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by | Apr 9, 2020

Miami Chic Vibe


Amthal Karim shares how she created a Miami Chic Vibe

for her fifteen year old daughter to revise and chill in


For my daughter’s 15th birthday we decided she needed a bedroom style update. Her current bedroom was painted pink all over with turquoise accessories and there was no desk so we decided it had to become more grown-up and also accommodate a study space. Alisha’s bedroom is the smallest in our 3 bedroom semi-detached 1930s house – it’s almost a box room just slightly narrower. 

For the design, Alisha still really wanted pastel colours and also said she loved rose gold. So we decided on all white walls and a theme that would incorporate pastels and rose gold subtly in the artwork and accessories only. With artwork always being my main inspiration for room décor and Desenio my most favourite (!) online store – we began looking for the perfect print to encapsulate the look she wanted.

I found this beautiful palm tree poster print which inspired me to create the mood board with colours and motifs for a relaxed, Miami beach look. We decided on white furniture and shelving for a clean, airy feel and then touches of blush pink and turquoise. For a more grown up feel and to add interest, I decided to introduce pattern and texture using marble and terrazzo and completed this with rose gold finishing touches.  

We wanted to make the most of the wall space for storage. We used picture ledge shelves from JYSK to display accessories and artwork and added a large run of shelves along the entire top of the room to store study books out of the way. 

Alisha’s desk was white gloss with a tempered glass top and we bought a matching mirror so that the desk could double as a dressing table.

The artwork and quotation posters were a must for me – of course – from Desenio.co.uk . The faux palm leaf, terrazzo vase, candles and palm leave candle holder were from JYSK – the perfect place to shop for chic but budget décor touches. The rose gold noticeboard was from BHS online but you can buy similar on Amazon. Storage was the most important thing for the new room as we wanted all the clutter and accessories to be neatly stored away in such as small space, so the overhead shelving all the way around the entire room and the Malm dressing table with hideaway drawer storage was perfect. We also used under-bed wheeled storage boxes for everything else. Finally, to complete the room we added the Tanner table lamp from Dunelm. We finished with blush pink, plain bedding from La Redoute.

My main tips for a cool teen space would be to think about clever storage ideas – because no matter how much storage you think you have teenagers always seem to inherit even more things! The noticeboard allows my daughter to display her concert tickets, photos of her with her friends – all her best memories. The shelves also allow her to display all her little treasures, mementos, souvenirs from holidays and concerts etc.  Keeping all the books and practical items out of the way on overhead shelves and under the bed allows more space for the nicer things to be on display. Finally, the white walls make the room feel spacious – even though it isn’t – and keeping colour to the smaller touches makes it feel more of a grown-up look.

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