Hanging Art In Kid’s Rooms

by | Apr 15, 2020

Let’s Hang


When we talk about kids’ art, one of two thoughts will instantly pop into your head. Either, art that your children have made at home, preschool or school, or art work that has been designed with kids in mind. Let’s be honest all art can be for children, some kid prints are too flat and obvious and although they might match the colour palette of the room, they’re not going to spark much creativity in your child. Take your kid to a gallery and see what they like, flick through images on the internet, research whoever they’re looking at in school, we’re were on Picasso when they shut the schools.

Regardless of where or who the art piece has come from there is always that final step, hanging it.

How many items to do you have waiting to be framed or hung? I have about 5! The good news is there are lots of great options now for hanging pictures, lots of inventions for protecting walls and for helping us make sure they’re straight, especially as gallery walls continue to be very popular. Here are the Top 3 best ways to hang your pictures, bringing some new life to your kid’s room and inspire their imagination and creative sides.


1.  Nail, maybe a hook, and a little hammer

Although there are some great options out there, sometimes the old ways just do the job perfectly and they are often the most economical. It’s straight forward, a little nail and if you think it well help a hook too. You only need a little hammer as most house’s walls are plaster-board so you won’t be needing to knock too hard, just tap it in no worries.

Top tip for this approach is to slightly angle the nail downwards rather than straight. This will help the nail stay in the wall when weight is added and avoid it being potentially pulled out.

NB please tap lightly, or you will put a hole in your wall.  This is why my husband is no longer allowed to hang pictures ;o)

2.  Command

Command have a huge selection of picture hanging options. Their two most helpful options are their hooks and their strips. Both options have a sticky back leaving your wall hole free which puts a smile on most faces. You will need to be happy with the position as once you’ve stuck it down that is it it’s been used. You can of course remove without damaging the wall which is music to our ears’, but you won’t be able to reuse the item. They don’t look much but the are very strong. I have used the poster strips to hang Acrylic A4 folders on my walls and they are often crammed with books and paper and they have stayed up perfectly. Just use your common sense a little picture may only need one strip, top and centre. With heavier items you may want to pop one on each corner for good measure.


3.  Beehive

This invention has blown my mind, no measuring required!!! The name beehive is easy to understand when looking at the bracket, here is a great video here on how it works as it is very much a visual wonder, but I will summarise as best I can;

Simply attach the hangers to each top corner or your picture, find your perfect hanging place and when you are happy, hold your picture up in place and push the top corners firmly against the wall. The centre of the hangers will make minor indentations in your wall, acting as your guide for where to put the nail and hook, meaning that there is no more guessing, no more tape measures….just quick, easy and accurate. Then you simply hang your picture; up

And a final discovery, especially for their art work and maybe the odd poster, washi tape is of course great, it avoids the use of blue tac, don’t get me wrong I own several packs, but it’s rubbish for wall longs term and the washi tape is fun, brightens the display up and comes away with ease. 

For more art inspiration click here 

If you hang up some new pieces do let me know with a quick email, I love hearing how your kids rooms change.

Art, Art, Art



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