Australian Kids’ Interiors

Australian Kids’ Interiors

Australian Kids’ Interiors

The Aussies have it…


Nicole Rosenburg from Little Liberty tells Rooomy all about

her passion for kids’ interiors.


Rachel – Why Design?  How did you discover interior design?

Nicole – I love being creative and imagining up ideas that haven’t been seen before. Design has no boundaries and that’s why I fell in love with it. With kids design you can really let your imagination run wild and work with colours in a different way you would in adult spaces.

Rachel – In design what are your top three loves?

Nicole – Colour, Personality and Fun, Originality

Rachel -When you interview your small clients what are the key questions you ask them?

Nicole – What are your hobbies, passions, favourite colours, ways you use the room, are you doing homework yet, how often you have sleep overs (if we need to include bunks/trundles)?

 Rachel – Do you have any rules?

Nicole – Don’t use too many colours in the room which over complicate the space – stick to 3 colours which will give your room a more cohesive calm feel.  We often like to add in a neutral colour to the room as well either white or grey.

Rachel – What have been some of your favourite projects?

Nicole – A nursery we did recently where we used a very dark edgy wallpaper and built a house structure over the cot. Also loved working on a twins’ nursery where the wallpaper was neutral but incorporated these great mid blue house bedheads for the cot which the twins can use later in life as bedheads!

Rachel – What has been your biggest challenge when designing a kid’s room/nursery?  Apart from storage, that doesn’t count as it is everyone’s bug-bear ;o)

Nicole – Sometimes when we work in a small space it’s hard to incorporate different zones into the space such as a sleep zone, chill out zone, study/creative zone. Also, sometimes tricky when people have unrealistic budgets!

“I enjoy there being far less rules and boundaries with kids’ rooms. 
Adults are more likely to try different things on kids’ spaces as well”

Rachel – How has Australia taken the lead on kid’s interiors?  What do you foresee being popular this year (2018)?

Nicole – Australia has definitely found its place in the kid’s Interiors market.  The original soft furnishings, bedding and kid’s décor in general is so fantastic in Australia – there is a real booming trade now and I don’t think it’s going away – lucky for us.  We have a trade fair here called Kids In Style which showcases some of the best kids interiors on offer – it’s a great way to source some amazing product and we always enjoy going to it! I think wallpaper is still going to be popular in 2018 with new local companies popping up all the time! – I think we really need this in the UK.  We’re covered on the babies shows but there’s a definite gap for Kid’s Interiors – Come on then Rooomy, get on to it – Yes, LOL!

Rachel – What is your dream project?

Nicole – A room with no budget! Then I could let my imagination run wild!

Rachel – What mistakes are your clients regularly making with their interiors?

Nicole – Adding in too many items which makes the space looks messy, cluttered and frantic. Also filling each wall with something is a real no no – space on a wall can be ok! Also, not thinking enough about space and buying furniture without really measuring out the items before they buy. – Yes, I learnt the hard way that for bed for example you need to measure on the floor not wall to wall due to the skirting board!

Rachel – Do trends come in to play as much with kid’s as they might with adults and the rest of the house?

Nicole – Yes, kid’s rooms definitely have trends and colour trends! We often see popular wallpapers (such as the Mrs Mighetto wallpaper) being used over and over again in spaces.

Little Liberty Interiors is a Melbourne based interior decorators, run by Nicole who knows all too well that children’s bedrooms are fast becoming a creative extension of the family home.  Nicole is most passionate about producing calm and happy yet fun spaces that are a reflection of the child’s individuality and desires.  See more of her work here

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Home for a Hero

Home for a Hero

Home for a Hero

A Superhero Bedroom for a New Boys Room


Patricia Hoyna shares how to put the Ka-Pow

into a room for Super-Boy Michael


When Michael turned 8, he was still sharing a bedroom with his 18 month old brother Leon, at this point his parents decided to make the shared room his own space. The room was lovely and big, but large rooms suffer if you haven’t sorted out adequate storage: the furniture was badly arranged and the lighting was dull. The space was pretty uninspiring, really. Oh! And the carpet had to stay. 

Michael is a serious action figure fan who loves to play games, read books and have friends over for playdates. With his brother being moved to a room of his own, our aim was to create a very special place for Michael where he could express himself and have lots of fun. 

We chose a really cool Cartoon City wall mural in comic book style: the mural instantly creates a captivating atmosphere and Michael loves it. The graphic effect of the wallpaper works well with every  other colour in the room.

Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs

We couldn’t change the blue carpet, so we decided to work with it! We picked shades of blue and mixed a matching shade for the wall and part of the ceiling next to the bed. This created a cohesive colour scheme for the room and provided visual interest.   The room felt a little dark, so we introduced some accent colours: we installed full length curtains in warm, sunny yellow, a red cabinet with a cord outlet underneath that makes it easy to gather all cords in one place. An orange sofa adds a dash of vibrant intensity and a definite feeling of happiness!

We divided the room into different zones, depending on activity. There is a gaming area, where the boys can also watch movies. Plenty of storage for Michael’s books, toys and personal belongings was important: they are neatly hidden or even locked, so his little brother can’t reach them. These touches helped us massively, as Michael can keep precious and delicate things away from little hands (the incidents of destroyed homework were dully noted).

Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs
“We couldn’t change the blue carpet, so we decided to work with it!
We picked shades of blue and mixed a matching shade for the wall and part of the ceiling next to the bed.
This created a cohesive colour scheme for the room and provided visual interest.
Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs
Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs

An organised study area for homework and hobbies is fun and well lit: the little cupboards are carried by Superman and Thor and they provide additional storage that is clutter free .

The sleeping zone is much more restful than the other part of the room: it’s divided by a bookcase that stores books with covers facing out to make it easy for Michael to find the book he’s after.

The single pendant light creates a very flat, unhelpful light; I always incorporate several light sources in a room so that the room can feel bright and busy or calm and restful at the flick of a switch. Festoon Lights strung across the curtain rail are more interesting . Illuminating globes create a subtle glow and make learning about the world more appealing and are ideal for creating a cosy atmosphere in the run-up to bed time.

Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs
Comic Book Design, Superhero Bedroom Designs

Children often like a small amount of light in a room at night because it helps them sleep better. We sourced a Superman night light for Michael for that little bit of magic. Now he can fall asleep surrounded by his favourite action figures.

TIP: A bed with a pull-out trundle is perfect for sleepovers.

TIP: There is no such thing as too much storage. If you’re doing it yourself allow time to plan what‘s going to go where and how much space it will require .

Shopping list: Bed: Red cupboard, sofa, bookcase, desk :Ikea, Mural: Rebel Walls, Cushions: Etsy, Letter M: eba

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New Safari Cabin Bed!

New Safari Cabin Bed!

New Safari Cabin Bed!

A Night-Time Drive

Launching today!

Introducing the new Safari Overland Off Road Cabin Bed Midsleeper

from Nöa & Nani


A bed made purely to inspire adventure, how wonderful does that sound? Anything that encourages a child to play freely and invites the introduction of props such as binoculars and torches is an absolutely top find in my book! Nöa & Nani have created their new cabin bed with a tent and tunnel for children to play in, hide in, read in, sleep in and chill in. With the tent covering the rest of the bed it provides the perfect place for under the bed storage to be hidden and then as your child grows up the canopy can be removed, a desk can be added and you have the perfect layout for a tween/teen bedroom.


Embark upon a night-time drive adventure with the new cabin bed with an Off-road tent and tunnel from online family furniture brand Nöa & Nani. Available now, the super-fun, elevated sleep station will be sure to encourage the most explorative play, whilst also providing a cosy place for sleep.

The Off-road canopy provides the most imaginative hide-away den, perfect for stowing those precious pieces of safari equipment such as binoculars, cameras and torches, or for simply hiding toys and furniture out of sight, ensuring that the surrounding room space is maximised.

The super-fun fabric tent features a bright green 4×4 vehicle, complete with front, side and rear views. Accessible via a sturdy ladder, the luggage rack atop provides the ideal place to sleep peacefully under the night-time stars, or a spot to sit and ponder whilst looking out onto the Serengeti Savannah.


Beautifully crafted from solid pine and finished in a contemporary shade of white, matching accessories including shelves and coat hooks can be added to accommodate all those little bits and bobs. All fabric add-ons from Nöa & Nani full comply with UK fire regulations, ensuring they are safe for use. Designed to grow with the child, the tented canopy can be easily removed, leaving a stylish, classic sleeper, which can accommodate a slide and a desk or chest of drawers below.


The Cabin bed with Off-road tent and tunnel £169.00

The Cabin bed with Off-road tent and tunnel is also available with slide for £199.00

You can check out the bed here and for more great kid and family furniture ideas visit Nöa & Nani

Live Safari

To take them on a wild safari adventure, check out the Wild Earth channel on YouTube as the take you on a drive through The Kruger National Park every day 5:30-8:30am and 3:30-6:30pm, enjoy.

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Top 5 Nature Wallpapers for Kids’ Bedrooms

Top 5 Nature Wallpapers for Kids’ Bedrooms

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Hanging Art In Kid’s Rooms

Hanging Art In Kid’s Rooms

Hanging Art In Kid’s Rooms

Let’s Hang


When we talk about kids’ art, one of two thoughts will instantly pop into your head. Either, art that your children have made at home, preschool or school, or art work that has been designed with kids in mind. Let’s be honest all art can be for children, some kid prints are too flat and obvious and although they might match the colour palette of the room, they’re not going to spark much creativity in your child. Take your kid to a gallery and see what they like, flick through images on the internet, research whoever they’re looking at in school, we’re were on Picasso when they shut the schools.

Regardless of where or who the art piece has come from there is always that final step, hanging it.

How many items to do you have waiting to be framed or hung? I have about 5! The good news is there are lots of great options now for hanging pictures, lots of inventions for protecting walls and for helping us make sure they’re straight, especially as gallery walls continue to be very popular. Here are the Top 3 best ways to hang your pictures, bringing some new life to your kid’s room and inspire their imagination and creative sides.


1.  Nail, maybe a hook, and a little hammer

Although there are some great options out there, sometimes the old ways just do the job perfectly and they are often the most economical. It’s straight forward, a little nail and if you think it well help a hook too. You only need a little hammer as most house’s walls are plaster-board so you won’t be needing to knock too hard, just tap it in no worries.

Top tip for this approach is to slightly angle the nail downwards rather than straight. This will help the nail stay in the wall when weight is added and avoid it being potentially pulled out.

NB please tap lightly, or you will put a hole in your wall.  This is why my husband is no longer allowed to hang pictures ;o)

2.  Command

Command have a huge selection of picture hanging options. Their two most helpful options are their hooks and their strips. Both options have a sticky back leaving your wall hole free which puts a smile on most faces. You will need to be happy with the position as once you’ve stuck it down that is it it’s been used. You can of course remove without damaging the wall which is music to our ears’, but you won’t be able to reuse the item. They don’t look much but the are very strong. I have used the poster strips to hang Acrylic A4 folders on my walls and they are often crammed with books and paper and they have stayed up perfectly. Just use your common sense a little picture may only need one strip, top and centre. With heavier items you may want to pop one on each corner for good measure.


3.  Beehive

This invention has blown my mind, no measuring required!!! The name beehive is easy to understand when looking at the bracket, here is a great video here on how it works as it is very much a visual wonder, but I will summarise as best I can;

Simply attach the hangers to each top corner or your picture, find your perfect hanging place and when you are happy, hold your picture up in place and push the top corners firmly against the wall. The centre of the hangers will make minor indentations in your wall, acting as your guide for where to put the nail and hook, meaning that there is no more guessing, no more tape measures….just quick, easy and accurate. Then you simply hang your picture; up

And a final discovery, especially for their art work and maybe the odd poster, washi tape is of course great, it avoids the use of blue tac, don’t get me wrong I own several packs, but it’s rubbish for wall longs term and the washi tape is fun, brightens the display up and comes away with ease. 

For more art inspiration click here 

If you hang up some new pieces do let me know with a quick email, I love hearing how your kids rooms change.

Art, Art, Art

Teen Girl – Reader Room

Teen Girl – Reader Room

Teen Girl – Reader Room

Miami Chic Vibe


Amthal Karim shares how she created a Miami Chic Vibe

for her fifteen year old daughter to revise and chill in


For my daughter’s 15th birthday we decided she needed a bedroom style update. Her current bedroom was painted pink all over with turquoise accessories and there was no desk so we decided it had to become more grown-up and also accommodate a study space. Alisha’s bedroom is the smallest in our 3 bedroom semi-detached 1930s house – it’s almost a box room just slightly narrower. 

For the design, Alisha still really wanted pastel colours and also said she loved rose gold. So we decided on all white walls and a theme that would incorporate pastels and rose gold subtly in the artwork and accessories only. With artwork always being my main inspiration for room décor and Desenio my most favourite (!) online store – we began looking for the perfect print to encapsulate the look she wanted.

I found this beautiful palm tree poster print which inspired me to create the mood board with colours and motifs for a relaxed, Miami beach look. We decided on white furniture and shelving for a clean, airy feel and then touches of blush pink and turquoise. For a more grown up feel and to add interest, I decided to introduce pattern and texture using marble and terrazzo and completed this with rose gold finishing touches.  

We wanted to make the most of the wall space for storage. We used picture ledge shelves from JYSK to display accessories and artwork and added a large run of shelves along the entire top of the room to store study books out of the way. 

Alisha’s desk was white gloss with a tempered glass top and we bought a matching mirror so that the desk could double as a dressing table.

The artwork and quotation posters were a must for me – of course – from . The faux palm leaf, terrazzo vase, candles and palm leave candle holder were from JYSK – the perfect place to shop for chic but budget décor touches. The rose gold noticeboard was from BHS online but you can buy similar on Amazon. Storage was the most important thing for the new room as we wanted all the clutter and accessories to be neatly stored away in such as small space, so the overhead shelving all the way around the entire room and the Malm dressing table with hideaway drawer storage was perfect. We also used under-bed wheeled storage boxes for everything else. Finally, to complete the room we added the Tanner table lamp from Dunelm. We finished with blush pink, plain bedding from La Redoute.

My main tips for a cool teen space would be to think about clever storage ideas – because no matter how much storage you think you have teenagers always seem to inherit even more things! The noticeboard allows my daughter to display her concert tickets, photos of her with her friends – all her best memories. The shelves also allow her to display all her little treasures, mementos, souvenirs from holidays and concerts etc.  Keeping all the books and practical items out of the way on overhead shelves and under the bed allows more space for the nicer things to be on display. Finally, the white walls make the room feel spacious – even though it isn’t – and keeping colour to the smaller touches makes it feel more of a grown-up look.

For more teen interiors inspiration check out Issue 9 the Teen Edit by subscribing here for free.

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Midnight In Pink

Midnight In Pink

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Rooomy Loves – Teen Edit

Rooomy Loves – Teen Edit

Rooomy Loves – Teen Edit

Rooomy Loves – Teens

This feature is the breath of fresh air, it’s the break from the norm, it’s when Rooomy gets to share great finds that are nothing to do with interiors, but that I’m confident you’ll love!  Taken from Issue 9, the Teen Edit, here are some great gift ideas for teens.  

Teen Breathe Magazine

Being a teen has NEVR been easy, we remember what it was like still, right? 

With lockdown in place life for teens just became a lot harder in a way we do not understand. 

All the same dramas still apply, social awareness, exam pressure, self-image and the rest. And as we know the last decade has made it a whole lot harder for them, and us parents with the explosion of social media. I won’t list all the downsides, there are simply too many; in a nutshell, their brains are not developed enough to cope with social media, however now it comes into its own as a great way to stay in touch with their friends when contact is not allowed.  What a conundrum.

How do we help them manage some sort of balance?

Enter Teen Breathe, a magazine jam packed with ideas, articles and tips to help your teen explore how to pay attention to everything they do, because being curious and staying positive can bring out the very best. A person who’s comfortable and proud in their own skin, is open to ideas and follows their dreams. It’s a bi-monthly publication and you can get your subscription here.


Ultimate Ears – Megaboom 3

Music, the key to most teenagers’ hearts. For decades teens have been plugged into Walkman’s, discmans, iPods and now it’s wireless headphones.

I wanted to find a gadget that means they can share their music with their friends, maybe even family or at least just listen in the solace of their room, without having to put headphones in or on. I came across this great find from Ultimate Ears. Their Megaboom 3 is a Bluetooth speaker balancing features, sound quality and value better than any of its rivals, with an impressive 20-hour battery life and the ability to stereo pair and daisy chain with other UE speakers.

Perfect for solo enjoyment or creating more of a party! Oh, and it’s water proof and comes in 8 colour options!



Boom Creations Ltd – Memory Box Frame

A great gift for your teen or their friend or the niece or nephew that you just don’t know what to get for their birthday. They can keep all their precious memories and souvenirs in this amazing wall mounted scrap book!  The unique top loading frame allows you to store all your keepsakes in one safe place. A unique gift for Birthdays, travel, tickets stubs and programmes!


Secret Projects – Secret Pillow

Friendships become number one priority for teens. Which means parties must be attended, staying away will happen a lot more and sleepovers at home may increase too. In the spirit of supporting this development and not wanting to be scrambling around for extra bedding when they bring all their friends’ round at the last minute, then these secrete pillows will become your ally.

With loads of colour options, they provide a cushion all year round and in emergencies roll out into a much-needed blanket! 

The best part is you’ll be supporting an incredible project in India, allowing women who face social and economic challenges to make their own money I a safe environment whilst receiving training, material and support from Secrete Projects, currently working across six Indian states. 



Emily Brooks – Sticky Notes

Stationary! There is so much awesome stationary about, but these sticky notes by Emily Brooks jumped out at me because of their mini calls to action; You Got This, Love This Idea and Don’t Forget. A phrase we hear more and more is that our brains are like an internet browser, too many tabs open. Organisation is key and it’s great if they can learn young! I love the bright positive colours and the more mature illustrations, no emoji’s to be found here.

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