New Safari Cabin Bed!

by | Apr 17, 2020

A Night-Time Drive

Launching today!

Introducing the new Safari Overland Off Road Cabin Bed Midsleeper

from Nöa & Nani


A bed made purely to inspire adventure, how wonderful does that sound? Anything that encourages a child to play freely and invites the introduction of props such as binoculars and torches is an absolutely top find in my book! Nöa & Nani have created their new cabin bed with a tent and tunnel for children to play in, hide in, read in, sleep in and chill in. With the tent covering the rest of the bed it provides the perfect place for under the bed storage to be hidden and then as your child grows up the canopy can be removed, a desk can be added and you have the perfect layout for a tween/teen bedroom.


Embark upon a night-time drive adventure with the new cabin bed with an Off-road tent and tunnel from online family furniture brand Nöa & Nani. Available now, the super-fun, elevated sleep station will be sure to encourage the most explorative play, whilst also providing a cosy place for sleep.

The Off-road canopy provides the most imaginative hide-away den, perfect for stowing those precious pieces of safari equipment such as binoculars, cameras and torches, or for simply hiding toys and furniture out of sight, ensuring that the surrounding room space is maximised.

The super-fun fabric tent features a bright green 4×4 vehicle, complete with front, side and rear views. Accessible via a sturdy ladder, the luggage rack atop provides the ideal place to sleep peacefully under the night-time stars, or a spot to sit and ponder whilst looking out onto the Serengeti Savannah.


Beautifully crafted from solid pine and finished in a contemporary shade of white, matching accessories including shelves and coat hooks can be added to accommodate all those little bits and bobs. All fabric add-ons from Nöa & Nani full comply with UK fire regulations, ensuring they are safe for use. Designed to grow with the child, the tented canopy can be easily removed, leaving a stylish, classic sleeper, which can accommodate a slide and a desk or chest of drawers below.


The Cabin bed with Off-road tent and tunnel £169.00

The Cabin bed with Off-road tent and tunnel is also available with slide for £199.00

You can check out the bed here and for more great kid and family furniture ideas visit Nöa & Nani

Live Safari

To take them on a wild safari adventure, check out the Wild Earth channel on YouTube as the take you on a drive through The Kruger National Park every day 5:30-8:30am and 3:30-6:30pm, enjoy.

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