Maya’s Pink Girls Bedroom

by | May 26, 2020

As Long As It’s Pink


Patricia Hoyna was asked by Maya’s parents to design a room for their daughter as a surprise birthday gift.  Here Patricia talks s through the project


Maya’s parents asked me to design a room for her as a surprise birthday gift, to be completed while she was on holiday.  It was a great project to work on thanks to Maya’s parent’s openness and understanding of their daughter’s desires.

Previously the room was dark, cluttered and lacked character.  Before Maya left, I had a very casual conversation with her; Maya is 8 years old and her favourite colours happen to be light pink and dark pink!  She likes to dance, draw, play with shopkins toys, and listen to Ariana Grande.  I wanted to create a really cool and funky room that would express the little lady’s lovely personality and would grow with her.  From her mum I knew there was a need for extra storage that would accommodate not only Maya’s clothes but also some of theirs, as the apartment is quite compact, so the old chunky wardrobe has been replaced with a slimmer but taller version, that way we’ve gained more room without compromising on storage space.  The bed had to stay so we’ve painted the woodwork it the same colour as the walls to blend it nicely into the scheme and changed the covers –an easy and inexpensive update!

I truly believe honouring the children’s wishes is crucial when designing a space for them, so the starting point was the pink.  I thought of how to incorporate it into the room without being obvious. I focused on playfulness, feminine energy and transition from childhood to adolescence.

To create a harmonious scheme, there were few factors that had to be considered: the location, orientation of the room and temperature of light. In the North light is originally more greyish, so I chose the pink with blue undertone and pared it with Wimborne White for a touch of warmth and softness and sprinkled it with black polka dots.

“There are clever ways of introducing colours into smaller doses that will make everyone happy”

Colours have great impact on our wellbeing, psychologically pink it is a positive colour that inspires warm and comforting feelings, the lighter version has calming effect, the stronger shade has been linked with confidence and energy, but I guess Maya already knew that.

To honour the little artist’s creativity, I framed a selection of her beautiful drawings in black and white frames.  I added lots of additional lights on different levels, new pendant, the spotlights above the wardrobe are remote controlled and dimmable, a reading light by the bed, table lamp for homework and some lovely fairy lights around the window that produce soft glow, perfect for falling asleep.

To enhance the feeling of cosiness a variety of textures were added. A big plush rug on the floor, super soft blankets, and some scatter cushions in different finishes, colours and patterns. I will tell you a secret-the blind was made from Ikea throw like this one (I have the image from Ikea). Sometimes when the budget is modest, all you need is a trip to haberdashery and some DIY skills.

“Discarding kids’ wishes teaches them that their voice doesn’t matter, and we wouldn’t want that would we?

So dear readers,

If your child tells you that their favourite colour is Kermit Green, go for it! We react to colours on emotional levels and feel very strongly about the ones we love and hate, so even if it doesn’t go with the rest of the house, there is a reason why your child picked it, find out why they like it and let them have it, you don’t have to paint the walls in it, there are clever ways of introducing colours in smaller doses that will make everyone happy. On another note, discarding kids wishes teaches them that their voice doesn’t matter, and we wouldn’t want that would we?

Patricia Hoyna is the founder of Studio Hoyna, she has contributed many wonderful rooms to Rooomy and you can check out more of her work and how to get in  touch with her here.  

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