonderful way to bring character to our homes and this should be no different in our kid’s bedrooms. Pick images that you hope will inspire them, that can set a certain mood and also allow them to choose pieces that represent different aspects of their personality and finally just find images they like to look at.  Each month we offer a helping hand with our monthly top five suggestions.  

Hannah Carvell

Heart Flowers

Spring definitely sprang, the weather whilst we’ve been on lockdown has been glorious. Yes, it has turned grey this week. But the sun will be back, while it’s missing why not bring a sense of spring into your kid’s room with one of these flowers made up of hearts. The girls loved them when they saw them and instantly beamed. They were especially impressed with how clever it was that the hearts were making up the petals design. This is why art is so great to display in their rooms, it’s not just a case of what the art adds to the feel of the room but how it teaches and inspires them too. Hannah has a few colour ways available so there is something for everyone. If flowers are not for you, check our Hannah’s other prints, she does a very funk pink Gorilla, yup that’s right, no typo here.



Play because it is the only way. Play is EVERYTHING!!! I could write an essay on the importance, but I won’t, I’ll spare you. In summary play is how our kid’s learn. Like the L’oreal ads used to say, here comes the science bit. When our kid’s play their brain lights up like a Christmas tree. All the cells light up and when they are lit they join up, building an incredible network. Babies are sponges, yes because they’re surrounded by positivity to everything goes in. The get older and school kicks in, they have to do this work, and focus on that and knuckle down over there. Unless it’s easy or a topic they enjoy the cells light up less. Let them play, now more than ever. Lockdown is great time to leave them a few invitations play and let them get on with it. Check out this blog for some great Play Inspiration


Wonder And Rah


As we are stuck inside our homes there is more talk of the world and the universe with the kids. Our worlds feel that bit smaller at the moment, yet at the same time we are thinking about the whole world as we navigate a global pandemic. It’s certainly a flux of perspective. My daughter asked me today ‘if we were hit by a massive comet and half the planet broke what would happen to the rest of it?’. Her mind was blown when I said we’d be gone with it; the planet can’t survive without being a whole. She then said how much the thought of planets, space and stars blows her mind sometimes.

It is great to think on the cosmos and just how small we are when everything feels very big and tough to carry. On a less philosophical note, with the clearer skies it’s been the perfect time to star gaze and Venus has shone very brightly in the night sky. Kid’s love space, why not give them a little arty reminder for their bedroom wall.


Gayle Mansfield

I Really Love You I Do

As I was looking through Gayle’s work, trying to choose something for this month’s feature, as soon as this popped up it I knew it have to make the Top 5. I find myself saying ‘I Really Do Love You Ya Know?’, to my girls and husband (spare me the vomit emoji’s I can hear myself), but sometimes the emotion behind the words is so strong and “I Love You” doesn’t cover it, it’s as if there’s a moment when I feel as if they can’t possibly imagine just how much I love them, do you know what I mean?

If this make sense to you then why not plaster it on their wall or somewhere in the family home? There are loads of colour ways available. I went for the monochrome finish to add to my monochrome landing, which is three years in the making, I am useless at décor believe it or not!

This print comes in 10 different colour ways so something for all colour palettes, plus loads more great prints if you want to make a statement.



A Thousand Birds

Birds in flight always brings a sense of fresh air and the need to take a deep breath, something we all need right now. They are mesmerising to watch when there is a large flock swirling around. And the large yellow sun, bursts warmth from the page. This print creates a moment of peace and calm, an opportunity to pause, what a lovely impact this would have on your kid’s bedroom.

You can ask your kid’s; Do you think the birds are flying away or coming home? What has their journey been like? Is the sun setting or rising? So many questions for one simple image. What will your kid’s come up with? Can they draw their own version? If this picture were in a story book, what would the next image look like? Have some fun with this one and enjoy the warmth from that glorious sun.

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