Best Easter Decorations for Kids’ Bedrooms

by | Mar 2, 2021

The Best Easter Decorations for Kids’ Bedrooms


Looking to make more fun out of Easter this year? 

Look at these wonderful decorations, gift ideas and activities.


Here are the best Easter decorations for kid’s bedrooms.  I don’t know about you, but I own 4 boxes of Christmas decorations, one large bin liner of Halloween decorations and carrier bag of Easter bits.  How about you? 

Easter is extremely cute with the excitement in the morning of “has he been” akin to Christmas, but of course they are referring to the Easter Bunny.  The adventure that is an egg hunt and then of course ALL the chocolate.  I am not one for making a fuss of things.  The girls always have a good time, and we buy a few bits and there might be an Easter activity/crafting moment, last year I blew eggs for the first time and they loved decorating them. 

With a dreary start to the year, a very meh half term and now the return to school I am already looking forward to the Easter holidays and how great to kick them off with Easter being so early this year! If like me you fancy making more of a fuss this year, I have for you covered with these great Easter decorations for kid’s bedrooms.

Easter Decorations for Kids' Bedrooms

I have decided I will actually make some effort for once and when they wake up on Easter Sunday morning, I want them to enjoy noticing a few Easter decorations dotted around, I’m not going to go nuts but a few Honeycomb Bunnies from Meri Meri, maybe some bunting and the odd little decoration dotted around hanging from a picture frame or light switch will be a good start.  No, I am not going to turn my house into something that resembles Alice in Wonderland, I wish I could I am just not that skilled. 

Another bonus is the girls have recently become interested in Beatrix Potter, which is awesome, I have been waiting ages.  They love baking so a few Peter Rabbit cupcakes with breakfast will make them smile and then we can make some cookies in the afternoon.

If you fancy making a little bit more fuss for Easter this year, then here are some decorations that I think you will enjoy and more importantly that can be put away and brought out again for the years to come.   

Best Easter decorations for kid's bedroom featuring an Easter wreath

Easter Wreath



Easter Bunny Sign for the kid's

Easter Bunny Hop Here Sign



Honeyvomb Bunnies from Meri Meri for kid's bedrooms

Honeycomb Bunnies

Meri Meri

x8 for £20.50

East Bunny Bunting from Lime Tree London for kid's bedrooms

Bunny Rabbit Bunting

Lime Tree London


Peter Rabbit Easter Hunt Signs from Meri Meri for the family home featured by Rooomy Magazine

Beatrix Potter Egg Hunt Signs

Meri Meri


Easter Bunting from Meri Meri decorations for kids' bedrooms

Spring Bunny Bunting

Meri Meri

x2 for £28.00

Best Easter Decoration for Kid's Bedrooms, window stickers for kids bedrooms

Easter Window Stickers


x6 sheets £4.99

Easter Bunny Decoration from Rex London for Kid's Bedrooms

Bunny Decoration

Rex London


Yello Easter Egg Decoration from Rex London for kids' bedrooms as seen in rooomy magazine

Yellow Egg Decoration

Rex London


Folk Easter Egg Decoration from Rex London for kids' bedrooms

Folk Egg Decoration

Rex London


Pink Polka Dot Easter Egg from Rex London for kid's bedrooms

Dotty Decoration

Rex London


Hatching Chick Decoration from Rex London for kids' bedrooms

Chick Decoration

Rex London


 When it comes to treats and gifts, what is the deal in your house?  Some families are in the zone of ‘let the chocolate sugary flood gates open’, others opt for the gift route and in our house, we are a mix of the two.  They get an egg from us, the Easter egg hunt, and a wee gift, we know that grandparents will go way over the top, as is their duty, and I somehow make it all last up to the summer holidays, I know I’m such a mean mum 😉

If you are looking for some alternatives to the sugar flood take a look at these great finds;


Hoppel Rabbit from Steiff for kids bedrooms this easter

Hoppel Rabbit



Easter Chick from Steiff for kids bedrooms this Easter

14cm Chick



Surprise Carrots from Meri Meri for kids this Easter

Surprise Carrots 

Meri Meri

x4 £14

Bunny Night Light from Rex London

Rabbit Night Light

Rex London


We're going on an egg hunt kid's book for Easter

We’re Going On An Egg Hunt 



As parents we know that pretty things to look at and yummy things to eat are great and will put smiles on most peoples faces.  There is one more step to take for the perfect Easter for the kids’ and that is catering to their love of making, having an activity, a creation or decoration to call their own.  It might be art and crafts, it might be baking, it could be playing a game, as well as THE HUNT of course!    

Personalised Bunny Bag from Lime Tree London for kids this easter

Personalised Egg Hunt Bag

Lime Tree London


Egg & Spoon Race Game, perfect for kid's this Easter

Egg & Spoon Race



Mini Wooden Eggs Decorating kit for the kids this Easter

Wooden Eggs Decorating Kit



Easter Colouring Activity from Meri Meri perfect for the kids

Easter Colouring Posters

Meri Meri


Yellow Egg Basket from Rex London for the kids' Easter egg hunts

Yellow Woven Basket

Rex London



There you go, the best Easter decorations for kids’ bedrooms and more, to keep them smiling, laughing and jolly over the Easter weekend and also some fun prep activities for the lockdown weekends leading up to the big event. 


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