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by | Oct 24, 2019

Sarah’s World


What does the superstar stylist do for her number one babe’s bedroom?

Rooomy finds out. 


You may know Sarah Akwisombe from her award-winning blog or her kick ass business school, No Bull Business School. Along with her her lovely husband (Jason), she is on a mission to encourage us to show off our wicked personalities through our interiors. She certainly practices what she preaches, so how could we not get on board? Sarah has worked with M&S, Dwell, DFS and more and she has appeared in an e-bay ad campaign. Her current projects include styling new builds and photography. Above all this, Sarah is a wife to Jason and a mum to Marley (5). She is as passionate about her family as she is about her work, something that is always clear from her social posts. Marley is full of life, always ready to dance and play, with a mum who’s been credited with defining the millennial interior style. I couldn’t wait to see how this would translate to a child’s interior…. Well, let’s see what she did…

RB:         When it came to Marley’s room how did you approach this?  For example, was Marley involved in the decision making? 

SA:         Haha, I should say yes but nope! She was only 2 so I just went for it. I knew she would like it. Now she’s older I would definitely involve her a bit more if we come to decorate it again. 

RB:         Fair enough. How did you go about making your choices for her room?  Was a mood-board created?

SA:         Yes: I created a moodboard first as I always do for any room. It really helps me to visualise which pieces will work best. I use it as a bit of a moving doc for a while, like trying different artwork, furniture and stuff until I get the right combination.

RB:         Rooomy readers are always stressing over storage in their kid’s rooms.  What are your top tips?

SA:         Utilise the space under the bed – Marley has all her pants and socks in a pull-out organiser thing and we keep all her shoes and boxes of toys under there too. We don’t have any wardrobes in her room, we pretty much fold/roll everything into drawers. I learnt that from Marie Kondo!

“I created a moodboard first as I always do for any room.  It really helps me to visualise which pieces will work best. 
I use it as a bit of a moving doc for a while, like trying different artwork,
furniture and stuff until I get the right combination”

RB:         As Marley is now at school and growing up what changes will you be making to her room?

SA:         She definitely needs more space for books, so we are thinking about buying some kind of wall rack – that kid gets through so many books. Also, it’s so messy all the time now so not really a room change but maybe something to incentivise her to tidy up! If I can trust her to keep it nice maybe I’d get her a better carpet, we had Vorwerk  put in our bedroom and its soooo soft. Still not sure I could trust her not to drop yoghurt on it though. 

RB:         What would you advise new parents to really invest in for their children’s room – something simple that won’t date quickly…

SA:         Artwork! It’s affordable and an easy way to create a cool space. I love pop art for kids as it has a young feel but is still cool enough to not be cringey, as some kids artwork can be. A bit too ‘twee’, you know? – [Yes I know exactly what you mean: how can you put an age on when they’ll like something? Taste has a different impact at different ages and stages. Pop Art is perfect for kid’s rooms]. 

RB:         If Money is not object, on the market now, what have you seen out there that you would love to buy for her room?

SA:         She’s still a bit small for it but I love this cabin bed from I think these are great as they free up important floor space in a small room. 

RB:         What’s your best way of spending time with Marley?

SA:         We love baking! To be honest she’s not entirely interested in the finished product she just wants to get to eat the mix. She’s obsessed!

RB:         Favourite book to curl up and read to Marley?

SA:         We’re currently enjoying making our way through the “Anthology of Amazing Women” by Sandra Lawrence and Nathan Collins. It’s really good as it’s fun for me too.

Shopping List

Curtains: IKEA, £39

Chest of drawers: IKEA, £140

Brass Curtain pole: Wayfair, £28.99

Junior bed: IKEA, £100

Cloud bedding: Farg & Form

A4 Acrylic book display units: Amazon, £11.22 each

Dog cushion: IKEA, £9

Cowboy Dinosaur: IKEA, £4

Wall colour: Valspar, Apricot Whisper available at B&Q

Above picture rail colour: Valspar custom mix

Girls, Girls, Girls…




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