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by | Apr 24, 2020

Rooomy talks to Lotte Fynboe,

Creator of OYOY Living


Rachel Burns speaks to Lotte and takes a peak behind the

Scandinavian brand she created straight out of college

Always thinking about children and the whole family home


Let’s meet Lotte who studied deign and college and went on to create the glorious brand that is OYOY Living.  She love all kind of music which makes Spotify her best friend right now, currently she’s enjoying listening to The Weekend, Phlake, The Minds of 99 and Coldplay.  She’s not a huge chocolate fan but once enjoyed a Rittersport in Berlin and when a favourite tipple is reached for it’s usually an Aperol Spritz or a Hugo, don’t worry I Googled it, it’s a cocktail made up of Prosecco, Elderflower syrup, Seltzer and mint leaves. 

RB – What happened in 2012 that lead you to starting OYOY?

LF – The tale began while I was studying to get a degree in product design. Many of the products developed during my design education were part of the first collection that was launched back in January 2012 and some are still running in the existing collection. I had known throughout the design study that I wanted to be independent and start my own company so the founding of OYOY Living Design came as a natural consequence and of course my passion for design.

RB – What three words would you use to describe OYOY?

LF – 1) Rooted in the Danish traditions of simplicity, functionality and playfulness. 2) Playful yet straight forward aesthetic approach to design and 3) OYOY is for modern families in the search of re-calling childhood memories and creating new ones

RB – What is your mission? Has this changed at all since your started?

LF – The mission has changed over time during new categories, new countries and a larger product. My vision is for OYOY to be one of the strongest Danish design brands, offering home accessories for children, adults and the homes they live in. We strive to be respectful and dedicated to the manufactured products, all involved people and our surrounding nature – always with a creative and playful approach in mind.

RB – After designing for 8 years, where do you go for inspiration?

LF – Everywhere. Wherever I am, ideas often arise from a need or something that can be made more simple or with a more playful expression. It could also be from museums, materials, colours, travelling, shopping, tiling pattern on a wall in Portugal when travelling, the list is endless…

RB – What are the biggest challenges of being a business owner?

LF – Keeping the business going, enough time and at the same time making it a nice place to be.

RB – What do you find the most rewarding?

LF – To feel the interest about the products from the customers. We design all products ourselves and are responsible for the process from sketch to finished product, which just makes it even more satisfactory when we get the positive response.

RB – What one piece of advice would you give parents, agonising over where to start in their nursery?

LF – Choose unique products and create a beautiful universe for the child, the parents and family.

RB – As an international brand what differences do you notice in kid’s interiors around the globe?

LF – Basically, all children are the same all over the world, but it is the parents who define the difference in the way they live. We are seeing a growing interest in creating a unique universe.

RB – Congrats on the launch of the UK site. What else can we expect from you in 2020?

LF – Thank you. We expect: New products, desire to expand and a wider range of products.

RB – What are your hopes for the future of OYOY?

LF – We hope that OYOY continues to healthily grow together with our current and new customers. More unique, quality, long lasting products for the children and adults – the whole family.


There are so many incredible products from OYOY Living, you need to go window shopping round the site, great for your kids, great for gifts and wonderful ideas for your family home.  Let us know what your find and love the most.

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