Spring Walls for Kids’ Bedrooms

by | Aug 24, 2020

Best of the Rest


Patricia Hoyna shares her top finds from the Scottish Interiors Showcase 

The Spring season is when new collections come to life and fabulous designs are released to spark our imagination. This year is no different and I’d like to share my personal favourites from the Scottish Interiors Showcase, the biggest trade-only event in the UK.

Animals, birds and botanicals were the most notable trend in the world of textiles and wallcoverings. With colour palettes ranging from subtle pastels to punchy, electric blues, vibrant reds and mustard yellows.

Two companies in particular caught my eye with their fantastic range of children’s wallpaper. One you probably all know, Sweden’s, Borastapeter, manufacturing wallpapers since 1905! The other brand, Caselio, is also renowned for its innovative and high-quality products, coming to us from France with their bold and funky, modern designs. They are both very strong contenders, yet with very different visions. 

‘One wallpaper and thousands of tales’, is the new collection from Borastapeter Scandinavian Designers Mini and Scandinavian Designers II. These playful wallpapers feature fantastic patterns from some of Sweden’s foremost children’s artists and playtime inspirations. Whimsical, figurative motifs are designed to engage, delight and inspire; squirrels exploring, hooting owls in hats – telling a bed time story has never been easier! l truly love the calming qualities of Poem d’ Amour and my favourite is a shaggy polar bear that swims and frolics among lovely little water bubbles.

A pattern from the large, playful collection that Stig Lindberg composed for an exhibition at NK (the Nordic Company) in 1947. The managing director, Astrid Sampe fell in love with the pattern to such a degree that she had it turned into a dress. Stig Lindberg then made a necklace and bracelet of porcelain flowers for the dress that is now on display at the Nordic Museum.
Designed by Stig Lindberg, Scandinavian Designers II, Poeme d’amour 1765: £59.00

A hand-drawn wallpaper for children’s rooms that sees squirrels swinging, hanging upside down and gathering acorns. The contrasts, details and vibrant colours get the imagination going in this narrative pattern, created in Boråstapeter’s Design Studio. Here with a dark base, which creates a cosy, playful feel in children’s rooms. Also available with a white background for a softer finish.  Designed by Amanda Nordblad, Scandinavian Designers Mini, Charlie 6252: £59.00

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