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by | Mar 20, 2020

Self Isolation Declaration Week 1


The schools are closed and the kids are at home 24/7, it is going to be tense, but we have a choice, we can choose negativity or proactivity.

I choose proactive! But how can we be proactive when the kids are home, making a mess, getting bored and under our feet all the time? Well I think it’s quite simple. Just start by reminding yourself that you completely and utterly adore your kids, you’d do anything for them and if they are under any kind of threat you are going to turn into a lion/lioness to protect them. With the firm reminder that our kids are exhausting, completely awesome and that we adore them, then we can move onto the next stage of the coming weeks.

I am going to spend the first week trying to get their rooms in order before moving onto the rest of the house.  Join me!

Try out these activities in the home to help protect them (and yourself) from hysterical boredom, they can enjoy being with you and learn a few domestic essentials along the way.

Warning! These are not all done in one go.  Break your day up into chunks of time. Everyone can lay in a little, breakfast and ready for the day, weather permitting go for a little stroll. Come back to one of these activities, then it’s lunch, a bit of a play or read, maybe a game? Then settle down in front of a movie, more play on their own while you get dinner ready, eat, bath, book, bed!

The age of your child will dictate how much they can do on their own when it comes to play time, but otherwise try and do these activities together, stick on a favourite album and get to it.

And let’s be really honest, this is not going to be stricly stuck to but simply starting with the intention will help the day run more smoothly.



2.    Clothes – Summer is on its way. Depending on your clothing storage arrangements tackle one thing at a time. Drawers one day, wardrobe another and baskets after that. And then any bags stashed away. Pull all clothes out, instantly return what’s being used regularly. Anything that is clearly winter ask yourself, will it still fit in 6 months’ time? Have a ‘no’ pile and ‘winter 2020/21’ pile.

Next pull out last years’ summer clothes and try it all on. Once it’s all put away, stored or in a bag by the front door, finally you can now make a little list of a few missing items, do they have enough T shirts, do they need a new swimming costume as they’ve not been for 6 months and it’s now quite snug? Now you know what you need to buy you can buy a few bits over the spring months, then you’ll be fully ready for summer having spread the cost!

Pic Credit – @Littlebugtogs



  1. Books!! When was the last time you sorted through them? Are they now 7 and you still have ABC books in the cupboard? Pull them all out, make a total mess then get sorting. What’s staying? What’s being donated? Do any of them have little rips and need a little Sellotape TLC? Are their any family or friends who would appreciate a few additions to their library? How about the school or pre-school? Maybe even your local hospitals kid’s ward might appreciate the contribution of some books that are not beaten up. And do make the decision to throw away those that have been used, chewed, torn or worse. It is ok. Try not to hold onto all the little books that you fondly read to them when they were younger, if you are keen to do this, pick one or two favourites and find a place to store them away, along with other keepsakes.


Pic Credit – @Goodeyreads 




3.    Toys!! Christmas will have come early. If you ask your child to sort through their toys you will be met with a groan, I’m sure of it. But once you start going through their stuff, they will be amazed at what they uncover. Undoubtedly, they will start playing with something rather than helping you organise things, but that’s all good, go with it. They’re very jolly playing and you’re able to crack on, happy days!

And the same rule as the clothes, it doesn’t have to be all done in one go, spread across a few days, 1. Toy box, 2. Under the bed, 3. Dressing Up, 4. Soft toy cull, don’t freak out, you can’t keep them all forever, ask them to pick 5 they’d like to donate to local families who have less.

4.    Switcheroo – I am a big fan of the cliché “a change is a good as a rest”. Once the books, toys and clothes are all sorted you will be feeling very pleased with yourself and rightly so. Now have a little fun moving the furniture round. It doesn’t matter how slight a change; you and your child will notice it and it will feel fun.


5.    AOB – Any other business? Get organised. You have done so much, and the room/s looking great. Now’s the time to think about a few items you need to get to finish the room off, a new shelf, lamp or rug maybe? You’re not going to rush out now and buy it but make the list and when things are less tense and stressful you can enjoy a little shopping. Also now apply these steps to any other areas in the house where kids’ things might have been building up. Is there a toy box in the lounge or a craft cupboard that’s a total mess? You know what to do 😉


I hope these ideas help, I know they are all obvious but it’s remembering to break it down rather than being overwhelmed by the enormity of the task of sorting their whole room out, yikes!  Good luck and don’t forget to tag me in your before and after pics or send them to me here.

Coming up next week – Top Storage Solutions

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