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by | Apr 22, 2020

Wall Decals for Kid’s Bedrooms


Wall Decals are the perfect way to bring a special wow factor to your kid’s room.  They are particularly great if you don’t want to commit to wallpaper, one paint all over feels too boring and a feature wall colour is so last decade.  This is where wall stickers come into their own.  They vary in price mostly based on size.  Most decals are self adhesive, who doesn’t love the idea of no wallpaper paste?  They are removeable which takes all the stress out of where to place them, if you’re not happy you can switch things around.  Wall decals will be your best friend if you rent, or if you know you’re someone who loves to change things around every few years.  Starting small, here are my current Top 5!

Little Jagger

Swallow Decals 

Anything that brings nature inside is a win, especially on lock-down. Plus, it always works well in kid’s rooms at any age. These swallows in flight decals are perfect for creating a sense of movement in your child’s bedroom which is instantly magical and sparks creativity. Featuring swallows and stars, drawn by Ingrid Petrie For Little Jagger. They are so easy to arrange in any pattern and style of your choice. The pack includes 9 x black swallow birds, 11 x white swallow birds, 25 x large stars and 59 x small stars.

Decal Folk

Hand Drawn Love Hearts

Love hearts, simple and will always bring joy to a room. I love the free hand style of this design and they come in a great selection of colour options. There are 30 colours in total so you will definitely be able to find something to suit your kid’s bedroom colour palette. They come in sheets of 88 which is a fab amount to get going with. We’ve used these in Ava’s room and at the moment we haven’t used all of them. It was nice to feel that sense of just stop. When you’re not a designer and not sure what you’re doing it’s easy to make the mistake of over doing things. ‘Less is more’ is a great cliché for a reason. They could not possibly be easier to put on, just peel, stick and rub over with a couple of fingers. Ava put some on the ceiling above her bed (bunk-bed) as she wants to look at them to relax at bedtime and to start her day well in the mornings.

Bairn Designs

Rainbows Decals

Rainbows were popular before lockdown but now they mean so much more. They brighten up any room and these cute, hand drawn designs give you a lot of scope to mix and match. You can buy three or four different colours in one go, they offer three different sizes and you get the opportunity to get a little creative with the final look, what a great way to create your own bespoke wall in your kid’s bedroom. If you can’t quite make up the design you want, Bairn Designs are happy to hear your query and will work with you to create the perfect product for your special space.


Decals don’t have to be just little stickers dotted around the walls, whilst these have a great impact you can also make a huge statement with something like these from Ginger Monkey and Mini Wallers


Ginger Monkey 

Greenery Decal 

Coming back to the idea of bringing the outside into the inside. The large leaves in this greenery decal create a wonderful canopy feel, perfect for a reading nook, feeding corner or bed space. This extra large decal is available in 2 sizes. It can also be turned to use on either the left or right corner of your wall. It is easy to apply and remove and use again, perfect if you’re not committed to the final design of a room or if you’re renting. Please note that the image is printed on white stock and cut to the outside shape which means that behind the stems and leaves, will have a white background.

Mini Wallers

An Octopus called Derek

Mini Wallers are special to Rooomy as they featured on the cover of the first ever issue, the designer was stuck for cover inspiration and as luck would have it we met Mini Wallers during their launch back in 2018 and it was the perfect match. All their decals are created with one purpose, to inspire storytelling, the characters in each decal are clearly off on a crazy adventure and there is a penguin in every one, great to get kids thinking about what’s happening, where are they going, where have they come from? Helpful for parents too when they’re just too tiered for bedtime stories, get the kid’s to tell you one whilst gazing on one of these. Here we feature Derek who is of course a cloud hopping Octopus.

Decals are perfect for all homes, please make sure to read all installation instructions, most are self-adhesive and can be removed and reapplied with ease. Surfaces need to be smooth, flat and non-porous. If you have just given your walls a lick of paint, we recommend at least 2-3 weeks after the paint is applied to add decals. They may struggle to stick to textured walls and we strongly advise not to use them over wallpaper.

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