Monochrome Accessories for Kids’ Bedrooms

by | Nov 6, 2019

Bring the all the style of monochrome into their bedroom


Rooomy’s round up of great monochrome accessories for your kids’ bedroom, that will bring all the style this palette has to offer, whilst keeping it fun of course.


The main parental gripe when it comes to their kid’s bedroom is storage, “they have so much stuff and I don’t know where to put it”! The kids’ interiors brands have heard your cry and produced a huge number of solutions for us to make the most of. Now this has developed into “I need storage, but it has to look good too”! Now the fun happens as there are an endless number of beautifully designed, creative solutions. For your monochrome room look no further than this bark styled basket, also available
with stars or your child’s initial. The bark effect is unique which is a bit more fun.


Rugs are often over-looked for kids’ rooms but there are quite a few positives to having them. From a practical point of view they protect the carpet; from a style angle they add an all important layer to the room; for kids they are a great way to inject some fun into the space. When it comes to monochrome you can find stripes and spots with ease but this ‘Dreaming’ rug from Studio Sirio is a stroke of genius. The phrase ‘it has it all’ really does apply here: there’s always something to look at, from rockets and spaceships to skateboards and robots. It keeps the eye moving all the time as any great artwork should. Finished with the spiky edges rather than being square, round or rectangular, this rug would be an incredible addition to any child’s bedroom.


A foot stool is a footstool, is a foot stool. No, not when it’s in the shape of a Rhinoceros and super soft! This is unbelievably cute and will work in a nursery for a feeding mum to rest her feet on. As babe starts to grow this will be great for climbing over, then come getting bigger and playing safari, your tiny one will be charging across the plains of Africa on their Rhino! It is brilliant, even teenagers love this fun stool. Okay, they’re desperate to be grown up but they miss being kids and this is a perfect way to keep them happy.


Felt animal heads have become a huge hit with kids’ décor and if you are a monochrome fan and/or zebra lover then this is the accessory for you.  Designer Fiona Walker kicked off this trend and this is her new take on it. The zebra is ethically made, has perfect stripes and the prettiest pink nose.

I don’t know about you all but when I see these all I can picture is the first Paddington film and I imagine the rest of the animal on the other side ofthe wall.

Monochrome Cushions

Striped Cushion, Evermade, £40

Forest Camp Cushion, La Redoute, £8

Racoon Cushion, Nelly’s Treasures, £20


Pompom Cushion, MaisonDuMonde, £16.99

Valentine Cushion, Sweetpea & Willow, £28


Cuddly Cat Cushion, Fabelab, £23


Please note that as timeless as these looks are, brands and retailers change their stock from time to time and therefore we cannot guarantee these items will be available. If any of the above items have been discontinued, do let us know and we will work hard to find you a great alternative. You can email us here.

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