Monochrome Wallpaper for Kids’ Bedrooms

by | Nov 11, 2019

Wallpaper that will highlight your winning monochrome style


Rooomy’s round up of the best wallpapers which will bring

monochrome style into your kid’s bedroom

Geometric wall designs are on the rise, Instagram and Pinterest showcase more and more mountain range triangles across the wall of kid’s rooms and nurseries, which is a wonderful way to break up a blank wall and bring a sense of adventure to your child’s room.

This mountain wallpaper takes the flat one-dimensional look and takes it to a new level with the added pattern details and shading, and with the peep of yellow it is sure the inspire your child to want to go and climb a few mountains and take on the world. A wonderful way to encourage them to get outside and explore and be in the world rather than stuck on a device. The irregular angles keep the eye moving around the design which cleverly puts a stop to you feel overwhelmed by the repetitiveness of the design, and the sun popping up to say hello puts a little smile in the corners of your mouth, just what we need for our kids and their developing minds.

The perfect way to bring a soft finish to your child’s room with these beautiful clouds of different shapes that extend right the way across the wall. The playfulness encompassed in these little fluffy clouds skips out of the designs which almost looks like a child has drawn them themselves.

The design is very smart and clever as it will work in a room for any age from a newborn through to a teen. The clouds are also available in a blue and grey colour way which may be more suited to a nursery but this black and white finish is perfection, the only warning needed is that kids might want to colour them in, so keep an eye out.

Bruce reached the ocean at dead of night and discovered it comes to life even when it’s at its blackest. He stood watching the stars dance on top of the water and listening to the whales sing below, he felt pleased that his adventure had to come to an end and as he gazed on a shooting star above he wondered what his next great adventure would be.

Give your child a story on their wall. All the Mini Waller decals are full of great characters bursting to have their story told. Everyone in the family can make up their own or you can take it in turns, adding to what was said before, growing the story and adventure together. Take a moment to gaze on this one and see what comes to your mind…have fun.

When wallpaper feels too much for your space you can make an excellent statement with this wonderful large peony wall decal. It does come in a beautiful pastel option too, but this black and white design is dramatic and stunning. It’s diverse too as it will work in a nursery, kids’ room and a teen space too, leaving the whole rest of the room to be styled accordingly.

Australia is still producing the most incredible designs when it comes to our kids’ bedrooms, they are paving the way for encouraging parents to break away from a generic room, showing parents how to make their children’s bedrooms a truly wonderful place for them to sleep, dream, play and grow in.

The absolute best part is that you can take it down and move it, how handy is that?

A lot of fun can be had with pattern when designing with monochrome, you can go big and bold or small and busy. You need to be careful here as sometimes the small and busy can start to look like a magic eye creation and hypnosis may be induced (this could actually be handy for parents, ha).

If you go big and bold it is also wonderful to mix patterns, why have just dots when you can add stripes too, they do it in fashion so why not in our rooms? Plus, these two would look brilliant for a powerful kid’s room and as with most monochrome designs they give you the flexibility to do whatever you want with the rest of the room and you wouldn’t have to update the room too quickly either, another win!


We hope you have fun choosing one of these fab designs if monochrome wallpaper is your focus for your kids bedrooms.  Please note that as timeless as these looks are, brands and retailers change their stock from time to time and therefore we cannot guarantee these items will be available. If any of the above items have been discontinued, do let us know and we will work hard to find you a great alternative. You can email us here.

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