Blow It vs Budget Monochrome Boys Room

by | Nov 4, 2019

Monochrome Kids Room

Blow It vs Budget


Yay to rooms that make you feel like this (see pics below)

Mel Webber takes us on a tour of her son’s bedroom

and shows us how to recreate the look with opposing budgets



This is Thomas’ bedroom. We had moved him out of his nursery into the spare room, in order to free up the nursery for his baby sister. As soon as I saw this “D’ya-think-esaurus” wallpaper by Paper Boy I just knew it was perfect for his room as it shows a fearless little boy playing with his dinosaur friends. I knew that he would love it but the classic white and silver colour way appealed to me and dad too. We chose a limited colour palette of monochrome, grey and silver throughout the rest of the room, and decorated with a very loose dinosaur theme to ensure it always looks stylish even when filled with all his colourful toys and treasures. 

Blow It

Oliver Furniture, from Nubie £572

D’ya Think-E-Saurus, Paperboy Wallpaper £60/roll

Circle Rug by OYOY £56.99

Fine Little Day, Gran Bed Set, £59

Sabil Wooden Stool, La Redoute £65

Potter Library Table, GLTC, £110

DIY Banner, by A Little Lovely Company £10

Circus Drum Mono Lampshade, by Love Frankie, £40-£60

Raaaaa by Freddy Alphabet, $39


Stretton Cotbed, Mothercare, £195

Dinosaur Wallpaper, GLTC, £26/roll

Rainbow Playmat/Rug, Kids Boetiek, £36.95

Wave Mono, Snuz, £39.95

Stool, Plyconic, £40/£48

Tinkertonk Book Storage, £39.99

DIY Banner, Clas Ohlson, £4.99

Herringbone Lampshade, Rianna Frances, £20

Kids Rule Print, Mini Leanrers, £16.95

And there you have it, a monochrome bedroom for your son or daughter to grow up in, there won’t be any expensive updates for at least 5 years, and you can add splashes of colour with cushions and other inexpensive accessories.  

This gorgeous look can be achieved for £510 or £1,145 and of course the great part is, if you can save on a few items then you might be able to splash out on a luxury piece that can either become part of the family home or it can be re-sold, this is the biggest bonus when investing in furniture. 

For more Blow It vs Budget ideas see below.  If you’d like to see more of Mel’s work check out her site here 

Please note that as timeless as these looks are, retailers change their stock and therefore we cannot guarantee these items will always be available.  If any of the above items have been discontinued (or the link simply doesn’t work) do let us know and we will work hard to find you a great alternative.  You can email us here

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