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by | Mar 2, 2020

Lisa Mettis’ Top 5 Tips for Teens


Lisa Mettis of Born & Bred Studio designs a room for Finn, a teenage boy. 

Asking all the right questions she keeps Finn and his parents happy with the end result.

Creating a bedroom that he is extremely thrilled to show off to his friends.

photographed by Alessandro Tear


The teen room … usually the most concise of briefs. Mainly as the young person knows exactly what they want (sort of). Parents are squirming in the corner with the ‘lets confer later look’ written all over their face.

I often can’t decipher why a teen or even tweens taste is so sophisticated. I really believe its all the ‘stuff’ they are exposed to. From parents, holidays and a constant flow of information and inspiration from social media. Many teens reference the latest eateries or places they have visited in the UK or abroad. It goes without saying, all of our inspiration is communicated via Pinterest and Instagram. 

Finn has a very strong character and knew what he wanted. At one point there was a suggestion of black walls, an open fire and sheepskins (I’m not kidding). But after asking some probing questions and getting on his level (something his parents could obviously never do…as that would be so uncool) it became clear which direction I should take to please both Finn and his parents.


“This was a complete education for me personally, a real eye opener for my future parenting”

Where do you like to hang out? What’s your favourite shop? What are your interests. The room was crystal clear in my head. He had a love for the Abercrombie shops. That lead to dark interiors. He was set on a double bed….hello I’m grown up now mum. Gaming is Finn’s main passion, when not studying, so an area for two monitors was non-negotiable. This was a complete education for me personally and a real eye opener for my future parenting! Finn also needed storage to house school work and sports equipment.

What I deciphered from the brief.  Dark blue walls, a large low-level walnut bed to sit at the right level next to the shutters. Some very cool blue-print artwork commissioned on the same colour wood as headboard incorporating Finns interests (sports, lego, gaming, bicycles). Low level lockers for day to day school books and sports kit including fencing and rugby. A gaming corner with two monitors, corner desk and swivel chair. Bedding and accessories are cool, creative and a fun (grown up) surprise for Finn. And the icing on the cake was the neon light which added the ‘cool teen’ hang out element to the room.

I was still in the house for the big reveal…and it must be said I was a little nervous with this cool customer. Early on winters evening, Finn walked into the room with a friend, the neon was on, new cool bedding laid out… initially speechless.. “OMG that light…turned his back looked in my direction ‘thank you this is really amazing…good job.’ I disappeared down the stairs and Finn’s friend lamented on how ‘awesome your room is’…and settled in for a night of gaming and chilling..

I disappeared into the night and the interiors fairies work was complete for another week…smiling ear to ear. Phheeww!



1. Is your child settled into secondary school? If so now’s the time. I have done several kids rooms the year before this transition…and honestly they are like different people a year on. New influences, friendship sets and outlook. And whilst its all a big leap and very grown up…there is an innocence their that needs to be (discretely) acknowledged and embraced as it will be fleeting.

2. In terms of the foundations…paint colour and anything built in… think adult. Does this have longevity could it be a guest room.

3. Embrace the accessories and the novelty…this is what the teen years are all about.

4. Think comfort and social. You want your teen to feel like they can bring friends home and hang out (away from you obviously). Encourage a place to chill and study. Tweens are under so much pressure both socially and academically … a safe place is key.

5. There is a lot to be learned from our teens. Many of whom are incredibly passionate about the environment. A good time to purchase design classics budget permitting. They will clearly be taking them with them when (if they ever) move out!

Finn’s room was designed by Lisa Mettis, Director of Born & Bred Studio

Photography by Alessandro Tear

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