Australian Kids’ Interiors

by | May 24, 2020

The Aussies have it…


Nicole Rosenburg from Little Liberty tells Rooomy all about

her passion for kids’ interiors.


Rachel – Why Design?  How did you discover interior design?

Nicole – I love being creative and imagining up ideas that haven’t been seen before. Design has no boundaries and that’s why I fell in love with it. With kids design you can really let your imagination run wild and work with colours in a different way you would in adult spaces.

Rachel – In design what are your top three loves?

Nicole – Colour, Personality and Fun, Originality

Rachel -When you interview your small clients what are the key questions you ask them?

Nicole – What are your hobbies, passions, favourite colours, ways you use the room, are you doing homework yet, how often you have sleep overs (if we need to include bunks/trundles)?

 Rachel – Do you have any rules?

Nicole – Don’t use too many colours in the room which over complicate the space – stick to 3 colours which will give your room a more cohesive calm feel.  We often like to add in a neutral colour to the room as well either white or grey.

Rachel – What have been some of your favourite projects?

Nicole – A nursery we did recently where we used a very dark edgy wallpaper and built a house structure over the cot. Also loved working on a twins’ nursery where the wallpaper was neutral but incorporated these great mid blue house bedheads for the cot which the twins can use later in life as bedheads!

Rachel – What has been your biggest challenge when designing a kid’s room/nursery?  Apart from storage, that doesn’t count as it is everyone’s bug-bear ;o)

Nicole – Sometimes when we work in a small space it’s hard to incorporate different zones into the space such as a sleep zone, chill out zone, study/creative zone. Also, sometimes tricky when people have unrealistic budgets!

“I enjoy there being far less rules and boundaries with kids’ rooms. 
Adults are more likely to try different things on kids’ spaces as well”

Rachel – How has Australia taken the lead on kid’s interiors?  What do you foresee being popular this year (2018)?

Nicole – Australia has definitely found its place in the kid’s Interiors market.  The original soft furnishings, bedding and kid’s décor in general is so fantastic in Australia – there is a real booming trade now and I don’t think it’s going away – lucky for us.  We have a trade fair here called Kids In Style which showcases some of the best kids interiors on offer – it’s a great way to source some amazing product and we always enjoy going to it! I think wallpaper is still going to be popular in 2018 with new local companies popping up all the time! – I think we really need this in the UK.  We’re covered on the babies shows but there’s a definite gap for Kid’s Interiors – Come on then Rooomy, get on to it – Yes, LOL!

Rachel – What is your dream project?

Nicole – A room with no budget! Then I could let my imagination run wild!

Rachel – What mistakes are your clients regularly making with their interiors?

Nicole – Adding in too many items which makes the space looks messy, cluttered and frantic. Also filling each wall with something is a real no no – space on a wall can be ok! Also, not thinking enough about space and buying furniture without really measuring out the items before they buy. – Yes, I learnt the hard way that for bed for example you need to measure on the floor not wall to wall due to the skirting board!

Rachel – Do trends come in to play as much with kid’s as they might with adults and the rest of the house?

Nicole – Yes, kid’s rooms definitely have trends and colour trends! We often see popular wallpapers (such as the Mrs Mighetto wallpaper) being used over and over again in spaces.

Little Liberty Interiors is a Melbourne based interior decorators, run by Nicole who knows all too well that children’s bedrooms are fast becoming a creative extension of the family home.  Nicole is most passionate about producing calm and happy yet fun spaces that are a reflection of the child’s individuality and desires.  See more of her work here

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