Big & Bold Wall Space For Kids

by | Feb 21, 2019

The wall space: big & bold


Are you going for white because big colour is scary?  It is easy to paint our walls white so that we feel we have a blank canvas to work with, allowing us to feel free to buy anything we like as it can’t possibly clash with the walls, hoorah.  However, it is notoriously difficult to finish a white walled room well.  Therefore, go for wallpaper.  Every single designer I have spoken to recommends their clients go down the wallpaper route and they all agree that most people are too scared of using it.  There is no need, be brave, choose a fab design and go for it.  A lot of products are easy to apply these days and if in doubt it is totally worth paying that little extra to get a pro in, let’s be honest they will do it so quickly if you can it’s completely worth it!


You might not think bold when you think equestrian but Emma designer of Hibou wallpapers has got that challenged perfectly with her bold Gymkhana Wallpaper in Sand/ Coral Pink, £59.95 per roll, roll width: 52cm, Roll length: 10 metres

PaperBoy Wallpaper

Getting down to it, you might not want to go bold on colour or pattern but still you feel the room is bare and the thought of having to design an incredible room because the walls are plain, is let’s face it scary.  PaperBoy Wallpaper design ~which came first” to the rescue.  The design is interesting and attractive with more muted tones allowing, hoorah problem solved.

Bartsch Paris

If you don’t want to gold bold on pattern then go bold on colour.  This wonderful virant yellow will bring joy and warmth to any child’s bedroom!

“If you don’t want to go bold on pattern go bold on colour”

Mini Wallers

To ignite your child’s imagination and encourage their story telling abilities, look no further than new brand Mini Wallers. With three brand new designs and more on the way, Mini Wallers have brought us a wall decal like no other, featuring beautiful scenes for your children to gaze upon. Here is “A flamingo called Val”, I wonder what adventures she’ll be having with the fox?

Back to the Wall

New Zealand based design studio.  Wallpaper has so many constraints regarding repeat pattern, limited colour, and generally you will have surplus left. With our murals you order the exact size and you don’t pay for leftover wallpaper.

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