Plants for Kids’ Rooms

by | Oct 15, 2019

The Benefits of Adding Plants to your Childs’ Bedroom


Sarah Gainsborough from The Little Botanical explains what a positive addition plants 

can be in your kids’ bedroom


The current trend for green plants and succulents can be seen everywhere at the moment. More than ever people are recognising that adding some living plants to an indoor space can not only transform the look and offer value for money, but can bring real benefits to the occupants!

For us at The Little Botanical, plants are everywhere we look and we love it! We are part of a family-run nursery based in West Sussex, who have been growing and selling plants for four generations! Over the last 12 months we noticed that more and more people want plants, but simply struggle to be able to get hold of them.

But why add plants to a child’s bedroom? Well we think there are so many great reasons:

  1. They look pretty! Popped on a shelf, in a basket on the floor, on their bedside table by a nightlight! They just look great.
  2. Give your child a plant to care for! It’s a great way of teaching a bit of independence and   learning how to be responsible. Choose a plant like a succulent which needs water just once a month, or a green indoor house plant which is happier watered weekly.
  3. Some plants actually purify the air, giving your children (and you) a real boost of oxygen. Many plants remove toxins including formaldehyde, microbial pathogens, benzene and microbial pathogens.
  4. Bringing nature in to the home helps create a feeling of outside-in living. Which is very well known for improving positivity and productivity! Positive and productive children sound like the ideal!

So, what are the best plants to choose? Well primarily, we would always say choose ones you like! That way you will love them, they will make you smile and you will make sure they are happy. There is so much choice of size, colours and styles – spend time looking around and see what you’re drawn to. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Sanseveria.  This plant came out top of a NASA study on plants that perform the best at removing toxins. It is also a super long-lasting variety and not fussy at all about positioning in your home.
  • Echeveria Miranda. We sell this in a mini version or a larger one. A very sturdy little succulent, gorgeous to look at and so easy to care for. Just a tiny bit of water once a month and these guys will easily last a few months.
  • Calethea.  The king of house plants! We just love this guy and there are so many stunning varieties to choose from, all look a little different. If it’s a leafy green thing of beauty you’re after – look no further.

We hope this has helped you feel ready to add some green to your playroom or bedroom design. Just a final little reminder – plants do die! They are meant to die, so don’t feel guilty or that you have done anything wrong. Plants are far better value for money than flowers with the added benefit of a lovely ceramic pot you can use time and time again.

We launched our website in November and we are lucky enough to be sending plants all over the country and in to people’s homes! Our mission from the beginning has been to inspire more people to make plants part of their lives. The positive experience of existing with nature in an interior space is hugely underrated and we want people to see the benefits of plants that are easy to care for to help reduce the constant stresses of modern life.

We love to chat over at so give us a shout if we can help in any way!

How To Bring Nature Inside….


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