by | Aug 27, 2020

Plastic Fantastic for Kid’s Bedrooms


Creating beauty from plastic waste, bravo EcoBirdy  


Do you worry about plastic? Do you recycle? Are you concerned about what will happen to your kid’s toys when they are no longer played with, or broken beyond usefulness? It’s great to hand things down, donate to the local charity shop or make a bit of cash back at a boot fair or on Facebay, BUT eventually they need to go somewhere and where? Think about Toy Story 3: where does a toy’s life end up?

With all this swimming round my head, I was relieved to discover Eco Birdy. Based in Antwerp, they have designed 4 wonderful products for kids (toy storage, a chair, a lamp and a table). They have employed an incredible workforce and found a fabulous solution to the big problem of plastic toys!

Eco Birdy sustainably recycle plastic toys, creating beautiful design pieces that are 100% made of recycled plastic waste and can easily be recycled again. Collecting unwanted toys from schools, they remove all metal elements from each product, and clean everything; The plastic is then batched into similar colours and melted down. Next It’s moulded into one of their four designs, making a fun mottled effect with rounded edges and a smooth silky surface making the furniture pleasant to the touch and easy to clean.

The outstanding result is a sustainable and environmentally friendly product for your child’s room that is made of 100% recycled plastic, looks great, has a function and is fully recyclable.


Friendly, soft forms and rounded edges are complemented by a large seating surface. This makes Charlie not only comfortable for kids but also offers other advantages. Thanks to these shapes, Charlie is both light and stable, a combination that makes it simple for kids to move and yet not easy to tip over.


The playful shape of “Kiwi” reminds one of a kiwi bird, the body being the storage space. The beak is removable. It was designed with the intention of raising awareness of the endangered kiwi bird species. This home accessory combines functionality with a frolicsome look and will never fail to capture attention.


This lamp’s round shapes evoke those of a rhino. Thanks to the speckled look, Rhino casts a soft glowing light that brings a special atmosphere into kids’ rooms as well as any other spaces. Taking its inspiration from rhinos, this piece aims to raise awareness, not only of sustainability, but also of this endangered species.

Founders, Vanessa and Joris: “We found that plastic toys use plastic more intensively than other consumer goods. By giving old plastic a new life, our aim is to free our ecosystem from its pernicious impact. As we use innovative technologies, made for the reuse of plastic, there is no need to add any pigments or resin.”

It is essential to the founders that each step be based on social and environmental responsibility. An accompanying storybook and school-programme has been designed to introduce youngsters to the circular economy and inspire them to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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