Neon Lights

by | Jun 18, 2019

Who Runs The World? Girls!


Lisa Mettis presents the perfect transition ideas from child to teen. 

Light bright, with a touch of neon. 

Photographs by Anna Stathaki


This room is a beautiful, fun space for a tween. That difficult age between junior and senior school. Where everything is about to change, from your friendship group and influences, to those dreaded hormones. This is a great time to redecorate your child’s room. In my experience, once the new external influences start kicking in, it’s quite hard to get a mini client to express what they actually want, not their new friends. Also, if you select carefully and think ‘future’ with small tweaks, this room could well take your tween into their teens and beyond.

Gemma’s room was actually briefed by her mum. It’s a rented property and she was very keen to make it their own. First off by removing the shelves they had inherited, saying no to the magnolia and purchasing functional furnishings and accessories.

Quite early in the process the client expressed an interest in quality furnishings that have longevity. So, this lucky young woman is the proud owner of a room which houses some of the world’s best brands. They will stand the test of time.

To kick things off, we freshened up the room by painting the room in Farrow & Ball Blackened. Their whitest of the grey shades. Described as an architectural grey white. It’s one of those wonderful shades that looks different in each light, and a perfect choice in this period London town house.

After exploring several storage solutions. We selected that design classic, the string shelving system, which can incorporate a desk space, house homework, books and knick-knacks, whilst also storing clothing and small accessories, such as socks and swimwear. The iconic Eames desk chair fits the brief of clean, cool and contemporary.

“The look is incredible, fresh and functional.  It has allowed Gemma the luxury of
some features she never had before, such as a workplace and a space to chill and lounge”

The look is incredible fresh and functional. It has allowed Gemma the luxury of some features she never had before, such as a workspace and space to chill and lounge (the floor cushion was non-negotiable!).

The single Sparrow Bed with trundle for sleepovers is by Ouef. It’s very heavy with a high-quality finish, incorporating pale Baltic birch and white. The custom-made light we commissioned is the perfect feature for a strong independent young woman to wake up to every morning. All the pale design classics are punctuated with pops of fun, bright colour and pattern. The bedding is from the fabulous Love Frankie, which we purchased in both colourways. Come wash day the room will have a completely new fun look!

The family are big art collectors and have an impressive collection of prints around the house. I wanted to source something in keeping with the rest of the house, but unique to Gemma’s taste. These limited addition print runs by Berlin-based artist Eillot are perfect. I had several clues that Fluro donuts and ice cream might go down a treat, no pun intended! We love the chilled grown-up vibe of the added texture from the dip-dyed faux fur bean bag and the Beni Ourain inspired rug.

We’re totally thrilled with the end result, we know this room will take Gemma from tween to teen and beyond, in fact, can I have a room like that?

Girls, Girls, Girls…


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