Nautical Inspired Wallpaper

by | Aug 28, 2020

Wallpaper that will take your child to the beach or into the ocean


Rooomy’s round up of the best wallpapers for your kid’s bedroom, 

which will bring the sense of deep sea adventure or chilling on the beach.

Whales have always seemed amazing to us: the largest mammal on earth, their under-water speech, the sheer mass splashing down in the ocean to their calm, large glide through the water. With Finding Nemo, Pixar have helped take them to a new level where we now feel we are all able to speak whale which is fantastic.  Here at Rooomy we’re  great at speaking whale, some better than others of course.  This wonderful design manages to encapsulate their fun side.  The design is also available in grey.

You’re arty and you love the ocean and you don’t want a wallpaper that is too childish: this is for you. The flowing sea grass (sea weed just sounded to yucky) gives a lovely  to this design and then you have the pleasure of spotting the hiding seahorses, starfish and shells. Available in different colour ways to suit all your tonal needs. This would work great on a split wall, if you have a dado  rail. You can have lots of fun with this design, maybe use two or three different colour ways to bring all the colours of the sea to their space.

Under the sea does not need to mean The Little Mermaid or Finding Nemo. Maybe the pattern of wallpaper is just not for you. With this sea cave mural you can help your child go on an under the sea adventure of their own, available for any size wall. For your teenager this will bring a great sense of calm to their space when they are stressing over exams and all the other hurdles that go hand in hand with hormone surges.  Who knows it could inspire some scuba diving training?

So many wallpapers are not considered for kid’s rooms – too fancy, too grown up (whatever that mean). If you’re a fan of the beach and your kids love making endless sand angels, rock pooling and cart-wheeling along the beach then this design could be for you. Its warm rainbow tones are perfect for happy daydreaming of seaside adventures, but from the comfort of the carpet or cosy in bed. Their imagination, memories and creativity will all be firing away! Maybe you can join them for a lazy daydream? Cornetto, anyone?

Walls, Walls, Walls…


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