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by | Aug 24, 2020

Bring Bright & Bold Accessories Into Your Kid’s Bedroom


We bring your our top picks, for wonderful bedroom accessories that will being your child’s bedroom to life. 


Children love colour, it bring joy into their lives, their favourite colour can be fixed from a young age or it may change every few months. Committing to a bold colour palette can sometimes be daunting in these circumstances, therefore adorning their bedroom with bright, bold and colourful accessories is the perfect way to bring the joy in for all to enjoy, knowing you can change whenever you need to.

If you’ve gone fairly minimalistic in the room as you just can’t choose between fuchsia pink and emerald green, then bring a whole rainbow of options in with this great lettering from Twenty Two and Six. They offer initials in a similar style but as someone who loves to promote the importance of Play for children I had to highlight how wonderful this creation is.

Maybe colour isn’t where you want to be braver, then look at the style of furniture you’re using. There are amazing designs out there and although this guy has been around a while I couldn’t resist reminding you all that he is about and is completely brilliant! Rodnik Shark Chair from

Colourful lighting is the perfect way to bring your child more colour without having to experience it yourself, if this is something that takes you out of your aesthetic comfort zone, let them enjoy a little dazzle at night, lovely to wake up to on a restless night and with any luck they’ll feel assured enough to drift off back to sleep due to their lovely glow.

Garlands are a great colourful accessory to be hung from walls, windows, furniture, wherever you want.   – MK Kids Interiors Garland

And of course, one of the easiest ways to bring a statement to a room with no strings attached is an awesome rug! It’s not a permanent feature so can be changed as their style/taste changes but also ticks another design element helping you add some layering to the room. Win win.

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