Monochrome Styling for Kids’ Bedrooms

by | Nov 11, 2019

Monochrome Style for Kids’ Interiors


Two Tone your home to inject some instant cool to your child’s room. 

Style Editor Sarah Keady tells us how to achieve this stylish look.


Monochrome is a stylish colour scheme that works for us grown-ups’ rooms, we have long taken inspiration from those clever Scandinavian brands-but there’s no reason why the same rules shouldn’t apply to nurseries and playrooms.

You may think that it’s a strict framework to work within-but you’d be wrong-there are lots of ways to get creative-from mixing in neutrals and pastels to combining textures and prints-check out these Pinterest-worthy ideas to get inspired.

So forget life in colour-this season it’s all about decorating in black and white.

Black walls anyone? Sounds scary but here you can see how stylish and understated it can be. Keep everything else white: the bedding, accessories and flooring here provides a welcome contrast.

There are some great prints out there for nurseries and bedrooms. Investing in art is a great way to dress your walls. We love these linocuts: group them together for maximum effect.

Wall stickers are a subtle (and temporary) way to introduce a monotone look. These black and metallic stars add a subtle sparkle to walls. Use them in a corner of a room to create a focal point.

Children’s wallpapers have come a long way in recent years. Choose a simple design like this one that has a small repeat to keep it looking both modern and timeless.

A splash of yellow is a winning accent colour. Use it sparingly through accessories such as storage baskets and cushions to add a sunny lift to your scheme.

Create a serene study space within the bedroom through simple black furniture-industrial lighting, concrete accessories and faux fur will add the wow factor to an otherwise ordinary white room.

We’ve long been a fan of Bloomingville’s cool Scandinavian style.  Mixing different textures together to keep it looking inviting, soft greys and powder blues will also add to soften the look.

A monochrome tepee with a patchwork of cushions, beanbags and rugs will create a stylish haven to cosy up to. Choose a strong, graphic print. Oostor sell theirs in stripes, grid-like squares and crosses.

Happy Styling x

PS – Please note that as timeless as these looks are, brands and retailers change their stock from time to time and therefore we cannot guarantee these items will be available. If any of the above items have been discontinued, do let us know and we will work hard to find you a great alternative. You can email us here.

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