Midnight In Pink

by | Jun 21, 2019

Reader Room | Phoebe’s Dark Nursery


When Emilie Kundolph painted her daughters nursery a very dark blue, her mum thought she was bonkers.  She now admits it works really well and looks wonderful.


My son had recently moved out of our small box room into his “big boy bedroom”.  I was excited to create a new space when I found out I was expecting our second child.  The room is small and therefore limited in terms of where furniture can be located but I was determined to make the space feel totally different.  I wanted to wait until we found out the sex of the baby before getting started but once we found out we were expecting a little girl in December I was eager to crack on.

I usually love using sites like Pinterest for decorating inspiration but, having never been a girlie girl, a lot of the schemes I found just didn’t resonate with me.  I also didn’t want anything too babyish. The trend for very dark walls was appealing,  and I liked the idea of trying something like this in the nursery but that was as far as my plan went – I just wanted to get started! The rest of the scheme would have to come together My mum thought I was bonkers using such a dark colour for a baby’s bedroom, but I felt confident.

Once the dark wall was painted I took some time to decide on the colours for the rest of the room. The “feature wall” idea felt a little dated, but I had seen some two-tone walls on Pinterest and really like Scandinavian style. I thought that combining this with the dark blue would be a perfect alternative. The painting was completed in February and I moved on to finding some accessories to bring the room to life (although I was conscious about leaving enough space to add some more personal accessories once baby had arrived).

After scouring online for accessories, I fell in love with the baby deer print, and I continued the accidental woodland theme with the feather lightshade and bunny lamp. I purchased most of the accessories online but also enjoyed picking up a few items from a local home and gift market. The blind fabric was a chance find. I’d struggled with how to dress the window and came across this fabric when searching online; my mum offered to make me a blind, which is absolutely gorgeous.

“I also didn’t wat anything too babyish.  The trend for very dark walls was appealing,
and I liked the idea of trying something like this in the nursery… my mum thought I was bonkers
using such a dark colour for a baby’s bedroom, but I was confident”

I didn’t want the woodland theme to be too overpowering so I added some complimenting accessories (including the cloud mobile and changing mat) as well as some contrasting materials, such as  natural fabrics (the wall hanging and the dreamcatcher) along with a few gold  items.  When the room was almost finished  one wall looked a little neglected, and some gold and pink wall stickers were just the finishing touch I needed.

I am really pleased with how the room looks.   I hope my daughter will be very happy to have this as her very own little space.

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