Charlie’s safari room

by | Feb 21, 2019

Taking Charlie on Safari


For Patricia Hoyna inspiring her child clients is vital,

here she tells us all about her creation for mini adventurers Charlie.


I am a true believer that we should always engage even very young children to help design their own rooms.  It is fun to sit down with them and create a mood board and work together to achieve the bedroom of their dreams. Children are so imaginative you will learn a lot from listening to their ideas, and they are more likely to take care of a space that they helped to create.  Don’t you worry, I do consider parents input too!

The brief to Charlie’s bedroom was to create an eclectic and fun space for a little adventurer that wouldn’t be too different from the rest of the house, since the idea of redecorating the room once every few years was understandably not appealing to them. 

Five-year-old Charlie loves animals and a good adventure story, her biggest dreams are travelling to Africa, camping in the jungle and sleeping under the stars. Since she has to wait a few more years to do all that, we thought we could draw inspiration from her favourite destinations and with a dash of vintage and sprinkle of whimsy, create an easy escape into her own magical world.

The whole house is decorated in a sophisticated and elegant colour scheme that mainly contains taupe’s and greys, so we kept the walls and floor neutral, but added personality with accents of bold colour and patterns.

The bedroom does not get a huge amount of natural light, so we chose toasty yellow tones to warm it up and ensure it felt welcoming and cosy. Her playroom is connected to the living room, so the bedroom really is a beautiful chill-out zone for a little girl.

Key pieces of furniture include a comfy bed, a bedside table, an armchair for reading, a bookshelf and plenty of storage for clothes and personal treasures.

“Kids’ interests will very often evolve as they grow up. 
When the day comes that Charlie outgrows her room it will be very easy
to change the look and feel of it by changing the soft furnishings”

A bed canopy with fairy lights invites peaceful dreams and encourages a good night’s sleep. The zebra rugs make a bold statement; stripes and animal prints are as much a part of the adult world as they are of the children’s universe. It is this flexibility that makes them great for a timeless kids’ room.  Linen curtains, a high street buy, were customised with a pom-pom trimming to give the room a playful look.  And the big plant not only brings the outside in but is an excellent air purifier that soaks up toxins and CO2 whilst releasing oxygen.

Kids’ interests will very often evolve as they grow up.  When the day comes that Charlie outgrows her room it will be very easy to change the look and feel of it by changing the soft furnishings.

My top tips would be that when furnishing a small room, limit your palette of colours and materials – using too many will visually clutter a room and make it feel much smaller. The motto “less is more” is so true! 

Patricia Hoyna is an interior designer based in Edinburgh offering residential and commercial design.  She has the most increible eye and really understands how to please kids and their parents.  Check out her work here

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