Bright & Bold Styling For Kids’

by | Jun 14, 2019

Decorating your child’s bedroom?


Interiors Stylist Sarah Keady gives us the lowdown on how to be

brave and bold with colour in your child’s bedroom


Decorating your child’s bedroom can be an incredibly exciting task-it’s also the one time you may think about experimenting with colour and pattern in a way that you normally wouldn’t.

Think of it as a collaboration of sorts-you are the interior designer (and unlike their nursery where you had full control-they were the err silent partner of sorts) they are now the client-take their ideas on board but translate it in a way that is liveable for you both in the years ahead.

Here’s our pick of the bedrooms that will colour their bedroom happy. Enjoy.


Minimal, white spaces can be instantly transformed by a burst of colour with a bold wall mural or a fun light-stick to graphic styles to keep the space looking modern.

Coloured Furniture

Making a colour feature of furniture in the bedroom is for those parents who want to go all-out. There are some less tasteful designs out there but this lime green tent design gets our vote.

Pretty Pastels

Pretty pastels look great with a hint of neon-use fluro accessories such as stationery, books and toys to add bring a playful and unexpected element to the room.

Storage is king

Storage is always the number one bugbear for parents-rather than hiding them away, opt for bright drawers and cupboards to make them a feature under bunk beds.

“You are now the interior designer, and your child is the client.  Take their ideas on board but translate them in a way that is liveable for you both in years to come”

Sugary pastels

Stop sugary pastels looking too sickly-teaming soft blues with hot pinks and pale wood will keep the bedroom looking the right side of sweet.

Minimal palette

A grownup way to add colour to a bedroom is to keep the palette minimal-choosing a bright Red shade as an accent against this monochrome scheme really makes it pop and draws the eye across the room.

Cosmic kids

For those kids who are obsessed with all things Space-related you could do worse than trying to emulate this rather Cosmic-looking bedroom.

Primary colours

Primary colours, typographic car signs and solid stripes make this a perfect room to play and sleep for mini-car enthusiasts.

In the detail

Often the simplest ideas create the most impact. Painting a ladder and the ends of the beds is all the colour this pared-back bedroom needs.

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