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by | Apr 22, 2021

A Colourful Nursery

Blow It vs Budget


Vicky Kieldsen  shows us how to create a stunning colourful nursery

that you and your baby will love to spend time in.


Are you day dreaming about a new nursery?  If so and you want it to be full of colour for you and your new baby, then this is the perfect place to be.

If the last 12 months have taught us anything it is that colour has well and truly been thrown in our slightly jaded faces.  I’m not sure there is a better way to lift spirits than to see a flash of bright colour, it’s like Vitamin D for our eyes! Whether it’s on your nails, the NHS rainbow, your new lockdown puppy, or climbing the walls of your home.  Rooomy is here to help you take the plunge into a more colourful lifestyle… starting with your children’s rooms. 

Choosing the right colour for the room can have a big impact on your child’s mood. Children need spaces in their homes where they can retreat to, not only for quiet reflection, but also to help them grow and explore. It is extremely important to a child’s wellbeing that they have a space that suits them, both emotionally and physically. That will not only enable them to feel safe and happy, but will also encourage their personality, creativity and receptiveness in a stress reducing environment. 


Blow It vs Budget for a colourfl nursery as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Did you know that blue can relax and improve productivity? Or that pink can reduce anger, grey can enhance creativity and green is extremely calming? It’s very important to think about your child’s personality when embarking on a new colour palette for their room. 

This nursery has such a calm and soft feel to it with the pastel tones but then hits you with some powerful pinks in various shades. The overall balance of the nursery works so well because the main items are all in the softer shades of colours and then the odd accessory pops out to bring that dose of brightness, such as the bright pink shell cushion, or the rainbow on the chair.

I particularly love the contrast between the dusky pink wall and the sage green locker. Don’t be afraid to experiment with shades of the same colour as they can work well together. And allow yourself to push you a little bit out of your comfort zone, as this is when exciting things can be created. After all, playful environments make for playful children and, to me, that equals happiness. 


Colourful Nest Nursery as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Blow It

Stokke Sleepi Bed as seen in Rooomy magazine

Stokke Sleep Bed, Stokke, £579

Apple cushion Nobodinoz as seen in Rooomy magazine

Apple Cushion, Nobodinoz, £26.50

Shell Cushion in hot pink as seen in rooomy magazine

Hot Pink Shell Cushion,  I Am Fy, £68

The Shorty in Sage, Mustarde Made as seen in Rooomy Magazine

The Shorty, Sage, Mustard Made, £129

Flora Scalloped Pale Bue Duck Egg Velvet Chair from Oliver Bonas as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Flora Scalloped Chair, Oliver Bonas, £395

Oh My Darling Print as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Oh My Darling Print, Coco & Blu, £39.49

Woven Kenyan Rug Cat on Pink as seen in Rooomy Magazine

Kenyan Wall Rug, Artisans & Adventurers, £250

Woven Cloud Wall Hanging as seen in Rooomy magazine

Cloud Wall Hanging, Never Perfect Studio, £35

Ferm Living Pear Storage Basket as seen in Rooomy magazine

Pear Storage Basket, Ferm Living, £75

Ferm Living Fruiticana Snake Soft Toy as een in rooomy magazine

Fruiticana Snake Toy, Ferm Living, £89


Oasis Oval Cot as seen in Rooomy magazine

   Oasis Oval Cot,    Boori, £349

Apple Cushion as seen in rooomy magazine

Apple Cushion, Handmade in Nottingham, £18

Pearl Cushion as seen in rooomy magazine

Pearl Cushion, Cushoo, £19.95

Side Table Locker as seen in rooomy magazine

Side Table Locker, Sklum, £68.99

Sophie Scallop Chair as see in rooomy magazine

Sophie Scallop Chair Homebase, £99

You are my sunshine print as seen in rooomy magazine

You Are My Sunshine, Pretty in Print, £18.95

Pink Leopard Rug by Doing Goods as seen in rooomy magazine

Pink Leopard Rug, Doing Goods, £85

Cloud and Star Mobile as seen in rooomy magazine from zara home

Desktop Foliage, Wayfair, £27.99

Pineapple Storage Basket from Next as seen in rooomy magazine

Pineapply Basket, Next, £30

Snake Soft Toy,  Bloomingville as seen in rooomy magazine

Snake Soft Toy, Bloomingville, £47


Which item do you love most?  I am drawn to the storage lockers and the wall prints and hangings.  The soft snake toys are fun but I must say the animal rigs still freak me out, just like the animal head wall decor, it’s been a huge trend over the past three years, but I can’t quite get on board.  I do see how they can be a lot of fun for the kids though and they make a great statement in any room.  

Have fun designing!

Thank you Vicky!  These fab nursery looks can be achieved for £1,686 or £764 and of course the great part is, if you can save on a few items then you might be able to splash out on a luxury piece that could become part of the family home at a later date.  Above all you now have a great shopping list, why not mix and match?  If you’d like to see more of Vicky’s work check out her site here Hello Geronimo

For more Blow It vs Budget ideas see below.  

* Please note that retailers change their stock and therefore we cannot guarantee these items will always be available.  If any of the above items have been discontinued (or a link doesn’t work) do let us know and we will work hard to find you a great alternative.  You can email us here

Happy shopping, don’t forget to let us know if you try some of these out, let us know on one of our social media channels. 


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