Top 5 Art Picks for Kid’s Rooms – January

by | Jan 24, 2020

Art for Kid’s Rooms 

Art is a truly wonderful way to bring character to our homes and this should be no different in our kid’s bedrooms. Pick images that you hope will inspire them, to set a certain mood and allow them to choose pieces that represent different aspects of their personality and simply images they like to look at.

Winter Foxes – Sian Summerhayes

Winter foxes playing in the snow, a wonderful winter scene to adorn your child’s bedroom wall.   Had you ever considered that their wall art doesn’t have to be permanent? It can be seasonal and change through the year, keeping the space new, fresh and interesting for them.

The detail in this little piece is wonderful, the trees covered in thick snow and the holly with its red berries bringing the much-needed layer of warmth to this icy scape.

Created by Sian Summerhayes, she has a wonderful collection of animal inspired works of art with a vast variety of colour ways to suit everyone’s taste.

Night Sky – Agne Aurylaite

‘The moon and the stars on a cloudy day’

This picture evokes so much, it will help your child to think about how big the universe is, houses are so big, even to adults but let’s take a moment to think how enormous the world truly is….mind blowing isn’t it? Children are often in awe of the moon and get very excited when they see it at night, how it glows in the sky like a bulb and changes shape, simply magical, and it opens their thinking up to so much more, that’s where all the endless questions come in.

I am also drawn in by the idea that the house is making the stars, it looks like they’re coming from the chimney and swirling into the night sky, truly enchanting.



The Moon & Sea – Maia Walczak.

This design instantly takes us to that place of being mesmerised by the sea. Remember when you could sit and stare at the sea for hours, beautifully distracted from all your usual thoughts? Encouraging a child to escape homework woes, SnapChat and Minecraft and learn how to be still and peaceful is a wonderful thing indeed.   And if they’re accompanied by man’s best friend then all the better.


Spring Flowers – Alice Potter

Spring is on its way, the nights are getting lighter finally! It’s great to bring the outside in and what better way than with this wonderful print from Alice Potter Illustration. With wonderful peachy tones it brings a warmth and smile to any room.



Parrots – Forty Winks

When we fall, we fall hard, and we have fallen in love with this print from Forty Winks. The design is sharp, the colours are wonderful and the emotion of mumma/pappa bird sheltering its young, wel it’s all good for our eyes and the kids. 


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