New Wallpaper Designs for Girls and Boys Bedrooms

by | Jan 22, 2020

Pioneer Wallpaper Design for Kids Rooms by MissPrint


Out of 8 new designs, Rooomy picks the favourite four for kids bedrooms. 

Certain that they will bring bold pattern, colour and life into any child’s bedroom


Unveiled at this year’s Paris Déco Off, the new Pioneer collection from MissPrint introduces eight new wallpaper designs that celebrate the brand’s signature style of illustration and confident approach to colour in the modern home.

By its very meaning, ‘pioneer’, denotes a sense of discovery, exploration and innovation. From the deepest depths of our oceans to the soaring skies above, the collection is a celebration of adventure and everything the earth has to offer.

In no particular order:


If we play mallets mallet with this design, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Fun – Play – Delight – Joy and so on and so forth. This playful design of leaves, rainbows and swirls is perfectly designed to ignite your child’s imagination and comes in five great colour options, but be careful with the monochrome, they may be tempted to colour it in, maybe you could let them, wouldn’t that be fun? 


This design might look familiar, but it is unique and it’s in the favourite four because of this bold colour palette. Great for a teen bedroom, edgy and dark but not oppressive in anyway, this could well keep both teens and parents happy. If you like the design but the dark palette is not your cup of tea, don’t worry it comes in three other colour ways, two of them would look beautiful in a nursery.


What child isn’t fascinated by the stars? Thinking on stars can take us to far away magical places, kids fleetingly think on just how big the world and universe is, dreams of travelling to space, making wishes and so much more. The five colour options also allow you to put a twist on the night sky, it doesn’t have to be dark, it can be yellow and warm or pink and playful. 


All the squiggles of under the sea with vibrant colour options. Children will gaze on this and either see a maze they need to work their finger through, or they’ll escape on a deep-sea dive. They will definitely want to play in a room with a wall covered in this design, and we all know play is the best thing for their incredible developing minds. 

Meticulously drawn by hand and produced in the UK using a selection of traditional print techniques, the Pioneer collection evokes a sense of confidence through versatile shades and bold repeat patterns, whilst reflecting the distinctively unique and modern style synonymous with MissPrint. From the giant shield-like leaves of Jungle and the eye-catching star-like pattern of Limelight, to the mesmerising labyrinth pattern of Coral and the intricate dot work of Deep Sea, the collection embraces influences from all that surrounds us. Presented in a diverse yet contemporary palette of deep blues, mustard yellows, coral pinks and earthy greens, the essence of Pioneer is captured through a combination of delicate line work and pointillism, eye-catching geometric shapes and nature-inspired patterns.

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