The Best Colourful Wallpaper for Kids’ Bedrooms

by | May 25, 2021

Kids’ Bedrooms Walls – Discover Rooomy’s Top 5 Colourful Wallpapers

Top 5 Wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms,

bringing big fun into their small space.


In kids’ bedrooms walls are a huge canvas for you to decorate, adorn and play with.  You can make statements, you can cocoon the whole space or section off areas of your kid’s room, creating a different vibe in each corner.  We won’t presume to know what you’re looking for and above all we want to encourage you to use more colour, this walls section we’re going to walk you through increasing stages of colour coverage. 





1 – Colourful Feathers from Mini Moderns 

Kicking off our Top 5 Colourful wallpapers for kids’ bedrooms is this colourful yet gentle design.  If you are keen to introduce some colour but nervous then these lovely feathers will bring the perfect light touch with calm tones but still colour coming into your kid’s space.

Mini Moderns created this in collaboration with artist, Matt Sewell. The design is based on Matt’s feather watercolours, which feature in the design for the end papers of his book ‘Our Songbirds’. The individual feathers each relate to the birds featured in the book.

The wallpaper design is part of their collection that takes inspiration from the nature reserve of Dungeness, on the South Kent coast.  The delicate watercolour effect makes this a wonderful soft design for nursery’s and children’s rooms, no garish primary colour here thank you.

Feathers Wallpaper by Mini Moderns for Kid's bedrooms
Dotty Multibright Wallpaper for kId's bedrooms





2 – Dotty Multi Bright from Graham & Brown 

Are you looking for a playful and colourful option for your kid’s bedroom walls then look no further than this dotty delight.  Big colour spots that you can’t help but smile at, there is something instantly fun and entertaining about big colourful silly circles plastered all over a wall. 

It’s like an epic game of Twister waiting to be played.   You could even buy just one roll and keep cutting off large section to washi tape to the wall and the kids could create their own little emoji’s or monsters or aliens?  Lots of fun to be had here.



3 – Midsummer Bloom from Cole & Son

Ok building our braveness levels, we enter this big bloom design from Cole & Son, still with plenty of white space in the background so it won’t overwhelm the room, however if you are looking to go bold or go home they have two other colour way options that are stunning.  Lots of lovely gentle colours here, great detail and big blooms which make a great statement without being in your face.  This blousy print was found in the Cole & Son archive and re-painted by the Design Studio to create a rich and lavish trailing floral.



Midsummer Cole & Son for kids' bedrooms



4 – Candy from Murals Wallpaper

Maybe you want bolder colours but are concerned about how intense that might, you don’t want anything too one dimensional either.  My 8 year-old loves this water-marble effect, in the art and craft world this is all the rage right now.  There is lots of colour and movement in this design but still plenty of white space so as not to overwhelm the space that they are growing in. 

The unique, mesmerising design of this mural was hand-crafted by gently pressing a sheet of paper against a surface of water mixed with colourful paints to form a fun arrangement of swirls, speckles and splotches. 

Plus, can you imagine their friends reaction when they come round and see this (eventually this will be happening)?  They will think you are the coolest parents ever for letting them have this up in their space, not that anyone says cool anymore right?  All you need to do is enter your wall measurements and the mural is created just for your space, no repeated patterns, one unique wall.


Bright Pastel Marbled Wallpaper for kids' bedrooms


5 – Frida from HappyWall 

And finally, if you want to really go for it, colour everywhere, no white space, big bold shapes with rich tones, then the Frida is for you.  Inspired by the incredible lady herself what child’s imagination will not be ignited by this, I am instantly transported to somewhere like Alice in Wonderland, I’m now very small walking among the massive skyscraper plants, or even Avatar territory where magical/alien fauna and flora are ready to be discovered.  Where does this take you?  Also no repeat patterns here, you put in your wall measurements and the mural is created just for your specification.


The Best Colourful Wallpaper for Kids' Bedrooms


If any of these have caught your attention when thinking about kids’ bedrooms, you will notice that they are not styled with children in mind.  Please remember this when you are researching wallpaper options.  Think about your family style, think about what excites your child, no not Paw Patrol, that will pass all too quickly, and then you are stuck with Marshall and Chase staring at you. 

Consider the mood you are trying to set and start there.  Don’t even put ‘kids’ in the search bar, it will open up a wonderful world of fun options for you.  Have fun and remember any queries on your kids’ rooms, send them over, here to help.


Walls, Walls, Walls…

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