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by | Nov 5, 2020

Rooomy Loves Sustainability

Rooomy’s best sustainable finds for parents, that kids will love


In each issue of the magazine we have the Rooomy Loves feature.  My chance to share with you some brilliant finds which I think other parents will love, which are not related to your child’s bedroom.  Something for the home, a great gift maybe, a great book find or possibly something silly but fab.


Leave Nothing but Footprints

I bought this book because I love the illustrator.  She’s worked on other kids books and her art work is gorgeous.  The book has a clear message about looking after our environment particularly the oceans and seas.  For us it was reaffirming that we are doing the right things already, we always take our rubbish home and don’t leave anything on the beach, in fact as long as hygiene isn’t an issue we often put other peoples rubbish in the bin, the girls are happy to do this.  It was a great reminder that using less plastic bags is important and something we have become much better at in recent months, one of the few bonuses of lockdown.  The girls were heart broken at the prospect of saying no to glitter, but it’s prompted me to research the why some more for them, I guess this is the key to sustainability with our kid’s it’s all about educating them.  Telling what they must and must not do it simply not good enough, we need help the understand why our actions are important and the impact we have when we don’t act.  This will cement their understanding and commitment and hopefully be less likely to be led astray by peer who litter when they’re older, they can set the example and be passionate about their reasons why.  Education, strength, conviction.


Leave Nothing but Footprints, kid's books

Corkando Placemats

Whilst on the hunt for cork rugs I came across these glorious placemats.  With 7 lovely illustrated designs to choose from you’ll be able to make your dinner time setting a truly joyful place to be.  Lovingly designed with great motifs from a sustainable material. The cork table sets are non-slip and easy to care for. So your table always stays clean and the food is even more fun!

Giraffe Cork Placemat, Rooomy magazine for kid's
orangutan cork placemat, rooomy magazine sustainability for kid's bedrooms
lion cork placemat, rooomy magazine sustainability for kid's bedrooms
elephant cork placemat, rooomy magazine sustainability for kid's bedrooms

Bamboo Calculator

The number one reason for the Rooomy Loves feature is because when I am researching kids rooms I always stumble upon products that I don’t think would have ever crossed my path otherwise.  This Bamboo Calculator is a perfect example of just that.  Had you ever heard of one? Well if you are looking to introduce more natural products and less plastic then this is a must have!  Bamboo offers such a great colour and the chunky buttons are fab for all ages and it is of course solar powered!

bamboo calculator, rooomy magazine sustainability gofts for kid's
Green Toys pink fire truck for kid's play

The BeBehive – Green Toys Inc

I live with a pink obsessed 5 year old and this fire truck made me smile.  It comes in red too, if like me you love a more traditional style.  There are lots of great sustainable vehicle toys available from Green Toys but I wanted to give this pink beauty a top spot here. 

Solidly constructed from 100% recycled plastic milk containers that save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Green Toys Fire Truck has no metal axles, so it’s safe for both the earth. 

Green Toys pink fire truck for kid's play

Eat Sleep Doodle

Pick a product, any product

All of the Eatsleep Doodle products are great and they have something for everyone.  I include them here because they meet a sustainable level for me as their products can be washed and reused and then passed on.  Nothing is going into landfill, the lifespan is fantastic and worth spending on.  We just need the creative industry to find a way of making plastic free felt tips!

Eat Sleep Doodle colouring gifts for kids as seen in rooomy magazine
Eat Sleep Doodle colouring gifts for kids as seen in rooomy magazine

Rooomy Loves….

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