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by | Feb 21, 2019

Everly’s Circus Extravaganza Bedroom!


Roll Up!  Roll Up!


Do you love the idea of being bold in your kid’s room but are terrified of it going wrong? Does your child have a vivacious personality which really needs a space to mirror this confidence? Maybe you think the only way to achieve a great room is via an interior designer, but you think they’re only for the rich and famous?

Any of this ringing any bells? Then enter Chloe Spillett. Chloe is a part-time secondary school teacher, specialising in Science and Psychology. She has always been creative but holds no formal design qualifications, whatsoever.

With a crazy passion for all things interiors she developed her hobby, added a love of DIY into the mix and has now started what is looking like a promising career transition.

Chloe has a friend with a three-year-old daughter, Everly.  Apparently what Everly lacks in height and life experience she makes up for in charisma! She is chaotic, playful and vibrant, and she has bags of energy, does this sound familiar? Well when Everly’s mummy asked Chloe to create her a Circus themed bedroom she knew it was the perfect scheme to match her winning personality. 

Themed rooms can be very tricky as there’s a big risk of overdoing it. Chloe has clearly stayed conscious of this throughout the design process, keeping the design sophisticated whilst still delivering the drama. And boy did it deliver, this room is bold, bright and full of character- just like Everly apparently.

” Themed rooms can be tricky as there’s a big risk of overdoing it. 
Chloe has clearly stayed conscious of this throughout the design process. keeping the design
sophisticated whilst still delivering the drama”

Key design points

The use of a bold, primary pallet is key to this scheme.  

Printing spots on the 2 longest walls gives the room a generous pop of colour and a sense of depth whilst remaining sensitive to the rooms shape and size.

It was always going to be filled with whimsical props and quirky décor, lots of fun was had with the customised makes for Everly’s room; the sealion and the spotlight.

Crying out for a mural so with the great wall lights from Ikea Chloe has added the clown and the monkey creating smiles and laughter which is what the circus is all about right?

There are some really good felt animal trophy heads in the market, the gorgeous Nellie came from French company, Child Wood. To get him dazzling his audience Chloe pieced together the gorgeous felt headdress complete with Ostrich feather! It’s a genius feature and reminds us that we can make something our own by adding these personalised touches that don’t have to cost the earth.

Aware of budgets and unnecessary waste, thanks to her love of DIY Chloe cannot only add the additional headdress like Nellies, but also knows exactly how to upcycle furniture.  Everly’s existing furniture lacked individuality and was crying out for an up-style. The Ikea Kallax unit was raised off the ground using stylish hairpin legs and the Drona draws were also given some attention using fabric paints and stamps with a little pom-pom trim for good measure!  Finally, her Malm chest of drawers were also glammed up using gold contact cut to size and shape. Now neither piece would be out of place under the Big Top!

So there you have it. This room delivers all the drama that you might find under the big top. It may be themed, but it’s a winning theme none the less and a real triumph!

If you have created a wonderful bedroom for yours or a friends child and would like to see it featured here or in the magazine, we’d love to hear from you.  Share your creativity, ideas and best finds with us, email hello@rooomy.co.uk

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