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by | Jun 11, 2020

Welcome Home Baby – The Nursery Style Report

Chloe Spillett gives us the lowdown on

how to make a fantastic nursery.


For many, from the first moment we learn we’re expecting our attention will turn immediately to the nursery. It’s hard to resist dreaming up the most beautiful spaces imaginable for our new arrivals. It’s a wonderful time filled with much joy and anticipation.

Of course, not everyone will feel this way. For some, tackling the nursery is daunting. Lots of us opt for the smallest room in the house for the nursery and with such an extensive Wishlist, there can be a LOT of stuff to cram into a small space. But it doesn’t have to be a chore. I’m here to help you make informed choices about the products you really need, and while I’m at it, I’ve got some jaw droppingly beautiful options up my sleeve.

With a background in psychology I’ve always been a firm believer that our surroundings are fundamentally important for our sense of well being and our personal development. This is true not only for baby but for other family members who will be using the space too. The nursery is a place where many memories will be formed, bonding will take place between caregivers and siblings. The more inspiring the environment you and your baby are in, the more likely you will attach positivity to those memories. And yes, there will be sick. And poo; lots of it! But believe me you will even look back on that one day with fondness.

“whether you have a good sleeper or an all night raver,

a cot is an essential piece of kit”

Sleep like a baby…

Where did that expression even come from? Is it meant to be ironic? Regardless of wether you’ve got a good sleeper or an all night raver, a cot is an essential piece of kit.

So what’s money well spent? Thing is, it’s hard to tell when your little one is going to be ready to transition from cot to bed ( I know you probably don’t want to think about them getting too big, but it happens) and sometimes we think they’re ready before they really are. So to save all that to-ing and fro-ing, a cot-bed is definitely a viable option and can also be kinder on the bank balance long term. That said, this one is certainly an investment piece but boy does it make a statement! It’s chrome plated and built to last so if you’re planning on larger family it’s well worth considering. Available in a range of colours, it’s a timeless classic.   

For a more modest budget these mini-cots by Mokee are a great alternative. Simplistic by design, they come in a range of wonderful yet unexpected colours.

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

All Change!

There’s no two ways about it- changing nappies is relentless. Even if you’ve never changed a nappy before in your life (I hadn’t before I became a Mum) you’ll soon be doing it in your sleep.  Although change tables are a popular choice, they aren’t always a necessity. There are lots of changing baskets and wedge mats available to ensure baby can’t roll. This way you can pair with more timeless furniture such as a chest of drawers which will still have a place in an older child’s bedroom. Future proofing is always a good idea.

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

Storage is key.

Stuff, stuff, stuff!! Little people come with a lot of baggage. If you want a relaxing and calming space in your nursery you’ll need to pull out your A game when it comes to storage, but don’t fear- there are plenty of options!

I often get asked about soft toy storage. Cuddly toys are wonderful for development and eliciting role play and nurturing behaviours. As a child I must’ve had hundreds but the truth is they can also house unwanted bacteria and dust mite and can therefore trigger allergies. I find the best solution to tackle this is to have a few soft toys dotted around the room and place the others in easily accessible storage and then rotate.

These bags by Nobodinoz are a great option:

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

Or for a cheaper alternative check out the range from H&M

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

For everything else the trusty foldable crate never fails!  But which colour?

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

Learning through play.

This last decade has been pivotal for children’s play, toys and accessories. Long gone are the days when the market was completely saturated with unpalatable bright colours and plastic galore. Don’t get me wrong babies love colour and so do I, but I am really enjoying the fact that there are so many products now available that appeal wide range of tastes whilst also ticking all the boxes when it comes to play value, developmental aids and style and beauty.

These are my top picks:

Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine
Chloe Spillet, new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine

Come Sit with me a while

Most people will be divided on the nursing chair front. On the one hand its really important that you have somewhere super snuggly and to feed your baby; you could be warming the seat several times a night after all! But on the other hand nursing chairs can be big, bulky and not winning any prizes in the aesthetics dept. There are few that break the generic mould but this one is really championing in the style department.

And if you’re still not feeling the nursing chair you could always opt for an armchair that will make a statement in any any room in the house such as this one:

Stylish Children's Bedroom Ideas

For more inspiration from Chloe Spillett check out her work below.  If you’d like more nursery ideas you can read our Nursery Edition for free by subscribing here.  Oh and don’t forget to tell your friends all about it.  

Rooomy Style Editor

New Style Editor 2020

New Style Editor 2020

Rooomy meets Chloe Spillett, children's interior designer and new Style Editor for Rooomy Magazine   Rachel Burns speaks to Chloe about her style and love of kid's interiors and the best places to shop.     RB - When did your love of interior design begin?...

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