Kid’s Art Charity Sale for the Hungry and Vulnerable

Print’s and Designs for your kid’s room that will make a beautiful addition to the family whilst ALL proceeds go to UK charities FareShare and Magic Breakfast


Throughout this year I have shared several wonderful pieces of art that would look great in a kid’s room or around the family home.  I think Art is a wonderful accessory that must not be overlooked in children’s bedrooms.  When our children are young, we can choose pieces that reflect the mood we want to create in the room are we looking for calm and nurturing, something more bold and fearless or adventurous maybe, we’re in change.  But as children grow older art is the perfect way to help them have a sense of great autonomy in their own space when you give them a chance to look at several pieces of art and ask them to choose what they like best.  It’s a fun task to do together and you might even learn something about your child’s taste and interests that you didn’t know before. 

With all of this in the back of my mind I was thrilled to hear from Emma at Margaret as this Christmas, they have launched a ‘kid’s art prints charity sale’ and it’s now online and ready for customers!  


The Cave by Rob Hodgson

The Cave – Rob Hodgson

Do you want a banana by Yasmeen Ismail

Do You Want A Banana? – Yasmeen Ismail


 The charity sale is in aid of free school meals and UK Food Bank Charities, FareShare UK and Magic Breakfast. 

Some of the UK’s most exciting artists, designers and children’s illustrators have come together to present a new collection of family-friendly, special edition art prints, which will be sold for charity in the run up to Christmas. All proceeds from the sale will be donated equally to FARESHARE UK and MAGIC BREAKFAST, two charities working against food poverty and supporting Free School Meals and food banks across the UK. Each artist has donated a design or artwork suitable for children’s bedrooms and family-friendly spaces, which will be available to buy exclusively from independent homewares boutique as a special edition print for £30.00 (+ p&p). 


Tiger Tiger by Ben Jarvis

Tiger Tiger

Ben Jarvis

Leopard Print by Max Made Me Do It

Leopard Kiss

Max Made Me Do It

Yellowstone by Owen Davey


Owen Davey

Waldo by Laetita Rouget


Laetita Rouget

Moo by Gayle Mansfield


Gayle Mansfield

Girl on Yellow y Margot McDaid

Girl on Yellow

Margot McDaid

Union by Leyla Reynolds


Leyle Reynolds

Prayer Hands by Wild Suga

Prayer Hands

Wild Suga

The Farm by Louise Lockhart

The Farm

Louise Lockhart

Duggee Hug by Grant Orchard

Duggee Hug

Grant Orchard

Squirrel by Donna Wilson


Donna Wilson

With food poverty in the UK the highest it has ever been, proceeds from this sale will help support the ongoing and growing work of organisations helping children and families with this very basic need. The artists who have donated prints are Owen Davey, Rob Hodgson, Yasmeen Ismail, Ben Javens, Louise Lockhart, Gayle Mansfield Designs, Sarina Mantle / Wildsuga, Max Made Me Do It, Margo McDaid, Leyla Reynolds, Laetitia Rouget and Donna Wilson. We also have some original, hand-drawn Duggee drawings from Hey Duggee! creator Grant Orchard! 

£30 for one of these incredible prints makes a wonderful gift or a great way to add some personality to your space.  Why not show your kid’s the selection and see what they choose, they might surprise you.  But knowing that the proceeds of each print will be shared 50/50 between these two amazing charities makes a purchase a no brainer in my mind. 

Here’s more about the charities as it’s important to know where the money is going and how valuably it is being used. 


FareShare UK – The UK’s longest running food redistribution charity. Born out of the belief that no good food should go to waste, especially when people are going hungry.   During this year you’ll have heard about the fight for free school meals for children and how Marcus Rushford campaigned and supported this need.  He is now an ambassador for FareShare and has supported them by helping to raise enough money to enable FareShare to provide enough food for over 4.2 million meals for children and families who might not otherwise eat during the Covid-19 crisis.  He has raised awareness of child hunger in the UK, driving the issue to the top of the news agenda.  He has successfully influenced government policy with his #MakeTheUTurn campaign, which saw the voucher scheme – a replacement for free school meals through the lockdown – extended over the summer, ensuring 1.3 million vulnerable children could continue to access food.  And launched and spearheaded the Child Food Poverty Taskforce, a group of more than 15 organisations that FareShare is a founding member of, which have come together to support the National Food Strategy and dedicate their platforms to sharing real stories of those affected by child food insecurity in the UK, supported by real-time statistics 

Magic Breakfast – Work in 480 Primary, Secondary and ASL/Special Educational Needs schools, plus Pupil Referral Units, to make sure that, in normal times, more than 48,000 children start their school day in the best possible way.  They’re commitment is that no child is too hungry to learn, by providing healthy breakfast food and expert support to help identify and reach those pupils at risk of hunger. A hungry child cannot concentrate so could miss out on half a day of lessons every school day if not given anything nutritious to eat first thing. 

“Magic Breakfast, for us, is our life-saver! Without their support we could not offer free breakfast to the many children within our school community who need it. With their help we are able to ensure most of our children start the school day on time and with a full tummy. Added to this, the Club gives the opportunity for children to talk to adults if they need to, and at times problems arising the night before at home can be unpicked and sorted out prior to the start of the school day. It is, without a doubt, one of the best things I have ever had for my school.” Anne Elford, Headteacher, Windsor Community School, Liverpool. 

Magic Breakfast

There you have it two incredible charities that are in need of our support, to enable them to support and feed vulnerable children and families in the UK.   

Girl on Yellow by Margot McDaid
The Farm by Louise Lockhart
Waldo by Laetita Rouget
Duggee Hug by Grant Orchard
Union by Leyla Reynolds
Yellowstone by Owen Davey
Leopard Kiss by Max Made Me Do It
Prayer Hands by Wild Suga
Tiger Tiger by Ben Jarvis
Moo by Gayle Mansfield
The Cave by Rob Hodgson
Squirrel by Donna Wilson

Congrats to Yellow Crayon Kids and hats off to Homeplace online and a massive THANK YOU to the 13 amazing artists involved: Owen Davey, Rob Hodgson, Yasmeen Ismail, Ben Javens, Louise Lockhart, Gayle Mansfield Designs, Sarina Mantle / Wildsuga, Max Made Me Do It, Margo McDaid, Grant Orchard, Leyla Reynolds, Laetitia Rouget and Donna Wilson. 

Art, Art & More Art…

Top Art Picks for Kid’s – April

Top Art Picks for Kid’s – April

Top Art Picks for Kid’s – April

Top Art Picks for Kid’s Bedrooms


Art is a truly wonderful way to bring character to our homes and this should be no different in our kid’s bedrooms. Pick images that you hope will inspire them, that can set a certain mood and also allow them to choose pieces that represent different aspects of their personality and finally just find images they like to look at.  Each month we offer a helping hand with our monthly top five suggestions.  

Hannah Carvell

Heart Flowers

Spring definitely sprang, the weather whilst we’ve been on lockdown has been glorious. Yes, it has turned grey this week. But the sun will be back, while it’s missing why not bring a sense of spring into your kid’s room with one of these flowers made up of hearts. The girls loved them when they saw them and instantly beamed. They were especially impressed with how clever it was that the hearts were making up the petals design. This is why art is so great to display in their rooms, it’s not just a case of what the art adds to the feel of the room but how it teaches and inspires them too. Hannah has a few colour ways available so there is something for everyone. If flowers are not for you, check our Hannah’s other prints, she does a very funk pink Gorilla, yup that’s right, no typo here.



Play because it is the only way. Play is EVERYTHING!!! I could write an essay on the importance, but I won’t, I’ll spare you. In summary play is how our kid’s learn. Like the L’oreal ads used to say, here comes the science bit. When our kid’s play their brain lights up like a Christmas tree. All the cells light up and when they are lit they join up, building an incredible network. Babies are sponges, yes because they’re surrounded by positivity to everything goes in. The get older and school kicks in, they have to do this work, and focus on that and knuckle down over there. Unless it’s easy or a topic they enjoy the cells light up less. Let them play, now more than ever. Lockdown is great time to leave them a few invitations play and let them get on with it. Check out this blog for some great Play Inspiration


Wonder And Rah


As we are stuck inside our homes there is more talk of the world and the universe with the kids. Our worlds feel that bit smaller at the moment, yet at the same time we are thinking about the whole world as we navigate a global pandemic. It’s certainly a flux of perspective. My daughter asked me today ‘if we were hit by a massive comet and half the planet broke what would happen to the rest of it?’. Her mind was blown when I said we’d be gone with it; the planet can’t survive without being a whole. She then said how much the thought of planets, space and stars blows her mind sometimes.

It is great to think on the cosmos and just how small we are when everything feels very big and tough to carry. On a less philosophical note, with the clearer skies it’s been the perfect time to star gaze and Venus has shone very brightly in the night sky. Kid’s love space, why not give them a little arty reminder for their bedroom wall.


Gayle Mansfield

I Really Love You I Do

As I was looking through Gayle’s work, trying to choose something for this month’s feature, as soon as this popped up it I knew it have to make the Top 5. I find myself saying ‘I Really Do Love You Ya Know?’, to my girls and husband (spare me the vomit emoji’s I can hear myself), but sometimes the emotion behind the words is so strong and “I Love You” doesn’t cover it, it’s as if there’s a moment when I feel as if they can’t possibly imagine just how much I love them, do you know what I mean?

If this make sense to you then why not plaster it on their wall or somewhere in the family home? There are loads of colour ways available. I went for the monochrome finish to add to my monochrome landing, which is three years in the making, I am useless at décor believe it or not!

This print comes in 10 different colour ways so something for all colour palettes, plus loads more great prints if you want to make a statement.



A Thousand Birds

Birds in flight always brings a sense of fresh air and the need to take a deep breath, something we all need right now. They are mesmerising to watch when there is a large flock swirling around. And the large yellow sun, bursts warmth from the page. This print creates a moment of peace and calm, an opportunity to pause, what a lovely impact this would have on your kid’s bedroom.

You can ask your kid’s; Do you think the birds are flying away or coming home? What has their journey been like? Is the sun setting or rising? So many questions for one simple image. What will your kid’s come up with? Can they draw their own version? If this picture were in a story book, what would the next image look like? Have some fun with this one and enjoy the warmth from that glorious sun.

Art for Kids…

Kid’s Interiors Q&A

Kid’s Interiors Q&A

Kid’s Interiors Q&A

April Q&A


Your opportunity to ask the experts. A monthly Q&A featuring a handful of questions posted by our readers and followers allowing you the opportunity to get some fantastic advice from the pros.

If you have something that is bugging you or maybe you just simply want to know the best shade of paint to use and life would be that bit easier is a professional just told you the answer, then please send your question to and maybe we’ll get back to you.

For our first Q&A we turn to two child interior experts who have contributed to Rooomy since it began and their advice and work is consistently perfect. London based designer Lisa Mettis of Born & Bred Studio. We love her decisiveness and we think you will too. And Edinburgh based designer Patricia Hoyna of Studio Hoyna who always encompasses exactly what her little clients are looking for and more.

How can I create more space?

Lisa Mettis says, “Apart from my mantra of ‘clear out’, the answer will probably be storage. BUT please don’t buy storage to house toys, books and clothes you’re not going to use. When choosing storage, choose options that sit or hang above the floor. Even if boxes are on castors the two inches of the floor you can see will really make a difference to the feeling of space. Also, when buying off the peg storage solutions, buy the item in multiples to make real impact and something unique to you. (see image below). Think about how you can make the most of wall space. Display books on ledges or hang cage shelving to house soft toys and arts and crafts materials.”

How do I make a room practical and pretty?

Lisa Mettis says, “Practicality basically makes for a boring interior, sorry! Make a list of all the practical things you need (i.e. a bed, chest of drawers, curtains). Review everything else in the room, is it needed? Edit the room, then the fun begins. Layer on the ‘pretty’. This can be inexpensive and is probably just a curation of the beautiful things your child has collected. As a little tick list, consider a personalised banner, garland lights, wallpaper or artwork, new bedding and of course, a rug. No room is complete without a rug, they’re incredibly practical. Children play at floor level most of the time which can be draughty, and it protects your flooring/carpet. Many options are now machine washable too.”


How do I put a nursery together on a budget?

Lisa Mettis says, “It’s so easy (particularly with your first child) to get carried away with buying ‘stuff’ which, guaranteed, you will never use. Treat the nursery not as a baby’s room but as a parent and baby room. During the early days you’ll be spending a lot of time bonding and nursing together. Your baby won’t notice the mural on the wall, but you’ll notice the dodgy paint or an uncomfortable chair. Get the room up to your standards and decorate neutrally. Buy only the essentials (i.e. a cot, chair, curtains), then splurge on something that will make you happy and make nursing time more interesting.  It could be a Miffy night light, a comfy chair, a nice blanket or a candle. If you’re very lucky, gifts will start coming in and these will provide the decoration you need.”

How is it best to decorate when renting and not wanting to cause too much damage? 

Patricia Hoyna says, “Paint gives you endless design possibilities for creative makeovers and it’s so easy to bring back magnolia if needed 🙂 Although, if it was up to me magnolia would be banished from stores forever! There are literally thousands of colours to choose from including new neutrals, wouldn’t it be more fun to try something fresh?  Another option would be wall stickers/decals.

Window treatments – think colour, pattern, trimmings, pom-poms! Some high-end designs could be achieved with store bought curtains or blinds just by adding a colourful trim. You can have a go yourself, ask a friend who’s handy or even find your local haberdashery; they often provide a sewing service along with their merchandise.

Artwork – whether you frame your child’s drawings, your family photos or some super cool illustrations, use picture hanging strips; Command are my go to brand, easy to mount, easy to remove, and you won’t need a single nail. Top Tip – art must be hung at the right height, you should be able to look at it without tilting your head upward.

Rugs – I know we don’t always have the luxury to choose the flooring, but rugs are great for adding extra comfort for kids to play on and if you move you take them with you.

My child has lots of little nick-nacks, what’s the best way to create storage for the teeny annoying things that looks good and is easy to use?

Lisa Mettis says, “Arrhh yes…the little bits of toot. I say embrace it! They make such cool displays and let’s face it it’s a phase and they will move on soon to the next. Whether they’re collecting pens, Shopkins, Lego, I would split into two categories those you want to see & display. And those you need to file for a rainy day in a beautiful fashion. Check out these products to suit both budgets.

If any of these links do not work please get in touch and we will endeavour to find you the product another way or something very similar.  And if you have an interiors dilemma of your own, please get in touch and we will try to help.

For more great kid’s room inspiration check out the posts below, browse the Rooomy site pages and of course subscribe to the magazine for free.

Kid’s Rooms and More

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Top 5 Nature Wallpapers for Kids’ Bedrooms

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Hanging Art In Kid’s Rooms

Hanging Art In Kid’s Rooms

Hanging Art In Kid’s Rooms

Let’s Hang


When we talk about kids’ art, one of two thoughts will instantly pop into your head. Either, art that your children have made at home, preschool or school, or art work that has been designed with kids in mind. Let’s be honest all art can be for children, some kid prints are too flat and obvious and although they might match the colour palette of the room, they’re not going to spark much creativity in your child. Take your kid to a gallery and see what they like, flick through images on the internet, research whoever they’re looking at in school, we’re were on Picasso when they shut the schools.

Regardless of where or who the art piece has come from there is always that final step, hanging it.

How many items to do you have waiting to be framed or hung? I have about 5! The good news is there are lots of great options now for hanging pictures, lots of inventions for protecting walls and for helping us make sure they’re straight, especially as gallery walls continue to be very popular. Here are the Top 3 best ways to hang your pictures, bringing some new life to your kid’s room and inspire their imagination and creative sides.


1.  Nail, maybe a hook, and a little hammer

Although there are some great options out there, sometimes the old ways just do the job perfectly and they are often the most economical. It’s straight forward, a little nail and if you think it well help a hook too. You only need a little hammer as most house’s walls are plaster-board so you won’t be needing to knock too hard, just tap it in no worries.

Top tip for this approach is to slightly angle the nail downwards rather than straight. This will help the nail stay in the wall when weight is added and avoid it being potentially pulled out.

NB please tap lightly, or you will put a hole in your wall.  This is why my husband is no longer allowed to hang pictures ;o)

2.  Command

Command have a huge selection of picture hanging options. Their two most helpful options are their hooks and their strips. Both options have a sticky back leaving your wall hole free which puts a smile on most faces. You will need to be happy with the position as once you’ve stuck it down that is it it’s been used. You can of course remove without damaging the wall which is music to our ears’, but you won’t be able to reuse the item. They don’t look much but the are very strong. I have used the poster strips to hang Acrylic A4 folders on my walls and they are often crammed with books and paper and they have stayed up perfectly. Just use your common sense a little picture may only need one strip, top and centre. With heavier items you may want to pop one on each corner for good measure.


3.  Beehive

This invention has blown my mind, no measuring required!!! The name beehive is easy to understand when looking at the bracket, here is a great video here on how it works as it is very much a visual wonder, but I will summarise as best I can;

Simply attach the hangers to each top corner or your picture, find your perfect hanging place and when you are happy, hold your picture up in place and push the top corners firmly against the wall. The centre of the hangers will make minor indentations in your wall, acting as your guide for where to put the nail and hook, meaning that there is no more guessing, no more tape measures….just quick, easy and accurate. Then you simply hang your picture; up

And a final discovery, especially for their art work and maybe the odd poster, washi tape is of course great, it avoids the use of blue tac, don’t get me wrong I own several packs, but it’s rubbish for wall longs term and the washi tape is fun, brightens the display up and comes away with ease. 

For more art inspiration click here 

If you hang up some new pieces do let me know with a quick email, I love hearing how your kids rooms change.

Art, Art, Art

Top 5 Art Picks for Kid’s Rooms – February

Top 5 Art Picks for Kid’s Rooms – February

Top 5 Art Picks for Kid’s Rooms – February

Top 5 Art Pics for Kid’s Rooms 

Art is a truly wonderful way to bring character to our homes and this should be no different in our kid’s bedrooms. Pick images that you hope will inspire them, that can set a certain mood and also allow them to choose pieces that represent different aspects of their personality and finally just find images they like to look at.  Each month we offer a helping hand with out monthly top five suggestions.

Party Lion – Max Made Me Do It

This lion cub has lots of party friends but as lion’s are my all-time fave she had to feature. She friends with a giraffe, fox, badger, leopard, an elephant and more. They are all gorgeous, the detail in their faces is wonderful and they are here to have fun! Available in A4, A3 & A2.

Max Made Me Do It founder has a vast collection of kid’s art, you can check out more here.


Jungle Boating – Red Gate Arts

To be messing about in a boat on the river with you these words conjure up great images from Wind in the Willows, but this art piece takes your child far from an idyllic English river to the running rapids in a jungle.

With all those animals watching the boatman, who looks immensely relaxed, I wonder what might happen next? This would be a great story piece for any child’s room.


Pretty Octopus – Eleanor Bowmer

This is an excellent print for any human being, at any age. Coming in two different colour options, it will work in any room also. As well as this Blue and Red option it is also available in Pink and Blue.

Its bold size and colour are fascinating, great for young eyes to gaze on, but it’s complimented by the softer detail of the seaweed and of course the friendly eyes. Meaning this piece will light up any space, bring joy to the onlooker and is a wonderful escape from the more traditional animals we see adorning our children’s bedroom walls.

Eleanor Bowmer is a wonderful artist and has many prints and other products available, you can see more of her work here.


More Hugs, Less Fights – Andy Westface

Hugs. Hugs are everything in our house. On Instagram this piece of art states “hugs are a universal language

Featured in our shared kids room issue, if your children are sharing a room they sharing a lot more than just their toys, and your attention, they are sharing their personal space, a place to retreat when emotions are high, a space to play freely, being able to make their own choices and not worry about on lookers. A space to be with their friends and now sharing those friends too. It is a beautiful opportunity, sharing so closely with another, what a wonderful world they can create together. They may be similar or polar opposites, there is not formula that does or does not work. Art is a magical way for them to express their personality and clearly mark their own space. It also works as a wonderful display to the other siblings, a reminder of who they are living with. This piece of art would be a great reminder of how marvellous a hug feels and that beneath their arguments, stress and tiredness, they can come together, have a hug and feel better about themselves, each other and the world.



Blue Stem Flower – Moozle Home

A touch of spring with a firm nod to all the rain we’ve been having. This sweet little blue flower print really pops and what I like about it, is that children will be instantly inspired by it and want to create their own. Broken down it’s a simple piece but imagine it without the rain? It just wouldn’t be interesting, which makes it a great way to help kids think about layering their artwork, making the most of the background in their own mini creations! A perfect addition to any gallery wall, available in A5.


Rooomy News… 

The Best Rainbow Room of 2021

The Best Rainbow Room of 2021

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Top 5 Art Picks for Kid’s Rooms – January

Top 5 Art Picks for Kid’s Rooms – January

Top 5 Art Picks for Kid’s Rooms – January

Art for Kid’s Rooms 

Art is a truly wonderful way to bring character to our homes and this should be no different in our kid’s bedrooms. Pick images that you hope will inspire them, to set a certain mood and allow them to choose pieces that represent different aspects of their personality and simply images they like to look at.

Winter Foxes – Sian Summerhayes

Winter foxes playing in the snow, a wonderful winter scene to adorn your child’s bedroom wall.   Had you ever considered that their wall art doesn’t have to be permanent? It can be seasonal and change through the year, keeping the space new, fresh and interesting for them.

The detail in this little piece is wonderful, the trees covered in thick snow and the holly with its red berries bringing the much-needed layer of warmth to this icy scape.

Created by Sian Summerhayes, she has a wonderful collection of animal inspired works of art with a vast variety of colour ways to suit everyone’s taste.

Night Sky – Agne Aurylaite

‘The moon and the stars on a cloudy day’

This picture evokes so much, it will help your child to think about how big the universe is, houses are so big, even to adults but let’s take a moment to think how enormous the world truly is….mind blowing isn’t it? Children are often in awe of the moon and get very excited when they see it at night, how it glows in the sky like a bulb and changes shape, simply magical, and it opens their thinking up to so much more, that’s where all the endless questions come in.

I am also drawn in by the idea that the house is making the stars, it looks like they’re coming from the chimney and swirling into the night sky, truly enchanting.



The Moon & Sea – Maia Walczak.

This design instantly takes us to that place of being mesmerised by the sea. Remember when you could sit and stare at the sea for hours, beautifully distracted from all your usual thoughts? Encouraging a child to escape homework woes, SnapChat and Minecraft and learn how to be still and peaceful is a wonderful thing indeed.   And if they’re accompanied by man’s best friend then all the better.


Spring Flowers – Alice Potter

Spring is on its way, the nights are getting lighter finally! It’s great to bring the outside in and what better way than with this wonderful print from Alice Potter Illustration. With wonderful peachy tones it brings a warmth and smile to any room.



Parrots – Forty Winks

When we fall, we fall hard, and we have fallen in love with this print from Forty Winks. The design is sharp, the colours are wonderful and the emotion of mumma/pappa bird sheltering its young, wel it’s all good for our eyes and the kids. 


Rooomy News… 

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The Best Rainbow Room of 2021

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