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Kid’s Art Charity Sale for the Hungry and Vulnerable

Print’s and Designs for your kid’s room that will make a beautiful addition to the family whilst ALL proceeds go to UK charities FareShare and Magic Breakfast


Throughout this year I have shared several wonderful pieces of art that would look great in a kid’s room or around the family home.  I think Art is a wonderful accessory that must not be overlooked in children’s bedrooms.  When our children are young, we can choose pieces that reflect the mood we want to create in the room are we looking for calm and nurturing, something more bold and fearless or adventurous maybe, we’re in change.  But as children grow older art is the perfect way to help them have a sense of great autonomy in their own space when you give them a chance to look at several pieces of art and ask them to choose what they like best.  It’s a fun task to do together and you might even learn something about your child’s taste and interests that you didn’t know before. 

With all of this in the back of my mind I was thrilled to hear from Emma at Margaret as this Christmas, they have launched a ‘kid’s art prints charity sale’ and it’s now online and ready for customers!  


The Cave by Rob Hodgson

The Cave – Rob Hodgson

Do you want a banana by Yasmeen Ismail

Do You Want A Banana? – Yasmeen Ismail


 The charity sale is in aid of free school meals and UK Food Bank Charities, FareShare UK and Magic Breakfast. 

Some of the UK’s most exciting artists, designers and children’s illustrators have come together to present a new collection of family-friendly, special edition art prints, which will be sold for charity in the run up to Christmas. All proceeds from the sale will be donated equally to FARESHARE UK and MAGIC BREAKFAST, two charities working against food poverty and supporting Free School Meals and food banks across the UK. Each artist has donated a design or artwork suitable for children’s bedrooms and family-friendly spaces, which will be available to buy exclusively from independent homewares boutique as a special edition print for £30.00 (+ p&p). 


Tiger Tiger by Ben Jarvis

Tiger Tiger

Ben Jarvis

Leopard Print by Max Made Me Do It

Leopard Kiss

Max Made Me Do It

Yellowstone by Owen Davey


Owen Davey

Waldo by Laetita Rouget


Laetita Rouget

Moo by Gayle Mansfield


Gayle Mansfield

Girl on Yellow y Margot McDaid

Girl on Yellow

Margot McDaid

Union by Leyla Reynolds


Leyle Reynolds

Prayer Hands by Wild Suga

Prayer Hands

Wild Suga

The Farm by Louise Lockhart

The Farm

Louise Lockhart

Duggee Hug by Grant Orchard

Duggee Hug

Grant Orchard

Squirrel by Donna Wilson


Donna Wilson

With food poverty in the UK the highest it has ever been, proceeds from this sale will help support the ongoing and growing work of organisations helping children and families with this very basic need. The artists who have donated prints are Owen Davey, Rob Hodgson, Yasmeen Ismail, Ben Javens, Louise Lockhart, Gayle Mansfield Designs, Sarina Mantle / Wildsuga, Max Made Me Do It, Margo McDaid, Leyla Reynolds, Laetitia Rouget and Donna Wilson. We also have some original, hand-drawn Duggee drawings from Hey Duggee! creator Grant Orchard! 

£30 for one of these incredible prints makes a wonderful gift or a great way to add some personality to your space.  Why not show your kid’s the selection and see what they choose, they might surprise you.  But knowing that the proceeds of each print will be shared 50/50 between these two amazing charities makes a purchase a no brainer in my mind. 

Here’s more about the charities as it’s important to know where the money is going and how valuably it is being used. 


FareShare UK – The UK’s longest running food redistribution charity. Born out of the belief that no good food should go to waste, especially when people are going hungry.   During this year you’ll have heard about the fight for free school meals for children and how Marcus Rushford campaigned and supported this need.  He is now an ambassador for FareShare and has supported them by helping to raise enough money to enable FareShare to provide enough food for over 4.2 million meals for children and families who might not otherwise eat during the Covid-19 crisis.  He has raised awareness of child hunger in the UK, driving the issue to the top of the news agenda.  He has successfully influenced government policy with his #MakeTheUTurn campaign, which saw the voucher scheme – a replacement for free school meals through the lockdown – extended over the summer, ensuring 1.3 million vulnerable children could continue to access food.  And launched and spearheaded the Child Food Poverty Taskforce, a group of more than 15 organisations that FareShare is a founding member of, which have come together to support the National Food Strategy and dedicate their platforms to sharing real stories of those affected by child food insecurity in the UK, supported by real-time statistics 

Magic Breakfast – Work in 480 Primary, Secondary and ASL/Special Educational Needs schools, plus Pupil Referral Units, to make sure that, in normal times, more than 48,000 children start their school day in the best possible way.  They’re commitment is that no child is too hungry to learn, by providing healthy breakfast food and expert support to help identify and reach those pupils at risk of hunger. A hungry child cannot concentrate so could miss out on half a day of lessons every school day if not given anything nutritious to eat first thing. 

“Magic Breakfast, for us, is our life-saver! Without their support we could not offer free breakfast to the many children within our school community who need it. With their help we are able to ensure most of our children start the school day on time and with a full tummy. Added to this, the Club gives the opportunity for children to talk to adults if they need to, and at times problems arising the night before at home can be unpicked and sorted out prior to the start of the school day. It is, without a doubt, one of the best things I have ever had for my school.” Anne Elford, Headteacher, Windsor Community School, Liverpool. 

Magic Breakfast

There you have it two incredible charities that are in need of our support, to enable them to support and feed vulnerable children and families in the UK.   

Girl on Yellow by Margot McDaid
The Farm by Louise Lockhart
Waldo by Laetita Rouget
Duggee Hug by Grant Orchard
Union by Leyla Reynolds
Yellowstone by Owen Davey
Leopard Kiss by Max Made Me Do It
Prayer Hands by Wild Suga
Tiger Tiger by Ben Jarvis
Moo by Gayle Mansfield
The Cave by Rob Hodgson
Squirrel by Donna Wilson

Congrats to Yellow Crayon Kids and hats off to Homeplace online and a massive THANK YOU to the 13 amazing artists involved: Owen Davey, Rob Hodgson, Yasmeen Ismail, Ben Javens, Louise Lockhart, Gayle Mansfield Designs, Sarina Mantle / Wildsuga, Max Made Me Do It, Margo McDaid, Grant Orchard, Leyla Reynolds, Laetitia Rouget and Donna Wilson. 

Art, Art & More Art…

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