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by | Jan 29, 2020

Flamingo Wallpaper for Girls Bedrooms


This weeks top 3 wallpaper picks, all based on our favourite pink bird the flamingo


I shared a picture the other day from a mum who has just wallpapered her daughter’s bedroom with flamingos. A few people asked where the design was from and this finally gave me the answer for this week’s wallpaper selection.

These are my top 3 wallpaper choices for flamingos. There are lots more out there so do hunt around if you need to. But the others were either too old fashioned/ornate; but could be great for a teen room or part of a nursery. And the other designs seemed too one dimensional, not much character to them. I think you’re going to like these, and I’ve included reviews too (wink, wink).

Albany – Wallpaper Direct

The original design to inspire this week’s choice. A polka dot wallpaper design featuring flamingos with a little detail and then scattered feathers with, boasting several shades of pink and the odd gold touch. Great design for a kid’s bedroom, especially if they love pink. Also good for parents who want a good design that they also must live with and may be wary of too much pink.

Are flamingos the favourite animal of all pink lovers? They certainly are my youngest’s favourite for this very reason. We have several plush versions, and she has also added a pink hippo and pink snake to the collection.

Amber (5yrs) review – “I like this one the best because it has the feathers, not just the flamingos”

Murals Wallpaper

Go big or go home! I love this phrase; I think I might use it too much.

I am a huge fan of all things collage style. This bold and stunning collage of flamingos will bring a real wow factor to you child’s room, a sea of pink with the sharp black beaks, it is so much fun and makes me beam every time I look at it. It would be a big bold statement for a teen space, creating an inspired place to study and focus, creating a truly positive vibe.  Murals Wallpaper have a few other flamingo design which I think you’d enjoy, you can check them out here.

I Love Wallpaper

If pink is number one in their hearts but you are desperate to avoid too much fuchsia in once place, then break it all up by introducing a navy background. Plus, green palms are a great way to bring a touch of the outside into their room, offering another layer to the design which I like.

If the more the pink the better, and you like the greenery, fret not, this design also comes with a blush background. And if the navy it too bold and the blush is too munch pink, there’s a grey background option too, something for everyone.

Ava (7yrs) review – “This is my favourite because the flamingos are more lifelike, and I love the blue background”

Happy wallpaper, don’t forget to send us your makeovers or tag us in social media – you can get in touch here


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