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by | Mar 4, 2020

Top Wallpaper Designs for Teens


Bring great colour and design to your teens bedroom,

let their personality come out into their space.


Wallpaper is a big design commitment, but this may be the last time you redecorate their bedroom before they leave home. Teens are much surer of themselves and what they like, more often than not it will be the opposite of your taste as they are desperate to be their own independent self in every which way possible. Try and give them control over the space whist offering these great designs as ideas, even if you’re not so keen yourself.


Century Elements – Mind The Gap

Whilst researching wallpaper that wasn’t too kid like but also not too grown up, I was beaming from ear to ear when I found this beaut from Mine The Gap. I’m actually struggling to find the words to convey what I think, but the feeling of positivity and love for this design is strong. The constant change in shapes and the bold colours that are fun and not too vibrant, I’m confident this design will provide a really positive and creative space for teenagers to study and hang out in.



Excuse Me While I Kiss The Sky – Mind The Gap

I don’t usually include two designs from the same company in the same feature but when I came across this I loved the colour palette and then the name of the design sealed the deal, excuse me while I kiss the sky instantly brings Jimi Hendrix to mind which take the coolness ratings sky high and an executive decision was made, it had to be included.



Little Trees – Miss Print

Monochrome is always a stylish choice and the feel of nature with smooth design is a great choice for a maturing teens style. If monochrome is not to your liking, fear not it comes in 19! Yes 19 colour ways. You could pick 2 or more colours, to up the creative levels. Let them choose and give them some autonomy over their own space, they’ll really appreciate it, even if they don’t say so.



Wild Flower Stripe – Graham and Brown

Stripes will make the room feel taller, which is always a bonus outcome. The ombre effect is popular and sets a softer tone, if coral is not the desired colour palette then you can choose from the eight other colours including ink, plum and teal. Meaning this design will work for any gender.



Ambience – Galerie

Maybe your teen likes the idea of a rustic, edgy space, resembling a loft apartment or similar. Exposed brick wallpaper is a good option, but it’s been used a lot and maybe they want a similar style with added colour. The Ambience range from Galerie offers designs with great texture and eight colour options plus a complimentary second design if you don’t want to overwhelm the space with one repeat design the plain style will offer a perfect break, why have one design when you can have two? If you want to get creative you can mix and match colours too.


Happy wallpapering, don’t forget to send us pictures of your makeovers or tag us in social media – you can get in touch here.

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