Mountain theme for a boys bedroom

by | Feb 24, 2021


A Mountain theme Bedroom for a Nature Loving Boy


Wilf (12) needed a new room to support his wellbeing

and to reflect his love of nature.


The initial brief was to create a room that Wilf (12) could grow into, with separated out zones for work, rest and play.  But it was very much designed around his specific needs which really impacted his wellbeing. Part of his condition affects the way he processes sensory information so he needed a space that felt calm and safe. So warm enveloping colours and a den-like safe place to retreat to when feeling overwhelmed was key.  We created him a mountain theme for a boys bedroom. 

Mum is a Forest School teacher and so they are massively into nature, sustainability and renewable energy (they have an electric car for instance). This naturally had me thinking all things nature and organic products. He also had many collections of books and treasured items which either needed to be ordered and/or included in the design.

Baby Girl Nursery by PIA design featured by rooomy magazine

His Pinterest page (that I asked him to create) reflected images of nature, animals and the planets. The room images were all warm dark inky shades with diffused lighting. It was clear to me that even the hero items in this space literally had to be part of the landscape! I presented the concept image for his room and gained his positive feedback and constructive criticism to start developing the design.  

As the main backdrop I chose a mountain scene wallpaper that wrapped two walls. Because of the way he deciphers some things we offered a few choices as we had to be careful that he couldn’t distinguish any scary faces/images in the patterned wallpaper!  I then matched the colours from this palette and wrapped the other two walls in dark blue and took the lighter blue over the ceiling.

My presentation is always to Mum and Dad first. Reason being; is so they can edit the options to suit their budget and also have a little control on how much they want to dial up or down the scheme. It always stays true to the scheme though and still leaves plenty of options for them to choose which provides a fun and collaborative experience.

I loved presenting this room to Wilf, he literally marked me out of 10 for each item, so it was that cut and dry on final edit!


“It makes me feel calm and safe. The colours are soothing and there’s no sharp angles, which makes it feel easy on my eyes, this helps me with aspects of my autism”

Boys Bedroom by Barker Design, featured by Rooomy Magazine
Boys Bedroom by Barker Design, featured by Rooomy Magazine
Boys Bedroom by Barker Design, featured by Rooomy Magazine


The bed was bespoke designed by me, allowing plenty of shelving for books on all sides. There’s even some secret compartments within the bed that even his brother doesn’t know about! It’s made out of Valchromat, essentially a wood fibre that’s individually impregnated with organic dye, so no need for paint, it’s therefore incredibly durable! 

The desk and shelves are also bespoke design by me, and out of the same material. 

The wardrobe storage fits neatly into the ceiling end of the room and leaves room for a bed-settee. Coffee table, pouffes (and cork notice-board) so he can chill out with friends.  


Boys Bedroom by Barker Design, featured by Rooomy Magazine
Boys Bedroom by Barker Design, featured by Rooomy Magazine
Boys Bedroom by Barker Design, featured by Rooomy Magazine


All the lighting is dimmable and diffused to ensure no bare bulbs for glare. He loves the monkey bed-side light, which looks like it’s climbed it’s own monkey bars in the bed! The planet mobile is a stunning piece of art in itself which I’m sure he’ll keep for many years to come! He also has a projector which projects stars and planets on the ceiling to create different scenes for calming. The pendant replicates a fluffy cloud suspended against the mountain scene wallpaper!

It’s a space to work, play & socialise but most importantly to escape to when things get too much. I received the warmest of hugs when it was all completed. A tearful career high for me!


Boys Bedroom by Barker Design, featured by Rooomy Magazine

“It’s got everything, tons of cool stuff without being overwhelming.

There’s space for my books, collections, work and even a secret hiding space in my bed.  

Marks out of 10, I’d give it a 10, there’s so many cool features!”

Over the last twelve years Justine (Barker Deign)has worked on a range of homes and businesses implementing her own signature style of laid-back interiors. Mixing up pieces from different eras and creating that uncontrived effortless look has become key to all her designs. Achieving that ‘thrown together’ look comes from years of savvy sourcing and constantly being on the hunt for new materials and local artisans who are willing to create bespoke pieces that won’t break the bank. Believing that the place in which you live or work should inspire, harmonise and ultimately make you happier, she strives to push the boundaries in every design and create spaces that are every bit as individual as her clients.

Photography credit – Jonny Campbell

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