Scandi For Kids Rooms

by | Oct 25, 2019

Scandi For Kids


In the first of three parts Nete Vester explains how to achieve the

Scandinavian style for your kids’ room


Welcome to a great three-part series on how to achieve the Scandi look. We’ve heard so much about how beautiful and practical it is. Nete Vester of Moberry interiors takes us through the key elements we need to consider when trying to create this natural feel for our children’s bedrooms.

When decorating any room, it’s good to start with the colour scheme you wish to create. Take a look around your home to get inspiration and to create a cohesive style across your home. Needless to say, Scandinavian colours are muted and subtle, and while colours are very much an individual preference, it has been proven that muted colours do create a more tranquil environment.

If kids were to choose, the colour palette would probably resemble a box full of LEGO, so one solution is to choose a few colours, one perhaps being a bit brighter, and then make them chose from these. Thereby you control the colour palette, while leaving them feeling empowered. Muted colours does not mean varying shades of white, though white is often a key base in Scandinavian interior.

Optimising space with multifunctional furniture. Flexa® are known for their functional, playful and sustainable room solutions.

Less is more – quality over quantity

You are probably tired of this line by now, but there is really something to it. Too many choices are not necessarily good for children and decluttering their toys will create a calmer setting. If you don’t want to get rid of some of their toys, you can rotate it on an ongoing basis. Avoid having too much furniture in the room; invest in high quality and well-designed furniture. These pieces normally keep their value and you want to sell them later.

Keeping it simple. Elements Optimal produces iconic, high quality design pieces

“Invest in high quality and well designed furniture. 
These pieces normally keep their value

Creating space – storage is king

Whether the room is big or small, create floor space as this is where play happens. Think out of the box for storage and utilise the vertical space in the room too e.g. by having wall bookcases or cabinets. Good and easy to reach storage is key for enabling easy play and quick tidying up. Quick tidying means you can easily maintain a clean look. It also stimulates the children to play independently and to make their own choices when playing, instead of depending on an adult to reach and chose for them.

Functionality first

The Scandinavian style is very much about multifunctional and lasting design, which also work very well in kids’ rooms. When a piece can do more than one job, i.e., toy box and bench, you may be able to save some space and have less items in the room. Furniture which also contains storage are great e.g. a bed with storage or a closet with a desk.

Bringing in the nature

For a Scandinavian look, materials are all about wood and natural fabrics. The philosophy is to create calm surroundings by following the examples of nature. If you want to use wood, most Scandi lovers stick to a light palette: beech, ash, pine. Most Scandinavian rooms will have wooden floor with rugs and other calm looking accessories do create some ‘hygge’.


Finally, but very importantly, is the light. Make the most of natural light by avoiding heavy looking curtains; don’t put too many things in the window. To obtain complete darkness for the evenings, you can always install some basic blackout roller blinds. For lamps, ensure that you have plenty of light sources e.g. by combining floor lamps, table lamps, wall lights and ceiling light. Use these various lights to zone in an area like a reading light for a reading area or a desk lamp.

Finally, below are listed some good sources for buying Scandinavian or Scandinavian looking furniture and accessories for the nursery:

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