Kid’s Bedroom Accessories

by | Nov 25, 2019

Bring Nature Inside Your Kids’ Room


Rooomy brings you some great accessory ideas, that will allow you to 

bring a touch of the outdoors into the indoors, for your child’s bedroom.


Accessories are our most favourite way of helping you have your cake and eat it.  As long as you hunt around you can find some incredible products that both you and your child will love.  And if you’ve had to compromise on the wallpaper or colour scheme, here is your opportunity to give your child autonomy over what finishing touches they can have in their bedroom.  This selection has been picked with a focus on bringing the outside, inside.  Our children are spending more and more time indoors and these accessories will bring a bit of outdoor magic into their bedroom and we’re pretty sure you’ll both love them.

Studio Roof – Folding leaves wall décor

There are lots of wall decals out there for leaves and plants, which is great and I highly recommend them. However, it was lovely to meet these guys at the Maison Objet show earlier in the year because adding some creative leafy details in 3D is even more awesome than stickers, the kid’s can even get involved, if you can handle it. To top it all off, they have a video link on their site to their styling book, full of great ideas for you to put into practice straight away. Nothing more annoying than buying a product you know is fab, but not knowing what to do with it. Studio Roof have you covered.

Willa & Bobbin

Looking for the perfect finishing touch to your child’s room, be it nursery or 9yr old, bringing nature in, in the most beautiful way, are these wonderful birds on a branch. Available in lots of different combinations and colour ways there really is something for everyone.

Coco Design – DolceCoco Morbibou

As all parents know, kids love to climb, jump, hide and generally throw themselves around the house. We also know the feeling of watching them doing this and having your stomach doing the odd somersault. Always good to let them have their autonomy, but provide a safe space for it – enter Moribibou from Coco Design. It starts as a seat, has a removeable pouffe and becomes a soft play area to crawl through, climb on and indulge their physical creative play. You can relax and enjoy seeing them exhaust themselves! – Natural open bookcase

Finding interesting furniture for kids’ rooms can be tricky. The unusual angle at the top of this unit instantly draws your eye and transforms the piece from a regular piece of storage furniture, to a fun place for your kids to make use of. The clever touch of not backing every section also decreases the potential for it to look too heavy. The end result is open and light with a lovely natural finish.

Mini Maison – Mobile

Brand new to the market are these gorgeous mobiles. They are the result of a wonderful design collaboration between Mini Maison and origami artist Sivan Perez. Available in two colour ways, pastel and grey and ochre, they are exclusive to Mini Maison and a limited edition. What a wonderful coming together of two creative minds! Hope to see more from them in the future.

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