An Amazing Safari Nursery for Alfred

An Amazing Safari Nursery for Alfred

An Amazing Safari Nursery for Alfred

Reader Room

A safari nursery for Alfred that is full of animals and spots.


Natasha Turley is a mum with a vision, great sense of humour

and has found the solution to all our sock monster nightmares.


Here is Alfred’s safari nursery!  There were two things I knew I wanted to include when I set about planning his room. The first was a spotty wall and the second was a little bit of Africa (I will explain why later…) I think children’s rooms give you an opportunity to ‘go wild’ and have some fun with decorating and that’s exactly what I did!


Alfred's Amazing, Spotty, Safari Nursery


My first job was to tackle the spotty wall. I used a stencil and painted every last spot when I was about 8.5 months pregnant, I have since discovered you can buy spotty wallpaper which would have been much easier! As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to display prints of African animals on the wall but I didn’t want generic images, I wanted something that meant something to me.

I chose to frame some black and white photographs taken by my brother, Sam.  He is an amazing photographer and he now lives in Zimbabwe so we don’t get to see him anywhere near as much as we’d like. We chose three ‘mum and baby’ photographs and then three of solo animals. As you can see, when Alfred was around 1, his favourite pastime was to pull the bottom three prints off the wall so they’ve been replaced with animal heads for now.

I have tried to stick to the rule of ‘only have art/prints that mean something’ throughout this room and the whole house. The other hugely sentimental piece in Alfred’s safari nursery is the lion tapestry above his changing table. My Bampa (grandad) brought it back from Egypt when he was serving in the army just after WW2 and my Nanna didn’t like it so it’s been in the loft for 60 years… and now it has a home in our safari nursery!


Bampas Lion Tapestry


The ‘A’ prints on the wall were both hand drawn by good friends of ours and the other thing to mention is the beautiful felt mobile over the cot. Our friends got it from a tiny shop in Scotland just before Alfred was born and it is just lovely. Again this was handmade with little felt safari animals. I hope this doesn’t sound painfully cheesy but we have made it part of the bedtime routine where we say ‘night night’ to each animal and I think it’s become quite a comforting thing for him as well as teaching him some animal names! Before we had Alfred, I didn’t ever know if a mobile was important or not but we certainly wouldn’t be without ours.


Spotty Walls and Animal Heads
Safari Mobile for nursery

I also need to mention the sock monster. Where do socks disappear to?! I was fed up of having random individual socks hanging around so I asked my mum to make a ‘lost socks’ sign with little pegs and I love that they’ve now got a home until the matching one turns up. She made it out of some old wood and stuck pegs on with superglue- simple as that and truly lifechanging for people like me who struggle when things don’t have a proper home.

Alfreds Lots Socks in his safari nursery

Oh, and the giant giraffe… impulse buy…definitely more for me than him.

On the way into the bedroom, there is a little corridor which really felt like wasted space, so we wallpapered it and made a little ‘book nook’ on the way in. The idea was that the banana leaf wallpaper was like ‘entering the jungle’. We put some bookshelves up on the right-hand side but have since learnt that toddlers love climbing, and we essentially installed a climbing frame but never mind.

The books are another part of the bedtime routine, when Alfred walks into his room he picks a book (or 10, or just throws them all on the floor) and then we sit in the chair and have stories. That chair is definitely a nursery essential. We have spent A LOT of time in that chair in the middle of the night and having a comfy one is the most important thing in the world!

Banana Leaf Wallpaper for Book Nook

The other essential I have found has been the storage baskets. One has been great for hiding the nappy bin and the other one is the place I put his clothes in as and when I find things he has grown out of. This means I can sort as a go rather than having to have a full monthly sort out. When the basket is full I (by I, I mean my husband) put the big bag in the loft.

I hope you have enjoyed Alfred’s safari nursery tour. I think that nurseries/children’s bedrooms are so much fun to decorate. I already want to do it all again! 

Natasha x


Safari Nursery

We absolutely love Alfred’s safari nursery!  A really well thought out, fun and stylish nursery, what a wonderful place to start life in.  We are particularly impressed with the sock monster veteran sock solution and are a little bit in love with the book nook outside his bedroom door, even if it turn into a climbing wall!

If you want to see more of Natasha’s wonderful décor check her out!

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How to shop the look of this beautiful nursery

How to shop the look of this beautiful nursery

How to shop the look of this beautiful nursery

A Colourful Nursery

Blow It vs Budget


Vicky Kieldsen  shows us how to create a stunning colourful nursery

that you and your baby will love to spend time in.


Are you day dreaming about a new nursery?  If so and you want it to be full of colour for you and your new baby, then this is the perfect place to be.

If the last 12 months have taught us anything it is that colour has well and truly been thrown in our slightly jaded faces.  I’m not sure there is a better way to lift spirits than to see a flash of bright colour, it’s like Vitamin D for our eyes! Whether it’s on your nails, the NHS rainbow, your new lockdown puppy, or climbing the walls of your home.  Rooomy is here to help you take the plunge into a more colourful lifestyle… starting with your children’s rooms. 

Choosing the right colour for the room can have a big impact on your child’s mood. Children need spaces in their homes where they can retreat to, not only for quiet reflection, but also to help them grow and explore. It is extremely important to a child’s wellbeing that they have a space that suits them, both emotionally and physically. That will not only enable them to feel safe and happy, but will also encourage their personality, creativity and receptiveness in a stress reducing environment. 


Blow It vs Budget for a colourfl nursery as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Did you know that blue can relax and improve productivity? Or that pink can reduce anger, grey can enhance creativity and green is extremely calming? It’s very important to think about your child’s personality when embarking on a new colour palette for their room. 

This nursery has such a calm and soft feel to it with the pastel tones but then hits you with some powerful pinks in various shades. The overall balance of the nursery works so well because the main items are all in the softer shades of colours and then the odd accessory pops out to bring that dose of brightness, such as the bright pink shell cushion, or the rainbow on the chair.

I particularly love the contrast between the dusky pink wall and the sage green locker. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shades of the same colour as they can work well together. And allow yourself to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone, as this is when exciting things can be created. After all, playful environments make for playful children and, to me, that equals happiness. 


Colourful Nest Nursery as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Blow It

Stokke Sleepi Bed as seen in Rooomy magazine

Stokke Sleep Bed, Stokke, £579

Apple cushion Nobodinoz as seen in Rooomy magazine

Apple Cushion, Nobodinoz, £26.50

Shell Cushion in hot pink as seen in rooomy magazine

Hot Pink Shell Cushion,  I Am Fy, £68

The Shorty in Sage, Mustarde Made as seen in Rooomy Magazine

The Shorty, Sage, Mustard Made, £129

Flora Scalloped Pale Bue Duck Egg Velvet Chair from Oliver Bonas as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Flora Scalloped Chair, Oliver Bonas, £395

Oh My Darling Print as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Oh My Darling Print, Coco & Blu, £39.49

Woven Kenyan Rug Cat on Pink as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Kenyan Wall Rug, Artisans & Adventurers, £250

Woven Cloud Wall Hanging as seen in Rooomy magazine

Cloud Wall Hanging, Never Perfect Studio, £35

Ferm Living Pear Storage Basket as seen in Rooomy magazine

Pear Storage Basket, Ferm Living, £75

Ferm Living Fruiticana Snake Soft Toy as een in rooomy magazine

Fruiticana Snake Toy, Ferm Living, £89


Oasis Oval Cot as seen in Rooomy magazine

   Oasis Oval Cot,    Boori, £349

Apple Cushion as seen in rooomy magazine

Apple Cushion, Handmade in Nottingham, £18

Pearl Cushion as seen in rooomy magazine

Pearl Cushion, Cushoo, £19.95

Side Table Locker as seen in rooomy magazine

Side Table Locker, Sklum, £68.99

Sophie Scallop Chair as see in rooomy magazine

Sophie Scallop Chair Homebase, £99

You are my sunshine print as seen in rooomy magazine

You Are My Sunshine, Pretty in Print, £18.95

Pink Leopard Rug by Doing Goods as seen in rooomy magazine

Pink Leopard Rug, Doing Goods, £85

Cloud and Star Mobile as seen in rooomy magazine from zara home

Desktop Foliage, Wayfair, £27.99

Pineapple Storage Basket from Next as seen in rooomy magazine

Pineapply Basket, Next, £30

Snake Soft Toy,  Bloomingville as seen in rooomy magazine

Snake Soft Toy, Bloomingville, £47


Which item do you love most?  I am drawn to the storage lockers and the wall prints and hangings.  The soft snake toys are fun but I must say the animal rigs still freak me out, just like the animal head wall decor, it’s been a huge trend over the past three years, but I can’t quite get on board.  I do see how they can be a lot of fun for the kids though and they make a great statement in any room.  

Have fun designing!

Thank you Vicky!  These fab nursery looks can be achieved for £1,686 or £764 and of course the great part is, if you can save on a few items then you might be able to splash out on a luxury piece that could become part of the family home at a later date.  Above all you now have a great shopping list, why not mix and match?  If you’d like to see more of Vicky’s work check out her site here Hello Geronimo

For more Blow It vs Budget ideas see below.  

* Please note that retailers change their stock and therefore we cannot guarantee these items will always be available.  If any of the above items have been discontinued (or a link doesn’t work) do let us know and we will work hard to find you a great alternative.  You can email us here

Happy shopping, don’t forget to let us know if you try some of these out, let us know on one of our social media channels. 


More Blow It vs Budget…

Expert Nursery Styling

Expert Nursery Styling

Expert Nursery Styling

The Nursery Styling Report

Chloe Spillett shares her expert advice for nursery styling.


For many, from the first moment we learn  we’re expecting our attention will turn immediately to the nursery. It’s hard to resist dreaming up the most beautiful spaces imaginable for our new arrivals. It’s a wonderful time filled with much joy and anticipation.
Expert Nursery Styling as seen in Rooomy magazine by award winning Chloe Spillett

Of course, not everyone will feel this way. For some, tackling the nursery is daunting. Lots of us opt for the smallest room in the house for the nursery and with such an extensive wishlist, there can be A LOT of stuff to cram into a small space. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. I’m here to help you make informed choices about the products you really need, and while I’m at it, I’ve got some jaw droppingly beautiful options up my sleeve for your nursery styling.

With a background in psychology I’ve always been a firm believer that our surroundings are fundamentally important for our sense of well being and our personal development. This is true not only for baby but for other family members who will be using the space too. The nursery is a place where many memories will be formed, bonding will take place between caregivers and siblings.

The more inspiring the environment you and your baby are in, the more likely you will attach positivity to those memories. And yes, there will be sick and poo; lots of it! But believe me you will even look back on that one day with fondness.

Nursery Styling
Nursery Styling

Sleep like a baby…

Where did that expression even come from? Is it meant to be ironic? Hey, you might get lucky, but for most it’s a prepare for the worst and hope for the best type situation. Regardless of whether you’ve got a good sleeper or an all night raver, a cot is an essential piece of kit.

So what’s money well spent? Thing is, it’s hard to tell when your little one is going to be ready to transition from cot to bed (I know you probably don’t want to think about them getting too big, but it happens) and sometimes we think they’re ready before they really are. So to save all that to-ing and fro-ing, a cot-bed is definitely a viable option and can also be kinder on the bank balance long term.

That said, this one is certainly an investment piece but boy does it make a statement! It’s chrome plated and built to last so if you’re planning on larger family it’s well worth considering. Available in a range of colours, it’s a timeless classic.

Incy Interior Metal Cotbed as seen in Rooomy Magazine
Mokee Cotbed as seen in Rooomy Mgazine


All Change!

There’s no two ways about it – changing nappies is relentless. Even if you’ve never changed a nappy before in your life (I hadn’t before I became a Mum) you’ll soon be doing it in your sleep.

It’s really important that your baby is safe and that you’re both comfortable.  Although changing tables are a popular choice, they aren’t always a necessity. There are lots of changing baskets and wedge mats available with curved sides to ensure baby can’t roll. This way you can pair with more timeless furniture in your nursery styling, such as a chest of drawers which will still have a place in an older child’s bedroom. Future proofing is always a good idea!



Mini Maison Changing Matt as seen in Rooomy Magazine
Scandiborn changing area as seen in Rooomy Magazine



Storage is key

Stuff, stuff, stuff!! Little people come with a lot of baggage.  If you want a relaxing and calming space in your nursery you’ll need to pull out your A game when it comes to storage, but don’t fear- there are plenty of options!

I often get asked about soft toy storage. Cuddly toys are wonderful for development and eliciting role play and nurturing behaviours. As a child I must have had hundreds but the truth is they can also house unwanted bacteria and dust mite and can therefore trigger allergies. I find the best solution to tackle this is to have a few soft toys dotted around the room and place the others in easily accessible storage and then rotate.

These bags are a great option for nursery styling:

Nobodinoz galaxy storage as seen in Rooomy magazine
H&M Dinosaur storage as seen in Rooomy magazine

For everything else the trusty foldable crate never fails! They come in a range of sizes and are stackable. The hardest part is choosing a colourway!

Foldable Storage Crates as seen in Rooomy magazine
Foldable Storage Crates as seen in Rooomy magazine
Foldable Storage Crates as seen in Rooomy magazine
Foldable Storage Crates as seen in Rooomy magazine


Learning through play

This last decade has been pivotal for children’s play, toys and accessories. Long gone are the days when the market was completely saturated with unpalatable bright colours and plastic galore. Don’t get me wrong babies love colour and so do I, but I am really enjoying the fact that there are so many products now available that appeal to a wide range of tastes whilst also ticking all the boxes when it comes to play value, developmental aids and nursery styling and beauty.

These are my top picks:

Fabelab Activity Blanket as seen in Rooomy magazine
Nobodinoz Hand Puppets as seen in Rooomy magazine
Raduga Grez Wooden Oval Rainbow as seen in Rooomy magazine




Come Sit with me a while

Most people will be divided on the nursing chair front. On the one hand its really important that you have somewhere super snuggly and to feed your baby; you could be warming the seat several times a night after all!

But on the other hand nursing chairs can be big, bulky and not winning any prizes in the aesthetics dept. There are few that break the generic mould like the Baby Grey, Nelli Rocker

And if you’re still not feeling the nursing chair you could always opt for an armchair that rocks in both meanings of the word, that will make a statement in any any room in the house such as this one from Kolton rocking chair as seen in Rooomy magazine

There you have it, a round-up of the nursery styling essentials, with these in mind you’ll have ticked off all the practical elements for your nursery, sleep, change and feed, plus the essential storage. Once these have been chosen you can start to have some fun with accessories; garlands, cushions, a rug (perfect for protecting the carpet), artwork, photos.

Happy Decorating and wishing you a wonderful time getting to know your lovely new baby.



Chloe is an award winning designer, mum of two, owner of Chloe Gets Creative.  After working as a psychology teacher for years and enjoying her passion for interiors on the side, Chloe finally made the move into fulltime design.  After winning the National Prize for “Styled by Me” judged by Sophie Robinson, Chloe knew she was onto more than a hobby and then she went on to win Grand Designs “Under the Stairs” project with a wonderful playful nook, any child’s dream hang out. 

All About Nurseries…

Kid’s Bedrooms Bold Christmas

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Sustainable Wallpapers for kids bedrooms

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Sustainable Accessories for kids bedrooms

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Top 5 Nature Wallpapers for Kids’ Bedrooms

Top 5 Nature Wallpapers for Kids’ Bedrooms

Top 5 Nature Wallpapers for Kids’ Bedrooms

Wallpaper that brings nature indoors


Top 5 nature wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms, 

which will bring the sense of the outdoors indoors.

Bringing the outside into the inside creates a marvellous sense of calm or adventure for our kids’ it depends which way you go of course.  Here are out top 5 nature inspired wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms that we think you will love and we’re pretty sure there’s something for everyone. There’s bold and dramatic, cute blushes, rural moods and woodland fun.

Gable Wallpaper from Farrow & Ball featured by Rooomy Magazine for kids bedrooms

The Gable design from Farrow & Ball is playful, pastoral, and utterly charming. Depicting traditional village and farmyard scenes with clean, modern styling, its large-scale statement pattern is studded with little details that spark the imagination, taking on added character as you look.  If you are a fan of the English countryside, then this will be a wonderful daily reminder how fantastic our home landscape is.  There are also 8 other colour options to choose from which are worth checking out.



You want more nature but you don’t want it to be overly green and you would really like to warm things up with pink tones.  Fleur Harris has got your back as she designed this wonderful woodland wallpaper in collaboration with Jimmy Cricket, if you have seen our Interview with Little Liberty, you’ll know that Australia are ahead of the curve when it comes to children’s interiors, looking at this design we can see why.

Available in five other shades.  All their wallpaper is printed on non woven paper and is coated for both quality and practicality. The coating allows the wallpaper to be wiped over kept looking clean and lovely which is basically an essential with kids’.



When you think nature don’t just think woodlands and wild animals, you need to think about how much fun is to be had at the farm too. This rural inspired paper brings country living into their rooms with farmyard favourites such as cows and chickens, tractors and of course the farmer and his wife, all designed with a splash of humour.

 These beautifully illustrated wallpapers are made and printed in England using traditional techniques on high quality sustainable forest paper and are available in four other shades.



This beautifully design and very fun print is inspired by a teddy bears picnic, an old fashioned and well-loved theme, recreated with a modern edge. In the UK badgers and foxes best represent our woodland heritage sometimes getting a bad press, but think of Roald Dahl’s, Fantastic Mr Fox and the grumpy but beloved Badger in The Wind and the Willows. With every gaze children lose themselves in a sense of curiosity, discovery and wonder. Let your little one tell their own bedtime tale through this wild and whimsical print. 


Mysterious Spring Forrest mural by Mural Wallpaper featured by Rooomy magazine for kids' bedrooms


This misty green forest is a lush haven of beautiful green foliage and trees that fill the wilderness with life. The deep perspective delves down into the edge of the spring forest, giving you a continuous view through the landscape, adding an almost 3D effect to the mural that will bring your walls to life. This enchanted forest mural is a calming design, with subtle green tones and a natural feel, it’s perfect for a kids’ bedroom.  What adventures would your kids be going on with this mural in their room, mine would most certainly be imagining themselves as Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor. 

There you have it, the top nature wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms, which one is your favourite, would your kid’s choose the same as you?  I love seeing what the girls think of different designs.

Happy decorating x 

Walls, Walls, Walls…


Wonderful Nursery or a Baby Girl

Wonderful Nursery or a Baby Girl

Wonderful Nursery or a Baby Girl

One family, two rooms, with the aim of keeping a touch of South Africa Part 2

This family needed a wonderful nursery for their baby girls.  They’d moved from Cape Town to England with two daughters and a baby due in a few weeks.  PIA Design to the rescue and they create two fantastic rooms just in time for babies arrival.  


Our clients are from Cape Town, South Africa, and wanted their home to be inspired by the textures and colours of their home – they were also interested in designing sustainably, so we looked at natural materials like cork and 100% natural fibre fabrics and started by using the furniture the client already owned.

This gorgeous riverside property was in fantastic condition having been refurbished with a minimal colour palette not too long before our clients moved in, but the client felt the rooms could be re-decorated to add some interest and personality to suit their own taste.

As the family already live in the house with their two young girls and new-born, we tackled the design a few rooms at a time. We started with the design of the little girls’ room and nursery, which were finished just weeks before the baby arrived. Here’s the Nursery, you can see the girl’s shared bedroom in Part 1 here. 

Our brief was to design a gender-neutral room for the baby that had a calming and light atmosphere. We often start brainstorming a project by looking for inspiration on furniture websites that we love, in our design library for wallpaper and fabric samples, and Pinterest for scheme ideas. We were seeing a lot of jungle themed rooms which we thought could be fun but did not quite line with the client’s vision of the room. We pitched scheme ideas in warm and neutral colour schemes that paired well with the client’s existing rattan cot and nursing chair.

Baby Girl Nursery by PIA design featured by rooomy magazine
Baby Girl Nursery by PIA design featured by rooomy magazine

The nursery was heavily inspired by the colours, textures and materials associated with South Africa, where our clients are from. We started by creating mood boards featuring fabric, wallpaper, and hard finish samples such as grass cloth wallpapers, natural cork panelling and thick, textured fabrics in rustic tones. This helped us create a tactile and organic impression of what the room would feel like. The client really loved our suggestions, and it was a mutual agreement that we would select samples for this room that had a soft and warm vibe, with lighter wood tones and layered soft furnishings.

The scheme generally came together easily, we did have some back and forth about wallpaper options to use on the feature wall behind the cot. We tried a few fun prints from Cole & Son as well as geometric printed patterns; these felt too flat for the look we were trying to achieve. It was not until we began trying textured wallpapers that we felt we were on the right track. In the end, a stunning woven chevron wallcovering from Arte was the right solution that the client loved. We trial and error these design changes by editing visuals of the rooms that we create in Photoshop and sharing wallpaper samples with the client to approve. This process makes testing lots of options very quick, the end result is exactly how the visual suggests.

Baby Girl Nursery by PIA design featured by rooomy magazine
Baby Girl Nursery by PIA design featured by rooomy magazine
Baby Girl Nursery by PIA design featured by rooomy magazine


To make the storage in this room adapt with the new baby as they grew, we suggested bespoke joinery that we could design the internals of, rather than an off the shelf product. We discussed all of the storage requirements to make sure we were designing exactly what the client wanted. By incorporating adjustable shelves and hanging rails into the design, the these can be moved when clothing requirements change over time. The gold leaf and whitewashed cork panels we had inserted into the shaker frames of the wardrobe doors add a touch of timeless luxury that should stand the test of time and adapt with any changes made to the room scheme over time. Anthropologie leather and brass handles added an extra touch of luxury to the beautiful wardrobe.

For the window dressings, we used a layered approach of over-length linen curtains with a subtle chevron pattern, as well as a blackout roman blind with a black and white embroidered motif for contrast. As well as being a beautiful design feature that felt luxurious and comforting, it was practical in blocking out as much light as possible to make sure the baby could sleep as soundly as possible!

We didn’t want the room to feel too refined and neutral (it’s a kids room after all!), so we popped in some fun accents like the African animal prints on the wall and the funky Pooky floor lamp with a contrasting black and white pleated shade. We added some natural textured accessories with the elephant head wall hanging, rattan mirror, seagrass storage baskets and leather footstool.


Baby Girl Nursery by PIA design featured by rooomy magazine

We have since worked on other rooms for this family’s home and their feedback from spending more time in the Nursery is that it’s become a popular room to come together and relax on the giant sheepskin rug!

When we were signed on to the project we had an 8 week deadline to work to before the clients baby was due, we wanted to make sure the room was finished and ready by this time. This offered some challenges with fabric and wallpaper lead times, coordinating the joinery and decorating works to finish on time, and of course enough time to go through design changes. However, it all came together nicely in the end and the client loved the soft nature of the room with natural accents that reminded them of their home in South Africa, the light and warm atmosphere of the room has a calming effect.

PIA Design’s objective is to interpret the style preferences of each client and develop something tailored to them. As a result all projects take on their own, unique direction, but there is also a common thread that underlies each one, apparent in the use of natural  materials – wood, stone, cork, metal etc, that can be used to add texture, but also colour to a scheme before simply specifying paint.

A love of nature is at the heart of PIA’s designs and her philosophy is that the best form of sustainability is a carefully considered scheme and the use of quality materials – natural materials have a timeless quality about them that surpasses trends whilst also standing the test of time: some materials even grow more beautiful with age.

Photography credit – Anna Yanovski

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Kid’s Art Charity Sale for the Hungry and Vulnerable

Print’s and Designs for your kid’s room that will make a beautiful addition to the family whilst ALL proceeds go to UK charities FareShare and Magic Breakfast


Throughout this year I have shared several wonderful pieces of art that would look great in a kid’s room or around the family home.  I think Art is a wonderful accessory that must not be overlooked in children’s bedrooms.  When our children are young, we can choose pieces that reflect the mood we want to create in the room are we looking for calm and nurturing, something more bold and fearless or adventurous maybe, we’re in change.  But as children grow older art is the perfect way to help them have a sense of great autonomy in their own space when you give them a chance to look at several pieces of art and ask them to choose what they like best.  It’s a fun task to do together and you might even learn something about your child’s taste and interests that you didn’t know before. 

With all of this in the back of my mind I was thrilled to hear from Emma at Margaret as this Christmas, they have launched a ‘kid’s art prints charity sale’ and it’s now online and ready for customers!  


The Cave by Rob Hodgson

The Cave – Rob Hodgson

Do you want a banana by Yasmeen Ismail

Do You Want A Banana? – Yasmeen Ismail


 The charity sale is in aid of free school meals and UK Food Bank Charities, FareShare UK and Magic Breakfast. 

Some of the UK’s most exciting artists, designers and children’s illustrators have come together to present a new collection of family-friendly, special edition art prints, which will be sold for charity in the run up to Christmas. All proceeds from the sale will be donated equally to FARESHARE UK and MAGIC BREAKFAST, two charities working against food poverty and supporting Free School Meals and food banks across the UK. Each artist has donated a design or artwork suitable for children’s bedrooms and family-friendly spaces, which will be available to buy exclusively from independent homewares boutique as a special edition print for £30.00 (+ p&p). 


Tiger Tiger by Ben Jarvis

Tiger Tiger

Ben Jarvis

Leopard Print by Max Made Me Do It

Leopard Kiss

Max Made Me Do It

Yellowstone by Owen Davey


Owen Davey

Waldo by Laetita Rouget


Laetita Rouget

Moo by Gayle Mansfield


Gayle Mansfield

Girl on Yellow y Margot McDaid

Girl on Yellow

Margot McDaid

Union by Leyla Reynolds


Leyle Reynolds

Prayer Hands by Wild Suga

Prayer Hands

Wild Suga

The Farm by Louise Lockhart

The Farm

Louise Lockhart

Duggee Hug by Grant Orchard

Duggee Hug

Grant Orchard

Squirrel by Donna Wilson


Donna Wilson

With food poverty in the UK the highest it has ever been, proceeds from this sale will help support the ongoing and growing work of organisations helping children and families with this very basic need. The artists who have donated prints are Owen Davey, Rob Hodgson, Yasmeen Ismail, Ben Javens, Louise Lockhart, Gayle Mansfield Designs, Sarina Mantle / Wildsuga, Max Made Me Do It, Margo McDaid, Leyla Reynolds, Laetitia Rouget and Donna Wilson. We also have some original, hand-drawn Duggee drawings from Hey Duggee! creator Grant Orchard! 

£30 for one of these incredible prints makes a wonderful gift or a great way to add some personality to your space.  Why not show your kid’s the selection and see what they choose, they might surprise you.  But knowing that the proceeds of each print will be shared 50/50 between these two amazing charities makes a purchase a no brainer in my mind. 

Here’s more about the charities as it’s important to know where the money is going and how valuably it is being used. 


FareShare UK – The UK’s longest running food redistribution charity. Born out of the belief that no good food should go to waste, especially when people are going hungry.   During this year you’ll have heard about the fight for free school meals for children and how Marcus Rushford campaigned and supported this need.  He is now an ambassador for FareShare and has supported them by helping to raise enough money to enable FareShare to provide enough food for over 4.2 million meals for children and families who might not otherwise eat during the Covid-19 crisis.  He has raised awareness of child hunger in the UK, driving the issue to the top of the news agenda.  He has successfully influenced government policy with his #MakeTheUTurn campaign, which saw the voucher scheme – a replacement for free school meals through the lockdown – extended over the summer, ensuring 1.3 million vulnerable children could continue to access food.  And launched and spearheaded the Child Food Poverty Taskforce, a group of more than 15 organisations that FareShare is a founding member of, which have come together to support the National Food Strategy and dedicate their platforms to sharing real stories of those affected by child food insecurity in the UK, supported by real-time statistics 

Magic Breakfast – Work in 480 Primary, Secondary and ASL/Special Educational Needs schools, plus Pupil Referral Units, to make sure that, in normal times, more than 48,000 children start their school day in the best possible way.  They’re commitment is that no child is too hungry to learn, by providing healthy breakfast food and expert support to help identify and reach those pupils at risk of hunger. A hungry child cannot concentrate so could miss out on half a day of lessons every school day if not given anything nutritious to eat first thing. 

“Magic Breakfast, for us, is our life-saver! Without their support we could not offer free breakfast to the many children within our school community who need it. With their help we are able to ensure most of our children start the school day on time and with a full tummy. Added to this, the Club gives the opportunity for children to talk to adults if they need to, and at times problems arising the night before at home can be unpicked and sorted out prior to the start of the school day. It is, without a doubt, one of the best things I have ever had for my school.” Anne Elford, Headteacher, Windsor Community School, Liverpool. 

Magic Breakfast

There you have it two incredible charities that are in need of our support, to enable them to support and feed vulnerable children and families in the UK.   

Girl on Yellow by Margot McDaid
The Farm by Louise Lockhart
Waldo by Laetita Rouget
Duggee Hug by Grant Orchard
Union by Leyla Reynolds
Yellowstone by Owen Davey
Leopard Kiss by Max Made Me Do It
Prayer Hands by Wild Suga
Tiger Tiger by Ben Jarvis
Moo by Gayle Mansfield
The Cave by Rob Hodgson
Squirrel by Donna Wilson

Congrats to Yellow Crayon Kids and hats off to Homeplace online and a massive THANK YOU to the 13 amazing artists involved: Owen Davey, Rob Hodgson, Yasmeen Ismail, Ben Javens, Louise Lockhart, Gayle Mansfield Designs, Sarina Mantle / Wildsuga, Max Made Me Do It, Margo McDaid, Grant Orchard, Leyla Reynolds, Laetitia Rouget and Donna Wilson. 

Art, Art & More Art…

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