Top 10 Beds for Kids Bedrooms

by | Mar 29, 2021


Rooomy picks the best beds for 2021.

Essential furniture for kids’ bedrooms.  Are you looking for a modern design, bunk bed, desk space or maybe something for the gamer in the house? Check out our Top 10 Beds for Kids’.


Kids beds are without a doubt one item you will find in every child’s bedroom. We all need somewhere to sleep right? There is always the exception to the rule when a child absolutely loves that sense of camping and adventure and is honestly happiest on a mattress of the floor, but safe to say, most of us have a bed sitting in our kid’s bedroom. Have you ever googled ‘kid’s beds? The lists are endless, the options are immense, and the price tags vary A LOT!  

You need to think about budget and longevity. What can you afford? How long do you need it to last? If it needs to last longer than a couple of years then you are definitely better off waiting a few months, saving a bit more so that you can increase that bed budget, you will be much happier on the long run when the bed lasts a decade.

Trust me I went for the cheap option a few years back; over the three years it was used I replaced 4 slats and eventually place a piece of plaster board under the mattress as the slats were no longer salvageable.

Also, if the kids are desperate for the bunk bed or the bed with gaming area then why not make it part of the birthday present? Then family and friends can contribute, just like saving up for that bike or PS5. Then you can make a happy confident bed purchase that will last, how lovely.

We celebrated World Sleep Day two weeks back and in the spirit of everything now having a themed day or month, March is National Bed Month, yes, I can hear you giggling.  However, it creates the perfect opportunity for me to pick the Top 10 beds for kid’s bedrooms 2021.  Like I say, bed options are endless, so I have tried to keep the list varied for you.

Cuckooland – New York Metal Bed

Hospital beds have had a huge resurgence. Rooomy’s own creative director was reminiscing about her sister’s childhood metal/hospital bed, which she swapped around one Sunday when her sister was out. All in the hope that she could one day reclaim it as her own when she was older.  It’s still waiting for her when she’s ready for it.  Never mind it was too small, that did not matter, it was all about how it looked and how happy it made her.

Well, they have made a comeback as you’ll see in the latest issue of Rooomy. You’ll find metal beds in both the interviews with Eli at Home, her daughters is bright yellow. And in Carol Maxwell of Max Made Me, where her friend’s daughters’ room is home to a classic white one. 

Cuckooland have a great metal frame and the best part is that there are 6 colours to choose from, love it when there is a style you like and then there are all the colour options so that there is something for everyone.

New York Metal Kids Bed
New York Metal Kids Bed
New York Metal Kids Bed
New York Metal Kids Bed
High Bed and Desk with Wardrobe

Perfect Choice – High Sleeper + Wardrobe + Desk

A bed that truly has everything, the high bed with deep steps offering drawers for storage, a wardrobe, a desk, and plenty more cupboards and drawer to keep everything tidy and organised.

When it comes to your kid’s room, we know storage is your number one battle, this set up truly answers this call for space whilst offering the essentials sleeping area and a place to craft, game, study, whatever they need. It can change as their needs/likes do.

Perfect Choice – Bunk Bed + Storage

Are your kids sharing a room or maybe once lockdown is behind us your child has big plans for a lot of sleepers. There is a lot of play dates/sleepovers to catch up on to be fair to them. 

From the same brand as above, I am listing this bed, minus the desk yes, but desk space is extra, bed space is essential. The main focus here is all the lovely storage, making use of the steps is brilliant and the shelves by the lower bunk are perfect for nick-nacks, books, lighting, photos and the rest of their stuff. 

The same applies as above, there are a few colour options to help make the bed fit with the rest of the room.

Bunk Bed & Storage

Little Folks Furniture – Classic Beech + Trundle

This Nordic inspired children’s Classic Beech single bed with hideaway storage and sleepover trundle bed, is crafted from a solid Beech hardwood frame (no soft, knotty painted pine in sight!)  A sturdy children’s single bed is available in this trendy muted grey as well as Pure White for a modern or traditional bedroom, and with gentle slatted detailing on the ends, the timeless design will seamlessly tie into any interior scheme.

This full-size single bed features a contemporary low foot end providing an elegant edge, also making it an ideal first bed for younger children or smaller bedrooms. The clever space saving rollout trundle provides huge storage space and, with the addition of a trundle mattress, instantly turns into a sleepover bed for those extra guests and we know they are coming soon, I think sleepovers will be the trend of 2022!! 

Classic Beech Bed with Trundle from Little Folks Furniture
Classic Beech Bed with Trundle from Little Folks Furniture

Bobby Rabbit – Side House Bed Single

When I was researching beds’, this jumped off the screen! Which meant there was no huge surprise to finding out it is a best seller which makes it a not brainer for our Top 10 Beds for Kids.  What kid does not want to sleep in a mini house?  It is like having the garden play house actually in their bedroom, and you can have so much fun adding bunting, lights, sheets, there will be endless fun had on this bed, it’s a house for a tea party, it’s a pirate ship, it’s a fairy den, so many great play opportunities here! 

As for longevity, as your child grows, add loads of cushions and it becomes a great sofa space to hang out with friends.  Whatever you do, if you are chopping around and not quite set don’t let your kid see this, you’ll never hear the end of it.

Side House Bed with Rail for kids bedroom from Bobby Rabbit featured by Rooomy Magazine
Side House Bed with Rail for kids bedroom from Bobby Rabbit featured by Rooomy Magazine
Side House Bed for kids bedroom from Bobby Rabbit

Furniture and Choice – Comet Midsleeper

If high beds make the bedroom feel smaller then midsleeper’s are perfect, this find from Furniture and Choice is so smart, a bed that has a small space for study which could be a huge plus as it means there’s not one desk space that can just have more and more stuff piled onto it, it’s enforced a minimalist look for work which is ideal.  Too many distractions otherwise, there are a few shelves which ticks the extra storage box and there is even space underneath which acts as the perfect den for the younger children and a great storage area for the older kids, please be realistic that when you ask your teen to tidy their room, this is where everything will be when they later can’t find it.



Comet Mid Sleeper kids bed from furniture and choice


Wayfair – Bunk Bed + Shelves

This compact bunk bed looks stunning, the design is well thought out with both kids, design, and storage all in mind.  Shelves for both bunks and the clever way the top row of shelves does not go all the way along to the end, stopping the structure of the bed from looking too much like a large cuboid, making it instantly stylish at the same time.  To make the most of this bed you need to keep the steps away from a wall as there is access to further shelf storage here, so clever, anything that keeps storage out of site is a major bonus for any parent.  Also available in white.


Bunk Bed with Shelves from Wayfair

Aspace – Southside Cabin bed

A simple single bed with perfect hideaway storage which makes parents oh so incredibly happy, two cupboards and drawer but the well thought out shelf allows for much loved nick-nacks to be displayed whilst also helping the aesthetic of the bed to not look too much like a wooden box with a bed on top, very clever, the final result a great looking bed where stuff can be out of site, truly make the most of the concept of under the bed storage.  I really like the contrast of the white and wood too.

Southside Oak Cabin Bed for kids bedrooms from Aspace

Wayfair – High Sleeper for a Gamer

Does a gaming fan live in your house? With this bed they would be the envy of all their friends, hahaha! 

With a gaming fan this fan solves two potential problems, space, or zoning.

If you are short on floor space, and they of course need their bed but just have to have somewhere to game then clearly this bed is a winner. More importantly if solves zoning. We know zoning is important in the kitchen and more recently bedrooms too, but this last year had shone a very bright light on how paramount it is for our kids. Too many teens have been online schooling, gaming or on their phone and watching Netflix all from their bed, they No1 job of the bed, to sleep, goes to the bottom of the list and then we wonder why they cannot sleep well.

Bed space needs to be a haven, just as we teach our babies that the cot is their sleep zone, this is no different. How is the brain supposed to know what is expected to do? With a bed like this, problem solved, an escape pod up high, leaving it all behind and a fun place to game and be merry. The blue edging is great, add some LED strip lights and you are away!


High Sleeper Gamers Bed from Wayfair featured by Rooomy Magazine

Bobby Rabbit – Billy Bed

As soon as I saw this bed, I knew it was going in the Top 10 beds for kids’ bedrooms, I think it was the colour that first caught my eye and then after a closer look I fell in love with the perfect balance of contemporary design that is clearly for a child’s room.  It is tranquil in every way; it looks remarkably simple and easy on the eye.  With lovely, rounded edges it appears smooth and soft, and the olive-green tone is calming and wonderful.

This bed does more than just its job of providing a sleep zone, it impacts the aesthetic of the whole space. You would be able to style this so easily through the year, cosy warm tones in the winter and fresh brighter tones in spring, the perfect place to snuggle down for a peaceful night’s rest.  It is also available in white, pink, and grey, just in case you are not as obsessed with the olive like me.

Top 10 Beds for kids, Billy Bed Olive from Bobby Rabbit, featured by Rooomy Magazine

And there you have it, our Top 10 Beds for Kids Bedrooms 2021.  Maybe next we need to think about the mattresses that go on these beds, what do you think?

For more great kids room inspiration and advice check out the articles below and subscribe (free) to our quarterly magazine.

Happy decorating!

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