Kid’s Art Charity Sale for the Hungry and Vulnerable

Print’s and Designs for your kid’s room that will make a beautiful addition to the family whilst ALL proceeds go to UK charities FareShare and Magic Breakfast


Throughout this year I have shared several wonderful pieces of art that would look great in a kid’s room or around the family home.  I think Art is a wonderful accessory that must not be overlooked in children’s bedrooms.  When our children are young, we can choose pieces that reflect the mood we want to create in the room are we looking for calm and nurturing, something more bold and fearless or adventurous maybe, we’re in change.  But as children grow older art is the perfect way to help them have a sense of great autonomy in their own space when you give them a chance to look at several pieces of art and ask them to choose what they like best.  It’s a fun task to do together and you might even learn something about your child’s taste and interests that you didn’t know before. 

With all of this in the back of my mind I was thrilled to hear from Emma at Margaret as this Christmas, they have launched a ‘kid’s art prints charity sale’ and it’s now online and ready for customers!  


The Cave by Rob Hodgson

The Cave – Rob Hodgson

Do you want a banana by Yasmeen Ismail

Do You Want A Banana? – Yasmeen Ismail


 The charity sale is in aid of free school meals and UK Food Bank Charities, FareShare UK and Magic Breakfast. 

Some of the UK’s most exciting artists, designers and children’s illustrators have come together to present a new collection of family-friendly, special edition art prints, which will be sold for charity in the run up to Christmas. All proceeds from the sale will be donated equally to FARESHARE UK and MAGIC BREAKFAST, two charities working against food poverty and supporting Free School Meals and food banks across the UK. Each artist has donated a design or artwork suitable for children’s bedrooms and family-friendly spaces, which will be available to buy exclusively from independent homewares boutique as a special edition print for £30.00 (+ p&p). 


Tiger Tiger by Ben Jarvis

Tiger Tiger

Ben Jarvis

Leopard Print by Max Made Me Do It

Leopard Kiss

Max Made Me Do It

Yellowstone by Owen Davey


Owen Davey

Waldo by Laetita Rouget


Laetita Rouget

Moo by Gayle Mansfield


Gayle Mansfield

Girl on Yellow y Margot McDaid

Girl on Yellow

Margot McDaid

Union by Leyla Reynolds


Leyle Reynolds

Prayer Hands by Wild Suga

Prayer Hands

Wild Suga

The Farm by Louise Lockhart

The Farm

Louise Lockhart

Duggee Hug by Grant Orchard

Duggee Hug

Grant Orchard

Squirrel by Donna Wilson


Donna Wilson

With food poverty in the UK the highest it has ever been, proceeds from this sale will help support the ongoing and growing work of organisations helping children and families with this very basic need. The artists who have donated prints are Owen Davey, Rob Hodgson, Yasmeen Ismail, Ben Javens, Louise Lockhart, Gayle Mansfield Designs, Sarina Mantle / Wildsuga, Max Made Me Do It, Margo McDaid, Leyla Reynolds, Laetitia Rouget and Donna Wilson. We also have some original, hand-drawn Duggee drawings from Hey Duggee! creator Grant Orchard! 

£30 for one of these incredible prints makes a wonderful gift or a great way to add some personality to your space.  Why not show your kid’s the selection and see what they choose, they might surprise you.  But knowing that the proceeds of each print will be shared 50/50 between these two amazing charities makes a purchase a no brainer in my mind. 

Here’s more about the charities as it’s important to know where the money is going and how valuably it is being used. 


FareShare UK – The UK’s longest running food redistribution charity. Born out of the belief that no good food should go to waste, especially when people are going hungry.   During this year you’ll have heard about the fight for free school meals for children and how Marcus Rushford campaigned and supported this need.  He is now an ambassador for FareShare and has supported them by helping to raise enough money to enable FareShare to provide enough food for over 4.2 million meals for children and families who might not otherwise eat during the Covid-19 crisis.  He has raised awareness of child hunger in the UK, driving the issue to the top of the news agenda.  He has successfully influenced government policy with his #MakeTheUTurn campaign, which saw the voucher scheme – a replacement for free school meals through the lockdown – extended over the summer, ensuring 1.3 million vulnerable children could continue to access food.  And launched and spearheaded the Child Food Poverty Taskforce, a group of more than 15 organisations that FareShare is a founding member of, which have come together to support the National Food Strategy and dedicate their platforms to sharing real stories of those affected by child food insecurity in the UK, supported by real-time statistics 

Magic Breakfast – Work in 480 Primary, Secondary and ASL/Special Educational Needs schools, plus Pupil Referral Units, to make sure that, in normal times, more than 48,000 children start their school day in the best possible way.  They’re commitment is that no child is too hungry to learn, by providing healthy breakfast food and expert support to help identify and reach those pupils at risk of hunger. A hungry child cannot concentrate so could miss out on half a day of lessons every school day if not given anything nutritious to eat first thing. 

“Magic Breakfast, for us, is our life-saver! Without their support we could not offer free breakfast to the many children within our school community who need it. With their help we are able to ensure most of our children start the school day on time and with a full tummy. Added to this, the Club gives the opportunity for children to talk to adults if they need to, and at times problems arising the night before at home can be unpicked and sorted out prior to the start of the school day. It is, without a doubt, one of the best things I have ever had for my school.” Anne Elford, Headteacher, Windsor Community School, Liverpool. 

Magic Breakfast

There you have it two incredible charities that are in need of our support, to enable them to support and feed vulnerable children and families in the UK.   

Girl on Yellow by Margot McDaid
The Farm by Louise Lockhart
Waldo by Laetita Rouget
Duggee Hug by Grant Orchard
Union by Leyla Reynolds
Yellowstone by Owen Davey
Leopard Kiss by Max Made Me Do It
Prayer Hands by Wild Suga
Tiger Tiger by Ben Jarvis
Moo by Gayle Mansfield
The Cave by Rob Hodgson
Squirrel by Donna Wilson

Congrats to Yellow Crayon Kids and hats off to Homeplace online and a massive THANK YOU to the 13 amazing artists involved: Owen Davey, Rob Hodgson, Yasmeen Ismail, Ben Javens, Louise Lockhart, Gayle Mansfield Designs, Sarina Mantle / Wildsuga, Max Made Me Do It, Margo McDaid, Grant Orchard, Leyla Reynolds, Laetitia Rouget and Donna Wilson. 

Art, Art & More Art…

Kid’s Bedrooms Bold Christmas

Kid’s Bedrooms Bold Christmas

Kid’s Bedrooms Bold Christmas

A Bold Bold Christmas for your kid’s room

Interior Stylist, Fi Campos, shares her

festive styling advice for kid’s bedrooms


Christmas comes but once a year and this year our children need all the joy we can possibly bring them.  Enter interior stylist Fi Campos who shares how to bring all the fun, playfulness and colour into our children’s bedrooms, making 2020 the best one yet.

I’m an avid believer in bold and beautiful interior schemes for children, and to me, Christmas is just the perfect time of year to indulge in a little colourful creativity.

If you’re also a lover of all things merry and bright, read on for some small scale, easy-to-implement projects that can turn your little one’s space into a fabulously festive kingdom in minutes.

First up: For the ultimate in trend led Christmas tropical vibes, pick a palette of hot pink, mustard, teal and lime and have fun with texture and shapes. A strong navy wall creates a striking contrast to all the colour and makes it feel a little more grown up.

Blue Star Tiger wallpaper, nod to david bowie, perfect for kid's bedroom walls, as seen in rooomy magazine
Pink Star Tiger wallpaper, nod to david bowie, perfect for kid's bedroom walls, as seen in rooomy magazine


The aim of the game with this look is to create a riot of colourful juxtapositions, and it’s perfect if you fancy a bit of DIY styling too, with references to arts and craft at the helm. – Create an alternative wall-mounted Christmas tree using a cactus wire memo board like this one, check out ebay for one similar.  Add lights, baubles, and anything else you fancy for a quick and easy wall update!


For an alternative to bunting, create a string of pom poms like this garland by The Little Boys Room.


Pick up cute little felt decorations, or even make your own woollen trinkets, and add them to the string to create decor that’s bespoke to your family.


Peacock wallpaper by Little Greene as seen in rooomy magazine


For a tree option that’s straight out of the box, this cute Pom Pom tree by Chi Chi Moi  is a fabulous modern alternative and totally ties in with the fun Peruvian theme. 

For a finishing touch that’s certainly not just for Christmas, try this bohemian llama rug by The Little Boys Room: 

Hidden Jungle wallpaper by Art House Ltd as seen in rooomy magazine for kid's rooms
Hidden Jungle wallpaper by Art House Ltd as seen in rooomy magazine for kid's rooms

A striking way of injecting seasonality into their rooms is by creating original wall art.

For a more tonal Christmas idea, why not try making your own Scandi style tree scape wall mural?

Simply paint some lining paper in a variety of greens and blues, and then once it’s dry, cut out tree shapes et voila; a ready-made design ready to paste!

Spoonflower – Katherine Quinn Whale Song for kid's bedrooms as seen in rooomy magazine
Rebel Walls Mischievous Tigers for kid's bedrooms, playrooms and nursery, as seen in rooomy magazine


For a shop bought alternative, try a Christmas tree wall sticker like this one by Chameleon Wall Art. 

This is a great double whammy as it creates a fun filled Christmas art project for the little ones, as well as sprucing up any bare walls.


If the great outdoors is their thing, this super cute Fir Tree cushion by indie brand Petit Mushyup is the ideal solution for understated festive touches. Layer with teal and emerald cushions to really make it pop.

Rebel Walls Mischievous Tigers for kid's bedrooms, playrooms and nursery, as seen in rooomy magazine


It’s no secret that orange has been one of this year’s biggest interior colour trends, and it makes a great alternative to the more classic berry red for festive updates. If you’re the daring type, paint a whole wall with it, pair with soft grey furniture, and tone down with blush, cream and gold for added dreaminess.


Rebel Walls Mischievous Tigers for kid's bedrooms, playrooms and nursery, as seen in rooomy magazine

This gorgeous woodland themed brush cotton duvet set by The Linen Store is super soft and gives a subtle nod to Christmas, whilst being totally suitable for use all year round.

Spoonflower – Katherine Quinn Whale Song for kid's bedrooms as seen in rooomy magazine
Rebel Walls Mischievous Tigers for kid's bedrooms, playrooms and nursery, as seen in rooomy magazine


Another simple way of updating a room with some festive fun is by adding an advent calendar.

This forest scene by Berylune features cute woodland animals hidden behind each number, so it has the added bonus of becoming a pride of place feature piece for the top of a chest of drawers or bedside! 


Lighting is a quick and inexpensive way of instantly injecting some Christmas magic into a space.

Fairy lights are always a winner, or to create a fabulous focal point this wooden LED star light by All Things Brighton Beautiful would look great lighting up a room.

Rebel Walls Mischievous Tigers for kid's bedrooms, playrooms and nursery, as seen in rooomy magazine

Finally, a few words of practical advice for revamping their room for Christmas:

Have fun! If ever there was a time of year to pull out all the theatrical stops, this is it. So if that means creating a starry night sky mural on one wall, or covering the ceiling in fairy lights, embrace the magic of Christmas with confidence!

If going all out is just too much of a commitment, for subtle touches of seasonality, gold fairy lights and Nordic bunting work wonders.

For the colour shy among us, try sticking to a classic Christmas palette, for example red white and silver, and mix up the prints for a modern touch.

Whether you choose Nordic simplicity, fun tropical vibes, or Classic woodland schemes, there most certainly is a theme for all tastes out there.


Have fun creating the magic of Christmas!


Happy styling,


Fi x

Walls, Walls, Walls…

Sustainable Wallpapers for kids bedrooms

Sustainable Wallpapers for kids bedrooms

Sustainable Wallpaper designs your kids will love Rooomy's Top 5 Walls for Sustainability, for kid's rooms and the family home   Looking for sustainable wallpaper is really easy now.  It is tough to find a company that don’t print on paper that comes from an FSC or...

Sustainable Accessories for kids bedrooms

Sustainable Accessories for kids bedrooms

Sustainable Accessories for kids bedrooms

Sustainable Accessories your kids will love

Rooomy’s best sustainable accessories for kids

and the family home


Whether you’re redecorating or simply looking to update your kid’s space, accessories are where you can have a lot of fun with stylish or playful items that can bring some true character and personality to your child’s bedroom.  With sustainability at the core of this issue when you’re looking for new ideas think about the kinds of materials to introduce bamboo, cork, rattan, straw, clay to name a few basics.

Bamboo lampshades

Bamboo is a gorgeous material, the colour alone being light yet warm bring a lovely feel to any interior.  There are bamboo chairs and beds but as an accessory a simple light fitting can make all the difference and lighting a key accessory that is often over looked in interiors.  So much time is spent on the colour palete and key elements of furniture, flooring and window dressings etc.  Lighting is neglected but if you start to notice how a room is lit you’ll soon see how it can detract from a great space or enhance it brilliantly.


Giraffe Cork Placemat, Rooomy magazine for kid's
orangutan cork placemat, rooomy magazine sustainability for kid's bedrooms
lion cork placemat, rooomy magazine sustainability for kid's bedrooms

Bamboo Clock

Another bamboo feature and there are lots out there, I felt this clock would appeal to all ages as the big numbers are great for those kid’s starting to get their head round the whole telling the time gig, yet it’s stylish enough to not look out of place and kid like in a teens space, another note on sustainability is to buy items that will last, not buying a clock that will only last two years because it’s covered in paw patrol but a piece that can just be present for all the time it’s needed.

bamboo calculator, rooomy magazine sustainability gofts for kid's

Hello Rustle Lion Head

As a Leo I am a fan of all things lions and was very happy to come across Hello Rustle on Instagram recently.  Using air drying clay and raffia these little lion creations come in a huge variety of finishes and are made to order so you can have a chat with Ryan about that you need.  Check out his Instagram feed to see all different colours of faces or manes.  You could have a lot of fun here choosing what would look best, better yet show the idea to your kid and ask them what they’d like their lion to look like.  It’s really wonderful for children when they can get involved in the decision making and take some ownership and pride in their room.  Ryan is in such demand that he opens sales when he can so you need to follow him and then when he’s open you simply message him, make sure you’re in with a chance of placing your order.  I think I need to get myself one of these, the problem will be deciding on what colour!


Giraffe Cork Placemat, Rooomy magazine for kid's
orangutan cork placemat, rooomy magazine sustainability for kid's bedrooms
lion cork placemat, rooomy magazine sustainability for kid's bedrooms

My Rooga

Cork Rugs

As seen in Chloe Spillett’s feature the cork rug!  Aren’t these a fab idea?  This circular rug will add a sprinkle of magic to your kids room. Let the kids climb the mountains, sail the boats and reach the stars… The warm tone of the cork and the classic design ensures it will blend naturally into any space and is available in two sizes

I had never heard of a cork rug until Chloe wrote her feature.  Silly really as I used to have cork placemats which I bought in Portugal years ago.  But a matt/rug for the kids room, too thin to trip over, easy to clean and even easier to move about, fun, stylish and smart.

Eat Sleep Doodle colouring gifts for kids as seen in rooomy magazine
Eat Sleep Doodle colouring gifts for kids as seen in rooomy magazine

Eco Birdy

Rhino Lamp

Eco Birdy continue to be one of the best solutions to the problem that is kids plastic!  Do you worry about plastic toys? Do you recycle? Are you concerned about what will happen to your kid’s toys when they are no longer played with?  It’s great to hand things down, donate to the local charity shop or make a bit of cash back at a boot fair or on Facebay, BUT eventually they need to go somewhere and where? Think on Toy Story 3, where does a toys life end up?

Well Eco Birdy have solved this by creating four wonderful products for kids to enjoy, made entirely of recycled plastic from kid’s toys, accessories like scooters, ride along cars and more.  Their products include a kiwi toy storage unit, a chair, a rhino lamp and a table.


They collect unwanted toys from schools, remove all metal elements from each product, and clean everything, the plastic is then batched into similar colours and melted down. It is then moulded into one of their four designs resulting with a fun mottled affect with rounded edges and a smooth silky surface making the furniture pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.  The outstanding results are a sustainable and environmentally friendly product for your child’s room that is made of 100% recycled plastic, looks great, has a function and is fully recyclable. 

Eat Sleep Doodle colouring gifts for kids as seen in rooomy magazine
Eat Sleep Doodle colouring gifts for kids as seen in rooomy magazine

More Awesome Accessories…

Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween for kid's rooms Rooomy brings you top Halloween decorations and activities to help make the most of a spooky half term with your children    After a year of scuppered celebrations, all the birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and more that have...

Rooomy Loves | Sustainability for kid’s

Rooomy Loves | Sustainability for kid’s

Rooomy Loves | Sustainability for kid’s

Rooomy Loves Sustainability

Rooomy’s best sustainable finds for parents, that kids will love


In each issue of the magazine we have the Rooomy Loves feature.  My chance to share with you some brilliant finds which I think other parents will love, which are not related to your child’s bedroom.  Something for the home, a great gift maybe, a great book find or possibly something silly but fab.


Leave Nothing but Footprints

I bought this book because I love the illustrator.  She’s worked on other kids books and her art work is gorgeous.  The book has a clear message about looking after our environment particularly the oceans and seas.  For us it was reaffirming that we are doing the right things already, we always take our rubbish home and don’t leave anything on the beach, in fact as long as hygiene isn’t an issue we often put other peoples rubbish in the bin, the girls are happy to do this.  It was a great reminder that using less plastic bags is important and something we have become much better at in recent months, one of the few bonuses of lockdown.  The girls were heart broken at the prospect of saying no to glitter, but it’s prompted me to research the why some more for them, I guess this is the key to sustainability with our kid’s it’s all about educating them.  Telling what they must and must not do it simply not good enough, we need help the understand why our actions are important and the impact we have when we don’t act.  This will cement their understanding and commitment and hopefully be less likely to be led astray by peer who litter when they’re older, they can set the example and be passionate about their reasons why.  Education, strength, conviction.


Leave Nothing but Footprints, kid's books

Corkando Placemats

Whilst on the hunt for cork rugs I came across these glorious placemats.  With 7 lovely illustrated designs to choose from you’ll be able to make your dinner time setting a truly joyful place to be.  Lovingly designed with great motifs from a sustainable material. The cork table sets are non-slip and easy to care for. So your table always stays clean and the food is even more fun!

Giraffe Cork Placemat, Rooomy magazine for kid's
orangutan cork placemat, rooomy magazine sustainability for kid's bedrooms
lion cork placemat, rooomy magazine sustainability for kid's bedrooms
elephant cork placemat, rooomy magazine sustainability for kid's bedrooms

Bamboo Calculator

The number one reason for the Rooomy Loves feature is because when I am researching kids rooms I always stumble upon products that I don’t think would have ever crossed my path otherwise.  This Bamboo Calculator is a perfect example of just that.  Had you ever heard of one? Well if you are looking to introduce more natural products and less plastic then this is a must have!  Bamboo offers such a great colour and the chunky buttons are fab for all ages and it is of course solar powered!

bamboo calculator, rooomy magazine sustainability gofts for kid's
Green Toys pink fire truck for kid's play

The BeBehive – Green Toys Inc

I live with a pink obsessed 5 year old and this fire truck made me smile.  It comes in red too, if like me you love a more traditional style.  There are lots of great sustainable vehicle toys available from Green Toys but I wanted to give this pink beauty a top spot here. 

Solidly constructed from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Green Toys Fire Truck has no metal axles, so it’s safe for both the earth. 

Green Toys pink fire truck for kid's play

Eat Sleep Doodle

Pick a product, any product

All of the Eatsleep Doodle products are great and they have something for everyone.  I include them here because they meet a sustainable level for me as their products can be washed and reused and then passed on.  Nothing is going into landfill, the lifespan is fantastic and worth spending on.  We just need the creative industry to find a way of making plastic free felt tips!

Eat Sleep Doodle colouring gifts for kids as seen in rooomy magazine
Eat Sleep Doodle colouring gifts for kids as seen in rooomy magazine

Rooomy Loves….

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Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween Decs for Kid’s Bedrooms

Halloween for kid’s rooms

Rooomy brings you top Halloween decorations and activities

to help make the most of a spooky half term with your children 


After a year of scuppered celebrations, all the birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries and more that have been missed, and we know Christmas is awaiting us at the end phew.  But let’s not forget that Halloween is coming up at the end of the month, yay!  Are you like me and decorate during the day of the 31st?  I always have great plans for pumpkins, but everything ends up a little last minute.  Or have you found yourself following in the Americans footsteps going all out with the decs early?

Well this year after all the indoor parties ( I had a birthday banner up for 6 months, I’ve told you before I don’t win any interiors or organisation awards) and with Halloween falling at the end of half term, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to have a little fun and make the most of the decs with the girls.  If you’re thinking this sounds like a plan to you then I’m here to help with some great decorations ideas for you to check out.  Each will be able to be stored and re used for all your Halloween celebrations to come plus there is some helpful pumpkin decorating advice, especially if you have any left-over paint from this year’s interiors projects.


meri meri balloon garland for kids rooms

Balloon Garland

Meri Meri

More and more birthday pics are featuring balloon arches and they look fun but either a lot of effort to make it look good yourself or expensive to outsource.  Well Meri Meri have this sorted for Halloween, bringing you a balloon garland PLUS hanging bats at the bargain set price of £25!! If you love party balloons, then this is the Halloween party decoration for you! This easy to assemble kit of 40 balloons creates a terrific balloon display featuring black, silver, orange and pre-filled confetti balloons and 8 fabulous hanging bats.


Peg Dolls

Little Peg House

All the classic Halloween characters in one little peg doll family.  These characters will at home in your child’s room or anywhere else in the family home.  Not a pink fairy in site, it’s just not Halloween is it?  I think kids’ can get away when they’re 2/3 years old.  These little faces bring colour and cuteness at a scary time.  You will be able to start building your Halloween decorations collection just like your Christmas ones. 

halloween peg dolls for kids bedrooms
Halloween Decorations featuring Decal Folks


Spooky Decals

Decal Folks

Decals are great as they don’t damage the wall cab be put back on their paper rolled up and brought out again next year, they allow you to add details to a larger space creating the spooky atmosphere eve quicker.  This pack comes with bats and pumpkins in different sizes and you can choose the colours for each of them, you can go traditional black and orange if you want or you can style them with your décor, fun!!!



Boo Letters 

Little England Gifts

Kid’s names in wooden letters have been popular for several years now and over the last few Christmas has joined in, so why not add Halloween into the fun? Just like the peg dolls they will go into your collection and come out every year.  BOO is the perfect little touch for your kid’s room, it’s not too scary for the little ones and will still be a fun addition when they’re older and wanting more of a spook these will be a timeless edition to your collection.



Boo Letters for kids rooms at halloween
Halloween garland from Nelly's Treasures for kids bedrooms

Spooky Garland

Nelly’s Treasures

Garlands make such wonderful borders and wen decorating it looks awesome when some height can be added to the space, it takes the eye on a journey round the whole space, that way all your hard work get noticed and is thoroughly enjoyed by the beholder. This garland from Nelly’s Treasures is cute, big, bold and I love the colour palette.  It is a complete bargain for £7 which also means you could buy a couple, what a treat!

Hocus Pocus Colouring Book


Whilst you are decorating and probably trying to get some work done during the half term then this gorgeous colouring book is just the ticket, adorable doodles that your child will love to fill in.  Each design has been hand drawn and comes on its own page so you can cut it out and put it on the wall or send to someone, perfect to add to the decorations.  The book is A5 size so it will fit perfectly in your bag for those days when you are on the move.  Printed on quality card and wrapped in a bellyband your little ones (and you!) will have hours of fun.  You can also add on a pack of Stib Positive Worded pencils in either a mini travel pack or jumbo pencils. 

halloween colouring book from squidgearoo for the kids during half term


If you want to make more of your DIY skills and if we’re in lockdown over half term then there may be time for a few more crafts activities in the build up to the big night.  Pumpkin carving is always great fun but it also take a lot of effort and some parents are worried about the safety side, especially for younger ones.  Painting your pumpkins is a wonderful way to bring the festivities into the home plus they are big too, so very satisfying.  Kid’s can have free reign on how theirs looks which is wonderful autonomy for them.  And the toddlers can always join in by adding to yours, Ava did this a few years ago now and it was a really lovely afternoon chilling in the kitchen, music on and having some fun with the paint.

Pumpkin Painting for kids and toddlers rooomy magazine
Pumpkin Painting for kids and toddlers rooomy magazine
Pumpkin Painting for kids and toddlers rooomy magazine

Pumpkin Stickers

Doodle Moo

If you want to join the kid’s I highly recommend it, it’s great to get creative I think as adults we don’t spend nearly enough time doing the things we loved as kids.  Plus, it’s perfect modelling for the kid’s too!  If you want some tips on how to make them look great then Emily of Doodle Moo has your back plus some awesome free printable stickers that you can cut out and stick onto your pumpkin to enhance your design.  Emily recommends using up any left-over interior paint and acrylics always work well too.  Always leave time for coats to thoroughly dry before adding details on top, making this a great project for half term!

Doodle moo pumpkins
doodle moo pumpkins


Doodle Moo

And one last treat, I highly recommend are Emily’s Halloween pinatas, another fun project and a great game for the big night, something for you to prep yourself or you can get them to decorate their own.  They might even like to decorate, fill with a few sweets and your child could drop it off to a friend during the half term break, it’s always nice to get surprises and everyone get to enjoy the gift of giving, passing the positivity forward, which we need to do more than ever right now.

doodle moo pinatas, kids crafts for halloween

There you have it, great decoration to add to your Halloween collection and some fun craft projects for the break.  If you go forward with any of these ideas I’d love to see your pics you can email them in or tag us on social.  If you use any of Emily’s please give her a shout out @DoodleMoo

Have a wonderful Halloween and stay safe.

Best wishes


Ps You know it’ll be the C word next, I’m just saying, only two pay slips to go, eek!

More Kid’s Bedrooms Inspo….

Top 5 Nature Wallpapers for Kids’ Bedrooms

Top 5 Nature Wallpapers for Kids’ Bedrooms

Wallpaper that brings nature indoors   Top 5 nature wallpapers for kids' bedrooms,  which will bring the sense of the outdoors indoors. Bringing the outside into the inside creates a marvellous sense of calm or adventure for our kids' it depends which way you go of...

Best Easter Decorations for Kids’ Bedrooms

Best Easter Decorations for Kids’ Bedrooms

The Best Easter Decorations for Kids' Bedrooms   Looking to make more fun out of Easter this year?  Look at these wonderful decorations, gift ideas and activities.   Here are the best Easter decorations for kid's bedrooms.  I don't know about you, but I own 4 boxes of...





Nautical Styling for Kids Bedrooms


How to achieve the professional approach to styling a kids bedroom

Fi Campos of Cubby Hole talks us through the nautical theme


When it comes to designing rooms for little ones, it can often feel as though there are so many practicalities to consider. From layouts to colour schemes, bed types to themes, it’s so important to work out what matters most to you and your child. Once the ‘sensible’ boxes are ticked, it’s time for the creative part to start!

Re-styling a child’s room can be a fun experience, and, if they’re old enough, consulting your little one along the way will help them feel involved in the process and result in a wonderfully imaginative space that is personal to them.

Why not start by creating a mood board together? As well as being a fun crafting activity, it’s such a creative process that can really help spark imaginations, and may even result in some unique art work for their walls!  

Here are some of my top styling tips to help get their room looking ship shape: How to instil hope for seaside dreamers! Nautical stories are the perfect theme to give your kids rooms that happy, fresh, relaxed coastal vibe all year round. Red, navy and white is a classic palette that’s ideal for any mini seafarer, but why not add in a dash of teal for a modern twist?

Rooms with low ceilings
Vertical stripes can really help to create the illusion of more space. This summery striped wallpaper by Arthouse gives a subtle nod to deckchair stripes and pulls the colour of the room together perfectly.

For little ones who just can’t wait to explore the world, check out this cool vintage world map decal by Oxo Workshop, available from Etsy. Customised to fit your own wall space, this giant map is sure to get little explorers excitedly planning their next trip on the seas.

They’re mad on pirates

If you’re not sure just how long the pirate phase will last but would love to create some walls big on personality, stickers are your new best friend!  With so many options on the market now from spectacular sailors through to fabulous fish, we’re spoilt for choice. 

Whale of  a Time

How cute is this ‘Whale of a Time’ wallpaper by Scion? Available in bright blue or Scandi grey, it creates an immediate feeling of calm, hazy days by the seashore. The ultimate snoozing environment for dreaming of faraway lands …

Inject a nautical twist into the study space with hand painted deep horizontal stripes in Indigo blue. ‘Sea Forever’ canvas from Love to Home.  

For an instant refresh and to give new life to old chests of drawers, try adding some quirky nautical style drawer handles.

Blankets can provide an instant room revamp by adding layers of texture and colour. Try the Elephant Stamp for gorgeously classic stripes.

Finally, a few words of practical advice for achieving nautical style for your mini mariner:  Keep it simple. A reduced three colour palette can work wonders in creating a pulled together room.

Embrace the stripes! Horizontal bands of colour instantly say beach, and work fabulously with ditsy whale prints and plains to break up all the pattern.  Whether you choose laid back beach vibes, pirate, or whale schemes, one thing’s certain, the nautical theme has so much variety that should serve them well for years to come.

Happy Styling!

Nautical, Beach, Ocean…

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