The Best Colourful Wallpaper for Kids’ Bedrooms

The Best Colourful Wallpaper for Kids’ Bedrooms

The Best Colourful Wallpaper for Kids’ Bedrooms

Kids’ Bedrooms Walls – Discover Rooomy’s Top 5 Colourful Wallpapers

Top 5 Wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms,

bringing big fun into their small space.


In kids’ bedrooms walls are a huge canvas for you to decorate, adorn and play with.  You can make statements, you can cocoon the whole space or section off areas of your kid’s room, creating a different vibe in each corner.  We won’t presume to know what you’re looking for and above all we want to encourage you to use more colour, this walls section we’re going to walk you through increasing stages of colour coverage. 





1 – Colourful Feathers from Mini Moderns 

Kicking off our Top 5 Colourful wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms is this colourful yet gentle design.  If you are keen to introduce some colour but nervous then these lovely feathers will bring the perfect light touch with calm tones but still colour coming into your kid’s space.

Mini Moderns created this in collaboration with artist, Matt Sewell. The design is based on Matt’s feather watercolours, which feature in the design for the end papers of his book ‘Our Songbirds’. The individual feathers each relate to the birds featured in the book.

The wallpaper design is part of their collection that takes inspiration from the nature reserve of Dungeness, on the South Kent coast.  The delicate watercolour effect makes this a wonderful soft design for nursery’s and children’s rooms, no garish primary colour here thank you.

Feathers Wallpaper by Mini Moderns for Kid's bedrooms
Dotty Multibright Wallpaper for kId's bedrooms





2 – Dotty Multi Bright from Graham & Brown 

Are you looking for a playful and colourful option for your kid’s bedroom walls then look no further than this dotty delight.  Big colour spots that you can’t help but smile at, there is something instantly fun and entertaining about big colourful silly circles plastered all over a wall. 

It’s like an epic game of Twister waiting to be played.   You could even buy just one roll and keep cutting off large section to washi tape to the wall and the kids could create their own little emoji’s or monsters or aliens?  Lots of fun to be had here.



3 – Midsummer Bloom from Cole & Son

Ok building our braveness levels, we enter this big bloom design from Cole & Son, still with plenty of white space in the background so it won’t overwhelm the room, however if you are looking to go bold or go home they have two other colour way options that are stunning.  Lots of lovely gentle colours here, great detail and big blooms which make a great statement without being in your face.  This blousy print was found in the Cole & Son archive and re-painted by the Design Studio to create a rich and lavish trailing floral.



Midsummer Cole & Son for kids' bedrooms



4 – Candy from Murals Wallpaper

Maybe you want bolder colours but are concerned about how intense that might, you don’t want anything too one dimensional either.  My 8 year-old loves this water-marble effect, in the art and craft world this is all the rage right now.  There is lots of colour and movement in this design but still plenty of white space so as not to overwhelm the space that they are growing in. 

The unique, mesmerising design of this mural was hand-crafted by gently pressing a sheet of paper against a surface of water mixed with colourful paints to form a fun arrangement of swirls, speckles and splotches. 

Plus, can you imagine their friends reaction when they come round and see this (eventually this will be happening)?  They will think you are the coolest parents ever for letting them have this up in their space, not that anyone says cool anymore right?  All you need to do is enter your wall measurements and the mural is created just for your space, no repeated patterns, one unique wall.


Bright Pastel Marbled Wallpaper for kids' bedrooms


5 – Frida from HappyWall 

And finally, if you want to really go for it, colour everywhere, no white space, big bold shapes with rich tones, then the Frida is for you.  Inspired by the incredible lady herself what child’s imagination will not be ignited by this, I am instantly transported to somewhere like Alice in Wonderland, I’m now very small walking among the massive skyscraper plants, or even Avatar territory where magical/alien fauna and flora are ready to be discovered.  Where does this take you?  Also no repeat patterns here, you put in your wall measurements and the mural is created just for your specification.


The Best Colourful Wallpaper for Kids' Bedrooms


If any of these have caught your attention when thinking about kids’ bedrooms, you will notice that they are not styled with children in mind.  Please remember this when you are researching wallpaper options.  Think about your family style, think about what excites your child, no not Paw Patrol, that will pass all too quickly, and then you are stuck with Marshall and Chase staring at you. 

Consider the mood you are trying to set and start there.  Don’t even put ‘kids’ in the search bar, it will open up a wonderful world of fun options for you.  Have fun and remember any queries on your kids’ rooms, send them over, here to help.


Walls, Walls, Walls…

An Amazing Safari Nursery for Alfred

An Amazing Safari Nursery for Alfred

An Amazing Safari Nursery for Alfred

Reader Room

A safari nursery for Alfred that is full of animals and spots.


Natasha Turley is a mum with a vision, great sense of humour

and has found the solution to all our sock monster nightmares.


Here is Alfred’s safari nursery!  There were two things I knew I wanted to include when I set about planning his room. The first was a spotty wall and the second was a little bit of Africa (I will explain why later…) I think children’s rooms give you an opportunity to ‘go wild’ and have some fun with decorating and that’s exactly what I did!


Alfred's Amazing, Spotty, Safari Nursery


My first job was to tackle the spotty wall. I used a stencil and painted every last spot when I was about 8.5 months pregnant, I have since discovered you can buy spotty wallpaper which would have been much easier! As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to display prints of African animals on the wall but I didn’t want generic images, I wanted something that meant something to me.

I chose to frame some black and white photographs taken by my brother, Sam.  He is an amazing photographer and he now lives in Zimbabwe so we don’t get to see him anywhere near as much as we’d like. We chose three ‘mum and baby’ photographs and then three of solo animals. As you can see, when Alfred was around 1, his favourite pastime was to pull the bottom three prints off the wall so they’ve been replaced with animal heads for now.

I have tried to stick to the rule of ‘only have art/prints that mean something’ throughout this room and the whole house. The other hugely sentimental piece in Alfred’s safari nursery is the lion tapestry above his changing table. My Bampa (grandad) brought it back from Egypt when he was serving in the army just after WW2 and my Nanna didn’t like it so it’s been in the loft for 60 years… and now it has a home in our safari nursery!


Bampas Lion Tapestry


The ‘A’ prints on the wall were both hand drawn by good friends of ours and the other thing to mention is the beautiful felt mobile over the cot. Our friends got it from a tiny shop in Scotland just before Alfred was born and it is just lovely. Again this was handmade with little felt safari animals. I hope this doesn’t sound painfully cheesy but we have made it part of the bedtime routine where we say ‘night night’ to each animal and I think it’s become quite a comforting thing for him as well as teaching him some animal names! Before we had Alfred, I didn’t ever know if a mobile was important or not but we certainly wouldn’t be without ours.


Spotty Walls and Animal Heads
Safari Mobile for nursery

I also need to mention the sock monster. Where do socks disappear to?! I was fed up of having random individual socks hanging around so I asked my mum to make a ‘lost socks’ sign with little pegs and I love that they’ve now got a home until the matching one turns up. She made it out of some old wood and stuck pegs on with superglue- simple as that and truly lifechanging for people like me who struggle when things don’t have a proper home.

Alfreds Lots Socks in his safari nursery

Oh, and the giant giraffe… impulse buy…definitely more for me than him.

On the way into the bedroom, there is a little corridor which really felt like wasted space, so we wallpapered it and made a little ‘book nook’ on the way in. The idea was that the banana leaf wallpaper was like ‘entering the jungle’. We put some bookshelves up on the right-hand side but have since learnt that toddlers love climbing, and we essentially installed a climbing frame but never mind.

The books are another part of the bedtime routine, when Alfred walks into his room he picks a book (or 10, or just throws them all on the floor) and then we sit in the chair and have stories. That chair is definitely a nursery essential. We have spent A LOT of time in that chair in the middle of the night and having a comfy one is the most important thing in the world!

Banana Leaf Wallpaper for Book Nook

The other essential I have found has been the storage baskets. One has been great for hiding the nappy bin and the other one is the place I put his clothes in as and when I find things he has grown out of. This means I can sort as a go rather than having to have a full monthly sort out. When the basket is full I (by I, I mean my husband) put the big bag in the loft.

I hope you have enjoyed Alfred’s safari nursery tour. I think that nurseries/children’s bedrooms are so much fun to decorate. I already want to do it all again! 

Natasha x


Safari Nursery

We absolutely love Alfred’s safari nursery!  A really well thought out, fun and stylish nursery, what a wonderful place to start life in.  We are particularly impressed with the sock monster veteran sock solution and are a little bit in love with the book nook outside his bedroom door, even if it turn into a climbing wall!

If you want to see more of Natasha’s wonderful décor check her out!

Looking for more Reader Rooms, scroll down, if it’s nurseries you’re after take a look at these.

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More Reader Rooms…

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Did you know maximalist art works great in kids’ rooms?

Did you know maximalist art works great in kids’ rooms?

Did you know maximalist art works great in kids’ rooms?

An Interview with Carol Maxwell

Did you know maximalist art works great in kids’ rooms?

We did and we’ve picked Carol’s brain to prove it.


With colour being the theme of Issue 13, as soon as we saw Max Made Me’s wallpaper launch we knew we had to interview Carol about her new collection, he love of art and design and to get a good peak inside her thoughts on kids’ bedrooms.

Carol Maxwell started Max Made Me after designing art prints for her friends kids’ rooms.  Following 15 years of success designing for the fashion industry, Carol’s family began with the birth of her first child Max.  Carol was inspired by all his cute toys and gifts, so much so that she started to sketch them and soon realised she had the beginnings of her first greeting cards collection. 

This led to Carol designing her Letter Print range as the perfect gifts for her friend’s new-born’s, which now ​6​ years later continues to be her best-selling collection, proving that maximalist art works great in kids’ rooms.

With the opening of a new store, home to all her wonderful creations, from prints, cards and gift wrap to jumpers, t-shirts and baby-grows, Carol has recently launched her debut wallpaper collection ​with matching velvet cushions and aprons & tea towels in the same prints ​.  With one of her first designs adorning the walls of a 7 year old girl, it is the perfect opportunity to find out more about Carol’s passion for design, how important nature is in her work, about her love of beautiful interiors and how important she thinks kids’ rooms are to their mini dwellers.  

Everything you need to know about Carol Maxwell

RB – What was your journey in textile design?  

CM – I went to The National College Of Art And Design in Dublin, thinking I would study Fine Art Painting, but my foundation year tutors encouraged me to try printed textiles as a module, I soon realized that Fine Art was a bit too conceptual for me and design was probably more my cup of tea.

Having said that, in Dublin at the time, there weren’t really any print studios where you could get work experience, so it wasn’t until I graduated and came to London, to exhibit in the New Designers Graduate show in Islington, that I realised a career in design was a possibility.

RB – Six ​years ago when you started sketching Max’s toys, if someone told you you’d have a fab store and a wallpaper collection along with everything else, what would you have thought about?

CM – There is no way I would have believed this, I never ever set out to have my own business. In fact, in my 20’s I used to think, when working for print studios, that I would not like to have my own business, because I saw first-hand the pressure and stress that running your own business can cause. But here I am. It’s funny how things can turn out, and now that I find myself on this path, I believe it was how it was supposed to pan out.

Max Made Me Artwork for kids room as seen in Rooomy magazine
Max Made Me Sons Bedroom as seen in rooomy magazine

RB – What have the last few years been like, from designing cards and prints, to having your own store and seeing your first wallpaper collection being dispatched to very excited customers?

CM – ​The journey was very organic and slow at first as it was very much part time at the beginning, working around my job and motherhood. I think it’s only been in the last 2 or 3 years that things have suddenly really started to change and grow at a very fast pace. I still find it hard to take in that I now have a wonderful team to help me fulfil hundreds of orders to amazing customers each week.

RB – Was the wallpaper collection a plan for a long time or did it stem from customer demand?

CM – ​Before MMM a friend and I were going to start a wallpaper brand. We had started designing and had even begun to visit manufacturers here in the UK. However we both got pregnant 2 months apart (me with Max), so we put it on hold…. and well, we know what happened after Max came along!

So yes, I guess it’s always been on my radar to design wallpaper, and as MMM grew I knew it was something I wanted to do within the brand when the timing was right. We got a lot of messages and emails from customers asking/saying that we should do wallpaper, so customer demand also played a role.

“I think kids’ rooms are more important than people might realise.

I’m not sure people stop to think about the impact a child’s bedroom

and personal space might have on them.”

RB – Did you have an age range in mind when you were designing the wallpaper? 

CM – Not particularly, age is just a number in my opinion and I think a lot of the designs work well in a variety of rooms, from kids’ to grown up spaces alike. Having said that I do very much have some ideas in mind for my second wallpaper which will be aimed more at kids’ interiors. 

RB – How important do you think kids’ bedrooms are when it comes to design?

CM – I think they are more important than people might realise. I’m not sure people stop very often to think about the impact a child’s bedroom and personal space might have on them. I can remember my childhood bedrooms so clearly, and they evoke strong memories. For example, I remember studying the pattern of the floral wallpaper on my bedroom walls in great detail to distract myself, as I waited eagerly until we were allowed to get up on Christmas morning.

I was very much invested in how my room looked even as a child. I would spend hours rearranging the furniture, and would get such a buzz from my room refresh even at an early age. Now not every kid might care about their bedroom too much, but I think if it’s a colourful, inspiring space for them to feel secure and safe in, this is surely integral to a child’s happiness and wellbeing. 


Maximalist art for kids bedrooms as seen in rooomy magazine
Max Made Me Art Prints and Wallpaper as seen in Rooomy magazine
Maximalist art for boys rooms as seen in rooomy magazine

RB – How do you your plan your kid’s rooms?  Do you mood board or do you start with the first piece of inspiration and take it from there? ​

CM – It is usually designed around something that I have already, or something I have found. For example in Max’s room I still loved the F&B wallpaper I had in there from when it was our guest room.  I chose it knowing that one day it would probably become Max’s room, so I then built the rest of the colour scheme around that.

Max’s room has a more eclectic feel to it, and it has evolved as our house has changed over time, whereas Milo’s room was designed from scratch because it was a brand-new room, part of our loft renovation. So the design of his room was a bit more thought out and considered. I knew I wanted to paint a mural in it, so the rest of the room was designed around that. 

RB – Whose idea was it to put the new wallpaper in IJ’s room?

CM – ​I knew IJ’s mum wanted to redecorate so I showed her my wallpaper collection. She instantly fell in love with The Palm Blush. I knew it was so important that the chosen wallpaper should last as she grows from a 7 year old girl to a tween and a teenager. So I agreed that the Palm Blush wallpaper was the perfect choice to do just that. 

Max Made Me wallpaper for girls rooms as seen in rooomy magazine
Max Made Me Sons Bedroom as seen in rooomy magazine

RB – What are your three must haves for kids’ rooms?

CM – ​Something bright and colourful, good storage, and something inherited or vintage. 

RB – Where are your three favourite places to shop for kid’s interiors?

CM – ​For furniture and then vintage/antique stores to add something unique. And I love bedding from small brands such as The Bright Company, Little Jagger and Lulu & Nat.

RB – For your stunning nature inspired designs, where do you look most for inspiration?

CM – ​Living in our little pocket of South East London, we are lucky enough to have lots of green spaces but sometimes it’s not quite enough. I love to look at vintage design for inspiration too, for instance I love vintage tropical barkcloth prints from the 50s. 

RB – Apart from the wallpaper, what is your favourite thing about IJ’s room?

CM – ​I love the colours we chose from Pickelson Paint company to compliment the wallpaper. (Fresco Pink on the walls and Tequila Green on the ceiling) I also used this company to decorate my shop and studio. They have, in particular, the most beautiful selections of pinks to choose from.  

RB – If Max could have anything in his bedroom what do you think it would be?​

CM – This is easy, it’s something he talks about all the time and it is something I have been promising for ages. I said I would draw little Pokemon characters on the walls in secret places (e.g. hidden behind furniture and framed art) He would probably have loved to decorate the whole room with Pokemon posters and bedding and the like, so this was my idea of a compromise… I’d better get the pens out now and stick to my end of the bargain. I am actually planning a room refresh for him soon, so I will definitely get him on board to help choose some things, now that he’s 8 and has lots of opinions of his own! 

Maximalist art works great in kids' rooms?



There you have it, a full inside scoop on how the amazing Max Made Me brand was born, Carol’s personal thoughts on kid’s rooms and essential places to shop.  For more inspiration from Carol and her creative mind follow her here.  Just in case you wanted to know a few more intimate details about Carol, her top tipple is Vodka with lots of fresh lime and soda and she thinks the best boy band of all time is the Beatles!


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Colourful Rooms…

How to shop the look of this beautiful nursery

How to shop the look of this beautiful nursery

How to shop the look of this beautiful nursery

A Colourful Nursery

Blow It vs Budget


Vicky Kieldsen  shows us how to create a stunning colourful nursery

that you and your baby will love to spend time in.


Are you day dreaming about a new nursery?  If so and you want it to be full of colour for you and your new baby, then this is the perfect place to be.

If the last 12 months have taught us anything it is that colour has well and truly been thrown in our slightly jaded faces.  I’m not sure there is a better way to lift spirits than to see a flash of bright colour, it’s like Vitamin D for our eyes! Whether it’s on your nails, the NHS rainbow, your new lockdown puppy, or climbing the walls of your home.  Rooomy is here to help you take the plunge into a more colourful lifestyle… starting with your children’s rooms. 

Choosing the right colour for the room can have a big impact on your child’s mood. Children need spaces in their homes where they can retreat to, not only for quiet reflection, but also to help them grow and explore. It is extremely important to a child’s wellbeing that they have a space that suits them, both emotionally and physically. That will not only enable them to feel safe and happy, but will also encourage their personality, creativity and receptiveness in a stress reducing environment. 


Blow It vs Budget for a colourfl nursery as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Did you know that blue can relax and improve productivity? Or that pink can reduce anger, grey can enhance creativity and green is extremely calming? It’s very important to think about your child’s personality when embarking on a new colour palette for their room. 

This nursery has such a calm and soft feel to it with the pastel tones but then hits you with some powerful pinks in various shades. The overall balance of the nursery works so well because the main items are all in the softer shades of colours and then the odd accessory pops out to bring that dose of brightness, such as the bright pink shell cushion, or the rainbow on the chair.

I particularly love the contrast between the dusky pink wall and the sage green locker. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shades of the same colour as they can work well together. And allow yourself to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone, as this is when exciting things can be created. After all, playful environments make for playful children and, to me, that equals happiness. 


Colourful Nest Nursery as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Blow It

Stokke Sleepi Bed as seen in Rooomy magazine

Stokke Sleep Bed, Stokke, £579

Apple cushion Nobodinoz as seen in Rooomy magazine

Apple Cushion, Nobodinoz, £26.50

Shell Cushion in hot pink as seen in rooomy magazine

Hot Pink Shell Cushion,  I Am Fy, £68

The Shorty in Sage, Mustarde Made as seen in Rooomy Magazine

The Shorty, Sage, Mustard Made, £129

Flora Scalloped Pale Bue Duck Egg Velvet Chair from Oliver Bonas as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Flora Scalloped Chair, Oliver Bonas, £395

Oh My Darling Print as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Oh My Darling Print, Coco & Blu, £39.49

Woven Kenyan Rug Cat on Pink as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Kenyan Wall Rug, Artisans & Adventurers, £250

Woven Cloud Wall Hanging as seen in Rooomy magazine

Cloud Wall Hanging, Never Perfect Studio, £35

Ferm Living Pear Storage Basket as seen in Rooomy magazine

Pear Storage Basket, Ferm Living, £75

Ferm Living Fruiticana Snake Soft Toy as een in rooomy magazine

Fruiticana Snake Toy, Ferm Living, £89


Oasis Oval Cot as seen in Rooomy magazine

   Oasis Oval Cot,    Boori, £349

Apple Cushion as seen in rooomy magazine

Apple Cushion, Handmade in Nottingham, £18

Pearl Cushion as seen in rooomy magazine

Pearl Cushion, Cushoo, £19.95

Side Table Locker as seen in rooomy magazine

Side Table Locker, Sklum, £68.99

Sophie Scallop Chair as see in rooomy magazine

Sophie Scallop Chair Homebase, £99

You are my sunshine print as seen in rooomy magazine

You Are My Sunshine, Pretty in Print, £18.95

Pink Leopard Rug by Doing Goods as seen in rooomy magazine

Pink Leopard Rug, Doing Goods, £85

Cloud and Star Mobile as seen in rooomy magazine from zara home

Desktop Foliage, Wayfair, £27.99

Pineapple Storage Basket from Next as seen in rooomy magazine

Pineapply Basket, Next, £30

Snake Soft Toy,  Bloomingville as seen in rooomy magazine

Snake Soft Toy, Bloomingville, £47


Which item do you love most?  I am drawn to the storage lockers and the wall prints and hangings.  The soft snake toys are fun but I must say the animal rigs still freak me out, just like the animal head wall decor, it’s been a huge trend over the past three years, but I can’t quite get on board.  I do see how they can be a lot of fun for the kids though and they make a great statement in any room.  

Have fun designing!

Thank you Vicky!  These fab nursery looks can be achieved for £1,686 or £764 and of course the great part is, if you can save on a few items then you might be able to splash out on a luxury piece that could become part of the family home at a later date.  Above all you now have a great shopping list, why not mix and match?  If you’d like to see more of Vicky’s work check out her site here Hello Geronimo

For more Blow It vs Budget ideas see below.  

* Please note that retailers change their stock and therefore we cannot guarantee these items will always be available.  If any of the above items have been discontinued (or a link doesn’t work) do let us know and we will work hard to find you a great alternative.  You can email us here

Happy shopping, don’t forget to let us know if you try some of these out, let us know on one of our social media channels. 


More Blow It vs Budget…

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The Best Rainbow Room of 2021

The Best Rainbow Room of 2021

The Best Rainbow Room of 2021

An Interview with Elisha Utley

Interiors lover Elisha Utley, Cover Girl for Homestyle Magazine,

shares her daughters Number 1 Rainbow Room.


As research was taking place for Rooomy’s colourful Issue 13, this rainbow room appeared and I needed to know more about the lady who created it as I know I wish I could create a room this awesome for my kids’.  Let’s meet the mum behind the magic of this Number 1 Rainbow Room and find out how she bought it all together.

Everything you need to know about Elisha Utley

RB – Where do you think your love of colour comes from?

EU – I don’t really know where my love of colour comes from but I’ve always loved the feeling of walking into a colourful home or wearing colourful clothes. I think it lifts your spirits and makes you smile. I also think it makes a home feel warm and welcoming.

RB – When you started designing your daughter’s room how did you begin? 

EU – I began by asking her if there was anything she would like in her room and started from there. Then I tried to consider the space and, with so many toys, I tried to use every inch of the room, including painting the wardrobe doors in chalk paint to use as a drawing board and hanging colourful storage bags to the wall. I also wanted to make it a fun space where she would love to be so I painted a scallop design and wallpapered with Eleanor Bowmer wallpaper.

RB – How old is Daisy?  Was she involved in the room planning at all?

EU – Daisy is 7 years old and she requested rainbows and a desk when designing her room. Those were the only requirements she had, so luckily I was left to my own devices which suits me just fine! I couldn’t find a colourful desk so I found one that I liked on La Redoute and painted it myself instead.

Girls Rainbow Room as seen in Rooomy magazine
Balckboard Wardrobes in rainbow bedroom as seen in rooomy magazine

RB – How do you go about planning a room?  Do you mood board, use Pinterest or centre plans around a central piece?

EU – When planning a room I firstly try to make use of every inch of the room and consider the furniture that we already have and the budget that I have. I like to use a mood board app called pic collage which is great when putting ideas together. When planning a child’s room my number one tip is storage storage storage!

RB – Top three places to shop for kid’s interiors?

EU – Top three places for kids’ interiors: Scandiborn, La Redoute, IKEA 

RB– What are your three must haves in a kids’ room

EU – Storage is essential in a kids’ room so I try make sure everything can be hidden away at the end of the day. I also try to use all the space possible so I’ve added storage to the walls with the IKEA memo board, clever storage stuffel bags and book shelves on the wall. I also have labelled boxes that slide under the bed to keep everything hidden and organised.

RB – What is your favourite thing in Daisy’s room and why?

EU – Favourite thing in Daisy’s room is definitely her new Samsung frame TV which is cleverly hidden as a picture frame on the wall. So, looking at the room you wouldn’t know there was a TV in there but it’s very useful for Daisy to watch her online schooling on at the moment. It’s great and I’m very jealous of it!

RB – What books would you and Daisy recommend to our readers and their smalls right now?

EU – I would recommend the David Walliams books. Daisy loves them all and reads every night

RB – Do you get Daisy involved in the tidying of her room at all?  If so, how do you go about it?  Mummas are always looking for tips here.

EU – Does Daisy get involved in tidying her room? Nope! As much as I try and attempt to make tidying fun neither of my children tidies. I think it’s my own fault for always tidying for them though.  (RB – Same as in my house then 😉 )

RB – Do you know what she loves most about her room and why?

EU – She loves the canopy above her bed, her little desk which I painted for her and the TV is a definite winner too.

Girls Bedroom, colourful rainbows, as seen in rooomy magazine
Kids' Desk Space as seen in rooomy magazine
Reading Corner of girls room as seen in rooomy magazine
Colourful girls bedroom as seen in rooomy magazine

RB – Top storage solutions?

EU – We have the colourful plastic pull out drawers from IKEA. Plastic under bed boxes which I have labelled with chalk paper and wrote on each one to keep things organised. We love the stuffel bags which hang on the wall and she has a large stuffel bag for her lego which opens out to a play mat too. I also recommend the memo board calls from IKEA it’s handy for all her stationery. 

RB – If Daisy could have anything in her room what do you think it would be?

EU – I’ve just asked her this question and she says a slide! Trust her!

RB – If you could add anything to a kid’s room, money is no question, what would it be?

EU – I would like to change the floor in her room to a bright colourful Karndean option to make it easier to clean rather than a cream carpet but I think that will have to wait.

Girls Colourful Bedroom as seen in Rooomy magazine
Number 1 Rainbow Room as seen in Rooomy magazine



There you have it Elisha’s full low down on how this room came together, it is brilliant isn’t it?  For more inspiration from Eli follow her here Instagram, Eli At Home, her whole house is wonderful and worth checking out, her bedroom is stunning and she has just started a new career as an interior designer, I think you’ll agree this is an excellent career decision for Eli!  Just in case you wanted to know a few more intimate details about Elisha, her favourite colour is Teal, her top tipple is Malibu, the last book she read was The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware and top of her travelling bucket list is LA!



For more Kids’ Room inspiration why not follow Rooomy and for an even better experience Sign Up for our quarterly Magazine and fortnightly newsletter, it’s all free and awesome and as a reader you’ll get special discounts from amazing brands and have exclusive access to reader giveaways, woohoo!!

Colourful Rooms…

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