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by | Mar 13, 2020

Rooomy meets Vickie Neave aka INPO


Rachel Burns speaks to one of Instagrams most loved mums,

Vickie Neave aka INPO (In No Particular Order),

about teen interiors, art and everything in between


RB – Hey Vickie, you have three teenagers under one roof, how is that going?

VN – Every day is different. I never quite know what to expect. Mind you they would probably say the same about me!

RB – I know you have a love of colour and all things that bring to joy to you and your family. How would you describe your interior style/preference?

VN – Our interior style is home. I do not follow trends because we need room designs to last. Storage is key in every single room but now we do not have to house four million plastic toys we are starting to reclaim the house and add in design elements. I love to relax in the living rooms and then the kitchen is for entertaining. We have a very social home and we want everyone to feel welcomed and chilled.

RB – What was your approach to the kid’s rooms when they were younger? Was it all planned and thought about or was it thrown together? Any princess themed rooms?

VN – We never massively invested in the kid’s rooms when they were younger. I added a bit of personality by switching up the duvet covers. We were having lots of building work when they were younger and there were lots of room swaps so we never made too much of a mark with them.

RB – Liberty’s room is simply awesome. When did you notice that her room was starting to change and that she was clearly moving from a kid room, into wanting a more grown up space?

VN – Liberty lucked out as she was a young teen at the end of some building work and we moved some walls. We recently changed it again to adapt to her being an actual adult!!! I have an adult?!? How did that even happen. So we lowered the bed. She is forever switching it up but the most recent layout seems to really work for her.

RB – Have you let your kids have a say in how their room looks?

VN – Yes totally. Millie wanted a fish tank underneath her bed and somehow her clever old Dad made it happen. I let them put up posters as long as they use a nice washi tape! They choose their bedding etc. They tend to have an eye for style thankfully.

RB – Where are your three favourite places to shop for interiors goodies?

VN – Homesense. I love the fact you never know what you will find. You can never go there for anything specific as they will never have it. Yet go for a “browse” and the trolley is full!

La Redoute but obviously only with a code – does anyone pay full price!!!?

So hard to pin it to 3!! I could not be without LoveFrankie who makes the most amazing lampshades and although there is not one in Liberty’s room – there will be soon!!!!

RB – If Liberty could have anything in her bedroom what would it be?

VN – More wardrobe space! We have a large chimney stack to contend with in her room so her wardrobe is built around that but the hanging space is small!!

RB – I love that she came to you earlier in the year asking for a room update and you had wallpaper that had been previously purchased but not put up, so you just cracked on with it all. Is this your normal approach to decorating?

VN – I think I am a bit of both. I love planning out a room and creating a little mood board but also love the ‘let’s just go for it’ approach. That paper is coming down soon or being painted over. We loved it for a while but it is a bit too full on for the room and just needs to quieten down a level.

RB – On a scale of 1-10 how important do you think a teen’s interior is and why?

VN – 10/10, it’s hugely important. So many emotions, so much change in their minds and bodies. So much stress with exams and simply growing up that their bedroom needs to feel theirs. They need to feel safe, loved and happy. It is so hard once that bedroom door shuts because as a parent you want to scoop them up and make everything right but then I remember being a teen and being in my room was my time. I feel by working on the rooms together that I am in there somehow even when the door is firmly shut in my face. Sometimes very loudly!!


RB – What’s your favourite part of her room?

VN – It has to be the Smeg door. It came to me when I was in New York years ago and a changing room had surf boards as doors and I started to think about what could add a splash of colour as a door. Smeg then came to mind and we got this door off Ebay for £13. It cost more for delivery but it was so worth it! It still makes me smile.

RB – What, if anything, would you do differently?

VN – I would get a roman blind made with blackout material. We will probably still do this one day. We had the slated wooden blinds because we could not afford shutters but they actually let in the light and boy do teenagers moan about light!!

RB – Top parenting tip?

VN – Never ever think you are winning, that is when you will fall flat on your face. Stay on your toes and smile.

If you don’t already follow Vickie, I cannot recommend it highly enough!  She makes me smile every day, check her out here INPO


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