Best Desks for Kids’

by | Mar 26, 2020

Top 5 Desks for Kid’s

Organisation is key at the moment. This doesn’t mean having a timetable, what a great opportunity to not have one for once. However, a plan is important. Plans give us focus and focus is exactly what we need right now. The kids are doing a lot indoors right now and most of you are juggling working from home at the same time. Space is key. Why no provide them with their own workspace? A new desk area to sit and do a little maths and English but mostly draw, create, play and explore. With an abundance of playful ideas on the web all your need to do now is up the perfect station for the creation to take place.

Each is a little different to serve differing tastes and needs. Kicking off with Little Folks Furniture Edit Desk, a great compact work space featuring two little nooks for keeping notes and books, all kids love a nook for keeping things. White and natural wood contrast give a fresh Scandi feel to the piece. Throw in the retro chair in red and it really makes it all pop, fun fun fun.

For a desk that is going to last through to the days/months of revision in their teens then this is the desk for you. Aspace also offer something similar with drawers but we all know drawers are not utilised in any way that is helpful, they simply become a hidden dumping ground. The open-end style of this unit is perfect to display a few keep sakes and at a later date, books and files.


Is you kid a creative whizz?  Why not go for an artist’s style table. The tilt is a really pro touch giving them a much better perspective of their work, it has handy ledges to rest pencils on, plus a little drawer for essential drawing tools. You could be raising an architect, a graphic designer or the next Stan Lee, give them a great place to feel the part.


If space, minimalism and style is key then this beut from Maison du Monde has it all. Enough working space for home school studies and perfect built in pen pots.  And a tray for the other accessories they collect along the way, novelty rubbers, a pencil sharpener, a mini puzzle or miniature spinning top, or is that just my kids?


Finally for the smaller children who aren’t quite ready for a study area but don’t want to feel left out when everyone else is busy working away, this little creation is perfect. I love the green worktop and all the curves in the design make it a playful fun place to sit and create.  The small workers of the home will be very happy here.

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