Maison Objet Throwback

by | Jan 21, 2020

Maison Objet Top 5 – 2019 Throwback


As another January closes on Paris’, Maison Objet,

Rooomy looks back on last years great finds for

the nursery, girls bedrooms and boys bedrooms


This time last year I was just back from visiting the interiors show of ALL interiors shows; Maison Objet. It is immense (think x8 NEC’s). I didn’t go this year and already regret it, will definitely be returning in 2021. A lot can be the same but there will always be a couple of gorgeous new finds and I thought I’d give last year’s top five another shout out!

In absolutely no particular order, whatsoever, here are the products and brands I enjoyed finding;


A new brand created by designer Nathalie Partouch Shorjian, with over 20yrs experience in importing and distributing the best children’s furniture, Nathalie has now collaborated with Bo Ekstrom and created her first brand: Gustavienne. As I approached her stand my face lit up as I was thrilled to see something different at the show, the little details on her furniture instantly stood out. I really like her more traditional approach to the designs, the four different finishes keep the style appropriate for modern living allowing for something stylishly classical and not at all old fashioned.


Charlie Crane

They had many fab products, mostly for babies, so if you’re expecting they are definitely worth checking out. However, the item that caught my attention was their Baki Desk. It’s a little wall mounted desk which is oval and closes!! Perfect for those with a smaller room or for those that find desks generally become a dumping ground. This way it’s there if needed and when it’s not, you’re left with a lovely soft shape that will compliment any aesthetic. I particularly like that it has two mini internal shelves and a pen pot.


Story wallpaper

Once Upon A Time, On A Wall….

A great new find! Story Papers have launched a wallpaper frieze with a twist, 5 designs which each tell an amazing story. Spanning over 4m long, each wallpaper band tells a story, no repeated design, just one story from one end to the other. All hand-painted before being digitalised, giving you a bespoke mural look. If that’s not enough, the frieze also comes with a book and an audiobook set to music, the children will be living in the story, dreamy I know. 


Every time I ask you what your biggest kid’s interiors problem is, the answer is, 99% of the time, STORAGE! Well I stumbled across a great bit of kit, I almost started to sell it for them, I played with it for ages and kept saying to onlookers “how cool is this?”, I was very enthusiastic but why wouldn’t I be? A great solution to one of your biggest problems; a toy storage carousel. When closed it stands at under a meter tall, only 30cm wide and 40cm deep, which does not sound large at all when you think about all the toys you need to hide away, especially the Playmobil, the teas sets, and the mass of dinosaurs. This clever little system pulls apart allowing for either three, four or five sections for different toys to be collated together. It’s a fun storage system for them to use, I’m confident mine would engage more with tidying up if they had one of these. It opens out left and right and they can all be open at the same time. This is fab, I think it’s great,



Picture this, your child is settling down to sleep under a canopy of trees, the sun is setting and you’re telling them a story of adventure and chatting about what you’ll be up to the next day, I think your child would go to sleep with a wonderful smile on their face and dream of adventures with you. All of this can happen with the new CANOPY bed from Crocodily, it’s a bed, it’s a sofa, it’s a huge den, it’s brilliant!


Rooomy will return to Maison Objet in 2021 and bring you back more awesome new finds!



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