Top 5 Nature Wallpapers for Kids’ Bedrooms

by | Mar 3, 2021

Wallpaper that brings nature indoors


Top 5 nature wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms, 

which will bring the sense of the outdoors indoors.

Bringing the outside into the inside creates a marvellous sense of calm or adventure for our kids’ it depends which way you go of course.  Here are out top 5 nature inspired wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms that we think you will love and we’re pretty sure there’s something for everyone. There’s bold and dramatic, cute blushes, rural moods and woodland fun.

Gable Wallpaper from Farrow & Ball featured by Rooomy Magazine for kids bedrooms

The Gable design from Farrow & Ball is playful, pastoral, and utterly charming. Depicting traditional village and farmyard scenes with clean, modern styling, its large-scale statement pattern is studded with little details that spark the imagination, taking on added character as you look.  If you are a fan of the English countryside, then this will be a wonderful daily reminder how fantastic our home landscape is.  There are also 8 other colour options to choose from which are worth checking out.



You want more nature but you don’t want it to be overly green and you would really like to warm things up with pink tones.  Fleur Harris has got your back as she designed this wonderful woodland wallpaper in collaboration with Jimmy Cricket, if you have seen our Interview with Little Liberty, you’ll know that Australia are ahead of the curve when it comes to children’s interiors, looking at this design we can see why.

Available in five other shades.  All their wallpaper is printed on non woven paper and is coated for both quality and practicality. The coating allows the wallpaper to be wiped over kept looking clean and lovely which is basically an essential with kids’.



When you think nature don’t just think woodlands and wild animals, you need to think about how much fun is to be had at the farm too. This rural inspired paper brings country living into their rooms with farmyard favourites such as cows and chickens, tractors and of course the farmer and his wife, all designed with a splash of humour.

 These beautifully illustrated wallpapers are made and printed in England using traditional techniques on high quality sustainable forest paper and are available in four other shades.



This beautifully design and very fun print is inspired by a teddy bears picnic, an old fashioned and well-loved theme, recreated with a modern edge. In the UK badgers and foxes best represent our woodland heritage sometimes getting a bad press, but think of Roald Dahl’s, Fantastic Mr Fox and the grumpy but beloved Badger in The Wind and the Willows. With every gaze children lose themselves in a sense of curiosity, discovery and wonder. Let your little one tell their own bedtime tale through this wild and whimsical print. 


Mysterious Spring Forrest mural by Mural Wallpaper featured by Rooomy magazine for kids' bedrooms


This misty green forest is a lush haven of beautiful green foliage and trees that fill the wilderness with life. The deep perspective delves down into the edge of the spring forest, giving you a continuous view through the landscape, adding an almost 3D effect to the mural that will bring your walls to life. This enchanted forest mural is a calming design, with subtle green tones and a natural feel, it’s perfect for a kids’ bedroom.  What adventures would your kids be going on with this mural in their room, mine would most certainly be imagining themselves as Ewoks on the forest moon of Endor. 

There you have it, the top nature wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms, which one is your favourite, would your kid’s choose the same as you?  I love seeing what the girls think of different designs.

Happy decorating x 

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Top 5 Wallpapers for Kids’ Rooms

Top 5 Wallpapers for Kids’ Rooms

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